Your New Years Resolution’s – How are you feeling, Stressed or Strong?

Your New Years Resolution’s – How are you feeling, Stressed or Strong?

As you move through January, and ‘normal’ life settles back in, how is your ‘New Year, New You’ mantra sounding to you?

And how are you feeling?

Regardless of whether it is food or alcohol you struggle with, or whether you are cutting down or completely out, you are probably already reaping the physical and emotional benefits.

Maybe you are feeling more energized, sleeping better, less bloated, skin looking better – the list is endless.

  • But you are feeling more at peace?
  • Does it feel like you need to be in a state of control or rely on strength?
  • That you are avoiding, just for now?
  • Or are you replacing one with another, or a third, such as exercise?
  • Are you eating more in the absence of alcohol?
  • Or maybe drinking more in the absence of sweet stuffs?

You know at the very core of you that you want to make changes, and not just for January.

You know that you want to feel better, look better, act better.

That you want to be the mother/partner/hell, even the dog owner you and your loves deserve, and you know that a huge leap towards that would be cutting down/out the crap that is literally poisoning your body and life, and yet, and yet, you feel you start to miss it.

What on earth is going on?

All that has happened is that your thoughts have started to slip back on their well worn track of focusing on ‘not doing‘, which creates the feelings of anxiety and deprivation around what you perceive you will miss from food & alcohol.

Does that make sense?

However, if you weren’t buying into your old food and alcohol thinking, you wouldn’t be creating any feelings.

Everything you do is through a process of Think, Feel, Re-Act – re-acting being the drowning of  yourself in food / alcohol.

And you have learnt to believe your thinking is your Reality. Your Truth.

But, and this is key,

It is only Your Reality, Your Truth, if you buy into it. If YOU Believe it.

And you don’t have to believe it! You really don’t.

Recovery Coaching Tip

To keep you safe, here’s one of my top tips to support you when your old stinking food & alcohol thinking comes up.

The first thing is to become aware of  your thoughts.

To notice them, and when they arrive – maybe you are tired, low, lonely, anxious about work/relationships, only you know.  Notice, and don’t buy into them.

By not buying into your thinking, by not accepting your temporary thoughts as your truth, your thoughts have no power

Yes, the thoughts are still there, but without the fertilizer of your energy of arguing with them,  pleading with them, trying to avoid them, they can’t grow like out of control weeds, strangling your mind, your heart, your actions.

Then all you have to do is simply take Conscious Responsibility to release  that thinking, by simply choosing to think another, more empowering thought, such as “Here you come again, I am tired etc, and so here it is again, this silly old stinking thinking that means nothing to me” and then Let.It.Go.

The process I give to my clients when their stinking thinking comes up is,

  • Pause
  • Breathe Deeply
  • See your thinking for what it is, merely a thought you are used to thinking. And one that you are innocently choosing to buy into again.

You can even change the ‘voice’ of your thoughts to someone you would laugh at if they gave you advice, someone you would be crazy to consider listening to.

An idiot from your past – we all have them, or maybe a politician you know is talking crap in the now, we all know them.

Just by changing the voice you will notice the feelings of deprivation and anxiety die away, which they always will, and all because you have shifted your thinking.

Freedom from your food & alcohol pain is not hard – you have learnt to BELIEVE IT IS.

You simply need a new way of Thinking, which creates new Feelings which gift you the opportunity for new Re-Actions. That’s It! Done, dusted, free.

My clients enjoy huge success, through my uniquely simple Recovery Coaching process.

I have supported many amazing men and women to find peaceful freedom.

A number of my clients have spent at least one term in Rehab and struggled in the ‘real’ world.

Other clients have come feeling that they felt they were close to losing everything and some who just didn’t want to drink / eat, on a daily basis, in a way they don’t like.

All of them, when they trust the process (me) and work the simple tools (you), have found the balance they desired and deserve.  It will be the same for you too.

My unique process was created from the awareness, understanding and simple strategies that released me from my 28 years of alcoholism and secret binge eating, along with my learned skills as a Master Practitioner of NLP and Master Coach.

Now, in just 6 weeks, every aspect of my clients lives change, as yours will too.

You too will have the peace, calm, awareness and all that spills into every area of your life.

It doesn’t matter where you are now, or how long you have been struggling, release is within you all the time. The Sober, Slim person you long to be is who you are. x


If 2020 is the time for you to make the changes you deserve for you and your family, Contact me today.

Nothing will change until you understand the truth of what the hell is going on in your inner world, and how to release that ‘going on’ without stress, struggle, willpower or control.

Love & respect


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