Your New Years Resolution’s – How are you feeling, Stressed or Strong?

Your New Years Resolution’s – How are you feeling, Stressed or Strong?

As you move through January, and ‘normal’ life settles back in, how is your ‘New Year, New You’ mantra sounding to you?

And how are you feeling?

Regardless of whether it is food or alcohol you struggle with, or whether you are cutting down or completely out, you are probably already reaping the physical and emotional benefits.

Maybe you are feeling more energized, sleeping better, less bloated, skin looking better – the list is endless.

  • But you are feeling more at peace?
  • Does it feel like you need to be in a state of control or rely on strength?
  • That you are avoiding, just for now?
  • Or are you replacing one with another, or a third, such as exercise?
  • Are you eating more in the absence of alcohol?
  • Or maybe drinking more in the absence of sweet stuffs?

You know at the very core of you that you want to make changes, and not just for January.

You know that you want to feel better, look better, act better.

That you want to be the mother/partner/hell, even the dog owner you and your loves deserve, and you know that a huge leap towards that would be cutting down/out the crap that is literally poisoning your body and life, and yet, and yet, you feel you start to miss it.

What on earth is going on?

All that has happened is that your thoughts have started to slip back on their well worn track of focusing on ‘not doing‘, which creates the feelings of anxiety and deprivation around what you perceive you will miss from food & alcohol.

Does that make sense?

However, if you weren’t buying into your old food and alcohol thinking, you wouldn’t be creating any feelings.

Everything you do is through a process of Think, Feel, Re-Act – re-acting being the drowning of  yourself in food / alcohol.

And you have learnt to believe your thinking is your Reality. Your Truth.

But, and this is key,

It is only Your Reality, Your Truth, if you buy into it. If YOU Believe it.

And you don’t have to believe it! You really don’t.

Recovery Coaching Tip

To keep you safe, here’s one of my top tips to support you when your old stinking food & alcohol thinking comes up.

The first thing is to become aware of  your thoughts.

To notice them, and when they arrive – maybe you are tired, low, lonely, anxious about work/relationships, only you know.  Notice, and don’t buy into them.

By not buying into your thinking, by not accepting your temporary thoughts as your truth, your thoughts have no power

Yes, the thoughts are still there, but without the fertilizer of your energy of arguing with them,  pleading with them, trying to avoid them, they can’t grow like out of control weeds, strangling your mind, your heart, your actions.

Then all you have to do is simply take Conscious Responsibility to release  that thinking, by simply choosing to think another, more empowering thought, such as “Here you come again, I am tired etc, and so here it is again, this silly old stinking thinking that means nothing to me” and then Let.It.Go.

The process I give to my clients when their stinking thinking comes up is,

  • Pause
  • Breathe Deeply
  • See your thinking for what it is, merely a thought you are used to thinking. And one that you are innocently choosing to buy into again.

You can even change the ‘voice’ of your thoughts to someone you would laugh at if they gave you advice, someone you would be crazy to consider listening to.

An idiot from your past – we all have them, or maybe a politician you know is talking crap in the now, we all know them.

Just by changing the voice you will notice the feelings of deprivation and anxiety die away, which they always will, and all because you have shifted your thinking.

Freedom from your food & alcohol pain is not hard – you have learnt to BELIEVE IT IS.

You simply need a new way of Thinking, which creates new Feelings which gift you the opportunity for new Re-Actions. That’s It! Done, dusted, free.

My clients enjoy huge success, through my uniquely simple Recovery Coaching process.

I have supported many amazing men and women to find peaceful freedom.

A number of my clients have spent at least one term in Rehab and struggled in the ‘real’ world.

Other clients have come feeling that they felt they were close to losing everything and some who just didn’t want to drink / eat, on a daily basis, in a way they don’t like.

All of them, when they trust the process (me) and work the simple tools (you), have found the balance they desired and deserve.  It will be the same for you too.

My unique process was created from the awareness, understanding and simple strategies that released me from my 28 years of alcoholism and secret binge eating, along with my learned skills as a Master Practitioner of NLP and Master Coach.

