From Food & Alcohol Pain to Peace

I’m Sonia, and I’m The Recovery Coach, guiding women, feeling trapped and isolated in painful food & alcohol habits, to effortless freedom from the stress, anxiety and secret fears for their health, relationships & life, their ‘out of control’ behaviours bring, & to regain the life of  balanced inner ease & peace they deserve, for themselves & their families

This unique Recovery Coaching process is self-lovingly holistic in approach and has none of the restrictive rules or boundaries for control that leave you feeling deprived and alone, nor is there any mention of  willpower.

Instead the focus is on guiding you to the effortless, energy expanding release that gifts you true peace and lifelong freedom.

Client Testimonial

“For over 10 years I’ve struggled and tried various recovery methods including 3 stays in rehab. I’ve finally got the effortless freedom from alcohol that Sonia promises in just 6 weeks. I can’t remember feeling this happy. I’m me. Thank you Sonia … I’m truly grateful”.

  • Do you want to stop drinking completely, or simply not to feel controlled by alcohol?
  • Do you want to be able to take or leave food without your exhausting, tearful daily struggle?

Whatever it is you want to achieve, & no matter how long you have been struggling, you can succeed, in ease, with a simpler way of thinking

How different would  your life be if, instead of waking each morning with a painful thud of disappointment because you drank too much or ate too much last night, feeling bloated,  listless, tired and snappy, you wake refreshed and with a quiet sense of well-being, balanced energy and anticipation of the day ahead?

How much more peace would you have if instead of feeling stressed and anxious around even the thoughts of food and alcohol, you were calm and relaxed?

Do you long for a life where Food and Alcohol no longer take up your all your time and your head space?  Where there is no storm of overthinking,  no struggle to avoid them, no hiding, no shame or embarrassment?

You deserve to live safe in your trust of your innate confidence in your ability to look, feel and act in a way that truly supports your health and happiness, and you can have all this and more, through my unique and gentle Recovery Coaching process.

A process that offers you natural, easy release from your Food & Alcohol pain, a release that requires no willpower, restrictions, sense of deprivation, control or motivation.

Client Testimonial

“All in all my drinking has cost my family over £200,000 for me to feel more detached, not in control and less of a human being.  In five sessions with Sonia, and interim support, I feel strong, confident and more at peace with myself than I can ever remember.  Alcohol is back in it’s proper place of just being a liquid and not some kind of all consuming demon.

I never believed after all these years that this could happen. My Family and I thank you with all our hearts”

As a former alcoholic & binge eater for almost 28 years, I understand your pain & the hurt in your heart that comes from believing you cannot change, because I was you.

I see your confusion and I hear your silent private fears for your health, your relationships, your work and your life, and I know that all the resources you need to be free are within you right now. They always were and they always will be, because those resources are who you are.  You have simply forgotten how to access them.

Release is my passion, and after almost 6 years of peaceful freedom, and as a Master Practitioner of NLP & Master Coach, I know exactly how to guide you back to the woman you deserve to be.

I want to see woman excited and empowered at their decision to embrace the transformation that will take them to the life they deserve, and approaching change with confidence and conviction, instead of the dread of  struggle and failure.

My Recovery Coaching is unique in its empowering simplicity and long term success,  and is based on my groundbreaking holistic 6 Keys To Effortless Freedom method.

These 6 Keys unlocked everything I needed to know to embrace my journey back to me.

To the mother I longed to be for my son, & the woman I can say, with heartfelt thanks, that I love every day.  It will be the same for you too.

All you have to do is to trust the process & work the tools.  x

To understand more about my Recovery Coaching and my 6 Keys to Effortless Freedom, I  have created a FREE Guide, to empower you on your journey back to YOU.  If you would like a copy, click on the link above.

If you are committed to becoming your best version of you, if you are ready to commit to a joyful journey of releasing your food and alcohol struggles for life, with an open mind, then it starts here with a free,

Effortless Release Is In You Now, Connection Call

From this complimentary call, you will

  • Understand the why of your drinking / eating behaviours, &
  • Have the awareness of your road map to peaceful freedom

My completely unique Recovery Coaching works in a comprehensive, hands on style that keeps you safe, supported and accountable, throughout your journey to freedom and peace.

  • 1 hour Recovery Coaching sessions, using my expertise as a Master Practitioner of NLP & Master Coach, who works with clients both nationally and internationally in USA, Australia, France & Spain
  • If your session is by Zoom, you get the full session to download and refer back to
  • A follow up email the same day, outlining what we discussed, and any strategies detailed in full
  • Bespoke audio Meditations to support you on your journey back to you
  • I know your diary,  your fears around work/home/life events (if it helps you) & am available for real-time support
  • You have regular contact via Messenger between appointments.   This can be to celebrate your successes, or to gently put you back on track, if you feel wobbly
  • If you need a basic food/self-care plan to bring structure back to your life, I provide that too

My Recovery Coaching is available in

  • 1-2-1 Recovery Coaching 3 / 5 sessions (either face-to-face or via Zoom)
  • 6 Week Intensive, Route Back to YOU programme
  • Route Back to YOU, 6 week online small group programme
  • One Hour Online Masterclasses

If you want to know more about my journey through addiction to the happy freedom I have today, take a look at my book, This Isn’t Me.

As featured in

BBC logo  Sunday telegraph logo  this morning  woman magazine

“I read this in one sitting and can honestly say I’ve never come across anything so achingly articulate and heart–rendingly raw. The combination of this lady’s experiences and her sublimely accomplished writing, has produced something incredibly powerful. When I finished it and reflected on what affected me most, it was the agony of addiction, where there is knowledge and awareness alongside the inability to stop. The fact she has now turned her life around so completely is a testament to her strength and the re-birth of her relationship with her son was wonderful to read about.”


So achingly articulate and heart-rendingly raw

“I myself have been alcohol free for 6 years I don’t like the term in recovery. I cannot recommend this book highly enough written with such honesty and truth I can totally relate to. It has helped me to be more open with my children about our experience during my drinking days, I really felt like it was written about me. We are now going to start family therapy – thank you Sonia.”


Written with such honesty and truth

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