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I help 40+ woman who are trapped in damaging eating and drinking patterns, to break free with ease and confidence, so that they can enjoy the sober, slim, healthy, happy body & life they deserve


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How much have your unhappy drinking & eating  habits cost you, (and I don’t mean just money)?

  • Your peace, happiness & self-respect?
  • Joy at being the best for your family? Worry about not coping at work?  Worry about your health?
  • The body you long for, the sleep you need?
  • How much time and emotional energy has dieting taken from you?
  • How many quit drinking programs, books have you invested your time in?  And how have the results made you feel?

Here’s what my pioneering Recovery Coaching offers instead,

  • Imagine always feeling positive and in control around food and alcohol.
  • See yourself no longer looking to the wine bottle or piece of cake in your ‘weaker’ moments to make you feel ‘better’.
  • Feel yourself being proud again, joyful and happy.  Knowing you are strong and able to cope without turning to alcohol or food.
  • Picture yourself walking down the street glowing with good health and confidence in how you look and feel.

Are you ready to commit to lifelong changes that will bring you both the peace, happiness and freedom you deserve? To step up and own your choices, and smash the depressing cycle of  short term success followed by upsetting failure once and for all?  Are you ready to recover you? If so, you are in exactly the  right place at exactly the right time.

You can achieve all these through my ground breaking Recovery Coaching sessions.


Hi Sonia, I Just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you. I have taken on board everything you said to me and I am feeling amazing! Much more energy, I feel in control of my choices and what I am eating without feeling restricted. I am so happy to be feeling better again. No more mood swings… oh and I have somehow lost 6 pounds this week??? Lol! Added bonus!   Ms A Webber, Ashford, Kent

My Recovery Coaching is ground breaking in both my approach and delivery.  I use my  knowledge as a former alcoholic, and my old, hugely destructive, relationship with food, alongside my expert skills as a Master NLP Practitioner and Master Coach training, to offer you success, as the only exciting, empowering outcome on offer.

I have all the emotional and practical tools to enable true and peaceful freedom from unhappy food and alcohol habits, you simply have to commit to you and show up!

I offer:

  • 1-2-1 Recovery Coaching basis (either face-to-face or via Zoom)
  • In small on-line Recovery Coaching groups
  • One Hour On-line Masterclasses

If you want to know more about my journey through addiction to the happy freedom I have today, take a look at my book, This Isn’t Me.

Take a wander through my website, check out my How I Work For You Page as well as my signature Empowering Incredible Personal Change Program , in fact check it all out, make the decision to end your unhappy struggle and call me today x

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“I read this in one sitting and can honestly say I’ve never come across anything so achingly articulate and heart–rendingly raw. The combination of this lady’s experiences and her sublimely accomplished writing, has produced something incredibly powerful. When I finished it and reflected on what affected me most, it was the agony of addiction, where there is knowledge and awareness alongside the inability to stop. The fact she has now turned her life around so completely is a testament to her strength and the re-birth of her relationship with her son was wonderful to read about.”


So achingly articulate and heart-rendingly raw

“I myself have been alcohol free for 6 years I don’t like the term in recovery. I cannot recommend this book highly enough written with such honesty and truth I can totally relate to. It has helped me to be more open with my children about our experience during my drinking days, I really felt like it was written about me. We are now going to start family therapy – thank you Sonia.”


Written with such honesty and truth

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