Now, in just 6 weeks, every aspect of my clients lives change, as yours will too.

You too will have the peace, calm, awareness and all that spills into every area of your life.

It doesn’t matter where you are now, or how long you have been struggling, release is within you all the time. The Sober, Slim person you long to be is who you are. x


If 2020 is the time for you to make the changes you deserve for you and your family, Contact me today.

Nothing will change until you understand the truth of what the hell is going on in your inner world, and how to release that ‘going on’ without stress, struggle, willpower or control.

Love & respect


The Iceberg Of Our Unhappy Habits

The Iceberg Of Our Unhappy Habits

To make  lifelong change to any Unhappy Habit (to change the way we drink/eat/shop and all the rest),  we need to know and understand where we are, how we got there and what we are dealing with.

So let’s start with taking a little look at at the structure of our Unhappy Habits, of what they would look like if we could actually seem them.  And the analogy of an iceberg is perfect, as it represents both our physical acts and the emotional intentions that drive them.

Above the water is the smallest part of our iceberg, and make no mistake, that smallest part can be pretty damn big.  Its icy tip symbolizes our behaviour and its visible consequences.

It’s what we see reflected back at us in the mirror.  It’s the weight we hate, the signs of our alcohol consumption, the dehydration and anxiety in our dull eyed stare.  It’s in the stress we see so clearly etched on our faces when we have spent money we don’t have and all the lies, desperation and hopelessness that all of these, and many more, our inexplicable behaviours bring.

That cold white ice is the what we ‘do’ of our habit – what we put into our mouths, what we spend,  and seemingly, very sensibly, when we try to make changes, that’s where we start.  I mean, if something we are doing isn’t working, just do something else, right……….

So, we circle our visible iceberg warily, thinking through our options, taking into account what has and hasn’t worked before, maybe there is a new diet plan, a new quit drinking, inspirational, motivational, prayer book even, that might just work this time. Then we attack our icy peak with our unprotected hands in an attempt to mold it in to the new, improved ice sculpture version of ourselves, the one we know we can never really be.  The slim one, the sober one, the one that just isn’t who we are right now.

And how do we know we can never be this new version of us?  That’s easy.  We have been practising our ice sculpting skills for years and they always fail us.

At best we can create a temporary ‘new’ us, but then the ice starts to shift and re-arrange itself as we try desperately to shape t it back into place, until with bloodied, defeated hands we give up and accept our drunk/fat/broke destiny.  Ok, so starting on our icy peak doesn’t work.  All agreed?

The only other part of our iceberg  we can look to then is the huge, submerged and brutally ragged mass that lies beneath the water, supporting our visible peak.

Dark and seemingly unknowable, this is the foundation of our iceberg, and it is formed by what we believe about both ourselves and our habit.  What it brings to us, how we feel we will be without it, what we will lose, how we will cope, and added to that is our experience around our habit in the good times.  All of these have been frozen into what we accept as our reality.

Freezing cold and menacing, we know it will rip at us apart both physically and emotionally and so we flinch from even approaching it, dwarfed and cowed as we are by its sheer size and power

Many brave souls who have understood this truth still take up the battle, donning protective clothing and attacking the submerged iceberg with all the weapons in their personal arsenal.  They launch missiles of self-hate, recrimination and abuse at its silent mass, they meditate, join support groups, read endlessly on their poison of choice, and hope that one of these explosives will detonate on impact, smashing a tunnel to freedom.  And still, no, that doesn’t work either.

So, what does?

To take down our iceberg we simply have to raise the temperature, the temperature of US.  To bring out our sun and let it shine down brightly, warming the air and giving light to the self-awareness that is key to any transformation.

Awareness brings questioning to the boundaries of what we believe and our experience.  It allows for the possibility of a different view of  the reality we had previously created, and a different view allows for a different behaviour.

So, as awareness grows, our icebergs naturally melt away as we expand our understanding of both ourselves and our Unhappy Habit.

