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The Happiness Code

& learn the simple process of living Happy, Healthy & HEALED 💖


You have within you, right now, the secret to living Happy, Healthy & HEALED.

And it doesn’t have to take, weeks or months, you can start the process, NOW.

Want to know the secret?  Read this…..
It is always possible for you to live;
💕 Free from Stress, Anxiety
💕 Free from old Trauma, and to welcome in Compassion and Forgiveness
💕 To take back control of your LIFE and your habits, your drinking, your eating
💕 To regain your Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem and Self-LOVE
And the secret is…….
Unlocking your Happiness Code
You are designed to your best life, a LIFE where you are thriving, happy, have meaningful relationships, and meaningful experiences.
To know and live your LIFE purpose.
And all you have to do to access this LIFE is unlock your Happiness Code.

Your LIFE can change;

You can reignite your Happiness

  • You can enjoy Emotional Health
  • You can be Free from your Past
  • You can be Excited for your Future
  • You can be Free from your Destructive Habits. 

And it will change from the moment you COMMIT.

I use a powerfully unique minimalist approach to any LIFE change, taking only the most necessary steps, and discarding the ones that only slow you on you journey to the fulfilled LIFE you dream of and deserve. 

Are you COMMITTED to living a more fulfilled life, where you live Happier, Healthier, with nurturing relationships, and enjoy deep Healing from your painful past?

Are you COMMITTED to using the quickest way to deep long lasting change?

The truth is, you can either stay in pain waiting to change in the Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow, that never comes, or  you can start TODAY, which is all you ever have 🧡

As an intuitive LIFE Recovery Coach, I offer a number of unique Rapid LIFE Transformation Coaching processes

My Unlock your Happiness Code programs release you from feeling Trapped, Anxious, Exhausted & Overwhelmed, leaving you finally and peacefully free of what truly holds you back in LIFE –  your old negative thoughts and feelings about who you are, and what you can have, so that you can make new decisions, take new steps towards the new LIFE you deserve.

My signature Rapid Alcohol Recovery Method coaching process ends the Pain of your destructive Drinking / Eating cycles, so that you finally have freedom from struggling with Cravings & Willpower, no longer battling daily with your own mind over what you Drink / Eat, and still able to enjoy the occasional Food / Alcohol treat without Fear of Losing Control, effortlessly 

My coaching methodology is delivered through a unique blend of neuroscience, practical strategies and spiritual practices, allowing you to step into the successful, fulfilled LIFE you deserve.

As featured in

“For over 10 years I’ve struggled and tried various recovery methods including 3 stays in rehab. I’ve finally got the effortless freedom from alcohol that Sonia promises in just 6 weeks. I can’t remember feeling this happy. I’m me. Thank you Sonia … I’m truly grateful”.

Client Testimonial

“All in all my drinking has cost my family over £200,000 for me to feel more detached, not in control and less of a human being. In five sessions with Sonia, and interim support, I feel strong, confident and more at peace with myself than I can ever remember. Alcohol is back in it’s proper place of just being a liquid and not some kind of all consuming demon. I never believed after all these years that this could happen. My Family and I thank you with all our hearts”

Client Testimonial

10 Questions to Free You from Your Alcohol Pain, Effortlessly

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