Thoughts and beliefs, frozen for so long, take on a softer, gentler shape, allowing us the flexibility to gently challenge what we do, what it gives us, what it takes from us, which gives us the opportunity the opportunity to act and be who we are meant to be, habit free and whole.   Who we deserve to be.  Who we were born to be.  Then, as our iceberg completely dissolves, we are left with an untroubled expanse of water, peaceful and calm, with no need for us to do anything, just to ‘be’.

If you need help in understanding & changing any Unhappy Habit, please contact me today.  My Recovery Coaching comes from a place of  deep understanding and compassion of a former addict, who knows the way to freedom and peace. x

Location is never a problem, I offer 1-2-1 Consultations, via Telephone & Zoom.

If you would like to know a little bit more about me, take a look at my About Sonia page.

I am also the author of “This Isn’t Me“, the story of my personal journey through both drug and alcohol addiction, and then finally and thankfully, into recovery.

Take a look at my How I Work for You page, my Empowering Incredible Personal Change page, Contact me today and let’s get this journey started.  x

Willpower Is The Hardest Route

Willpower Is The Hardest Route

It’s 6 am and I am up and out in the garden with my Gorby Girl and a huge cup of green tea.  I would like to tell you I am in my daily sober zen zone, that I have stretched and meditated, and am calm and focused on the day ahead.  Except I am not.  My puppy is running around barking at frogs, I have just spilt tea on my leg (it really hurts) and I am emotionally gearing myself up for a visit from one of my gorgeous brother’s who drinks like a fish. Happy Saturday!

Now as a formerly (drunk) mother, you may think that I shall be employing some form of majestic, iron clad willpower to resist the tidal wave of booze that is coming my way this afternoon.  That I must be putting my emotionally protective soldiers in place, bayonets ready, to ward off any temptation.  Maybe planning out my strategies and the conversations I might need to employ to stay in my sober zone.  None of those are true.

I have willpower, an abundance of the stuff in fact, but I never utilize it to not drink.  I don’t need to.

We only need willpower to resist doing what we desire, the things we do want to do, not the things we truly don’t. And because of our desire, it is the hardest, least successful method of long term change.

Last week was tough for me on a number of levels.  I won’t bore you with details, but it ground me down and certain events caused me a great deal of emotional upset.  For me, drink is off the table.  It’s just not an option. There is no desire. Been there, done that, nearly killed myself, so no thanks. Cheesecake however holds center place.  I think for the last 5 days out of 7, I have bought cheesecake to comfort myself.  And on some levels it has.

We wouldn’t eat the crap, drink the booze if there was no sense of comfort gained, temporary though it only ever is.

However last night I went shopping and didn’t buy the cheesecake.  I saw it, still wanted it and an inner tussle ensued. This time though I employed my PAUSE and in that pause, before my willpower was called into action, I re-thought the ‘why’ of my ‘need’ for cheesecake I understood and acknowledged the ’emptiness’ I was trying to fill, and let the thoughts of cheesecake drift away.  Great stuff.  I left the shop contented, in peace and went home happy.

However, had I actually allowed myself to enter into the internal dialogue, the fight of should I/shouldn’t I, the self-justifications versus the recriminations, I might have been able to walk away with my willpower coming out on top (doubt it though).  But how would I have felt?  Triumphant, yes (over ignoring a cheesecake……..!), but also exhausted, probably on some inner level upset that I was missing out and definitely fearing the next time I would have to employ my weary willpower.

But by recognizing my thinking of what I expected from this over sweet, processed sugar fest, by asking myself what I actually needed emotionally, by acknowledging how I was feeling and giving myself an emotional cuddle – I have even got into the habit of putting my arms round myself wherever I am and whenever I need it – I was able to let go of my desire, my ‘cheesecake want’ and move on without even asking my willpower to join my unhappy inner party.

At the risk of repeating myself, which I will because this point is so important, we only need to use willpower against something we desire.  

Understand and acknowledge the emotional ‘why’ of your wants and desire is lessened, making choice much easier because you no longer feel you are missing out on anything.  And when you truly feel you are not missing out, desire simply drifts away and willpower becomes redundant

Initially, in tougher time, at least to start with, desire may well come back,  maybe in a different form, but the same strategy of understanding and acknowledging does work and you will build your truly comforting resilience muscle.  So much more effective than any willpower.

So, this afternoon I will have my lovely, kind, funny and no doubt very drunk brother to stay.  He will come back from the pub with my son – God help my precious boy – where he will, no doubt, have honoured our Irish heritage with a few ill thought out ditties before stumbling back here with vodka.

I will be sitting serene(ish) in my garden with my tonic water, struggling to understand his anecdotes.  My willpower though unemployed in that moment, will be fiercely called upon tomorrow morning,  as I am already weary with the knowledge that I will have to get out of bed and walk Gorby at 6am on a Sunday morning after only 4 hours sleep.

Love & respect

If you would like to know more about my journey to sobriety, check out my memoir, This Isn’t Me.

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A Journey Into Drinking – Life in What-The-Fork

Before we set off on our journey to Sobriety, we must program the sat nav of us. We need to enter not only our desired destination, but our start point as well.  So, where is our current location? In my experience, for those of us who have decided to undertake the (seemingly) arduous road to Sobriety, we have somehow and inexplicably found ourselves stranded in a place called What-The-Fork (you get my meaning), which, to save time, I will abbreviate to WTF.

I wafted in to WTF in a mist of wine and vodka, young and happy(ish), at least on the outside. Glass in hand, WTF felt fun, relaxing, benign and welcoming.  Relieving me of stress and uncomfortable emotions, it just kept those good times rolling.  And they did roll, for a long time, until they didn’t. And for so much longer.

The change in life in WTF was insidiously slow and, to start with, almost imperceptible.  I do remember feeling less of me, less shiny, less happy, less peaceful, but life is like that isn’t it?  And at least in WTF I had a way of making myself feel more of the things I had started to feel less of.

It was easy.  My pick-me-up of choice, booze, was everywhere, not just in bars and pubs, but in all WTF’s pretty cottages, where doors were propped wide open, invisible arms waving me in.  I simply drifted into wherever was closest, downed another (and increasingly larger) glass of whatever booze was on offer, and the sun came out again.  For a bit………..

But then the bars, pubs & even the cottages, started to change.  These light, always sunny and welcoming establishments started, ever so slightly, to dim.  Faint dust motes of despair began their gentle downward spiral, landing, not only on shiny surfaces, but also on me.  To start with I would attempt to wipe the dust away with my fingers, smearing as I did the view I had of the preson I was, my ability to cope with life, my self-esteem. And over time, that dust of despair fell thicker and faster, dulling happiness and joy, choking out conversation and reasoning. For so many years I remained covered in volcanic proportions of that damn suffocating stuff, blinded by its unrelenting grey storm.

As the changes in WTF became more obvious, I started to wonder what on earth was going on.  I made a decision, “Ok, enough of this shit, I’m off”.  Then, in the very moment I decided to pack up and leave, the façade of WTF crumbled completely, its grim reality finally exposed.

It’s warm, sometimes fuzzy, welcoming and inviting embrace, became in an instant, a vice like iron grip. Cold, unforgiving and painful to the touch, it’s true hold became so tight that I struggled even to breathe. I knew immediately that I was trapped in  WTF.  I had become its prisoner, and one with no hope of parole.

Now, obviously WTF isn’t real in terms of bricks and mortar.  You can’t take a train there and it’s not on any bus route, so how was it constructed, why was its hold over me so cripplingly powerful and where did it exist?   The answers are frightening.

WTF was constructed by me, made powerful by me and existed only in my mind, in my thinking.

No transport, public or private, was necessary. I was already there.

In my next blogs, I am going to tell you how I built my WTF, the conditioning that was its foundation, the thoughts that grew its impenetrable walls.  It’s the same way we all build  our own WTF’s.

We cannot change anything we don’t understand.  We don’t know even where to start.

If we don’t recognise how are own internal WTF was constructed, short of bombing it and ourselves into oblivion, we can’t know how to take it down.

But when we do understand, when we know how our thoughts give rise to the edifices they build, when we know how to question our thinking,  when we step back from what we believe and allow other thoughts to take their place, the foundations of our WTF can turn from concrete to sand and dissolve before our very eyes.

With understanding comes clearer thinking and the possibility of new options. With options come freedom, if we choose to take that route.

So, fellow travellers, Understanding will be the first stop on our journey to recovery.

Until next week.

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Love and respect x








The Journey Begins

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


Insights from a (formerly) Drunk Mother

Welcome to the launch of my blog, Insights from a (Formerly) Drunk Mother.  This is an unexpectedly proud day for me, not only am I living my dream of being the sober happy mother and woman I never thought I could be,  but I am also in the privileged position of being able to offer help and support to my fellow travelers seeking the inner peace that comes with freedom from our unhappy emotional habits. And trust me on this,  whether your poison is food or booze, all soul destroying unhappy habits are firmly rooted in the same place,  the personal emotions & conditioning that are so safely and securely stored in our immensely powerful unconscious mind.

In my weekly blog posts I am going to share with you all the wisdom I have gained on my continuing sober journey.  I write wisdom not knowledge as knowledge is not enough, it is what we take from that knowledge, how we interpret it, and how that interpretation resonates within us that enables profound change.

If you have read my book, This Isn’t Me , you will know that for me, realizing that I had a choice to drink or not to drink rocked my world completely.  It smashed all my pre-conceived, and, almost literally, fatally flawed thinking around my alcoholism, addiction across the board and chances of recovery.

In an instant my world changed,  I suddenly had the insight I didn’t even know I needed. I ‘got it’, I ‘got me’ and by ‘getting me’, I had a clear way forward that nothing and no-one else’s view of alcoholism and my freedom from it could deflect me from.  I know me better than any book, group, lecture or tried and tested formula for recovery, and thank’s very much for the input, I’ll go with me.

However, what worked for me won’t necessarily work for someone else.  Others have read and understood my insight, but in their view of the world, with their conditioning around alcohol,  their personal history, thier booze history and thier experience of  attempts to quit, my recovery can sound amazing.  People tell me that I am amazing but that what I have achieved is completely beyond them.

My moment of insight was amazing, but I am not.  I simply understood something that hit one of my deepest held core values, (the responsibility of choice), and in doing so, I put myself, without even trying,  firmly back in control and on an unwavering path to sobriety.  God, I love that word! x

So, the blog posts that are to follow are my best attempt to unweave the unhelpful, faulty information we are drip fed from a far too young age as to alcohol, its place in society, what it gives to us, how ‘harmless’ it is  – which it can seem to be until you want to stop, and usually, in that very moment, you realize you can’t………….. As well as to challenge the accepted wide spread views on recovery (of which we have no chance because we are addicts), well hell no, I am living proof that is bull**** .

My aim is to give you the best opportunity to at least shift the unseen alcohol blinkers you may be wearing, that will help you find your insight too.

I am going to be honest and straightforward, and all I ask of you is that you turn up, tune in and read with an open mind.  If I sound crazy, laugh at me, but then please read again.  I want nothing from you, yet have everything to give.

If you don’t like or understand anything, email me.  I will always answer.

The road to recovery has been sold to you as an uphill, rocky terrain.  A journey on which you must always have a white nuckle grip on the steering wheel of you, sweating with anticipation of  the alcohol quivalent of a speed bump or pot hole, always driving at the edge of a precipice, with no rest stops and nowhere to park.  It doesn’t have to be.

Instead, I invite you to buckle up, roll down your windows and enjoy the journey.  Feel the breeze blow through your open mind as it loosens your thinking, learning to smell the freshness that comes with an alcohol free body.  Steering your life your way, in the direction you want to go to, responsible, accountable and in control.

There is a beautiful life out there waiting for all my fellow travellers, we have just lost our way for a while.

Bring your sandwiches, a bottle of water (out pops the nutritionist in me), and enjoy the way your life naturally changes as we trundle down the not-so-confusing-after-all road to sobriety.

PS.  I have even lovingly lit the way with candles.

Until next week.  Love & respect. x

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