About Sonia

Hi lovely, I’m 59 years young, and I am finally THRIVING.

My passion and mission is to show the amazing MidLIFE woman you are, how to make the next chapters of LIFE, the BEST of LIFE……

But it wasn’t until I hit my 50’s that I hit found my LIFE lane.

Before that, LIFE was a bit of a s**t show…I was a bit of a s**t show….

After a painful, chaotic and frightening childhood, I became a heroin addict at 17, recovered with ease and alone, and then 7 years later, fell headlong in to 28 years of alcoholism (I don’t attach any blame to my childhood experiences for the choices I made).

I struggled with crippling depression, bulimia and overwhelming feelings of unworthiness. And into this pain, confusion and grief, I bought my gift-from-God, son, my only child who watched his single mother, his only parent, drowning daily.

Living was hard, breathing was hard, LIFE felt harsh, cold and unkind…

Back then, I didn’t know about healing – I didn’t think it was possible to heal my wounds.

I didn’t understand how LIFE is nothing more than a series of experiences and my perceptions of those experiences.

And the most important element, that the BELIEFS I created from those perceptions and experiences, where the ONLY reason I stayed trapped in addiction, less, hurt and fear.

But now I do, and my saving grace has been my desire for more, my enquiring and my willingness to learn and keep moving forward.

And now…. WOW!!!

I have created a hugely successful Rapid Alcohol Recovery Method  Coaching practice, which started with helping women regain control of their drinking with grace and ease.

And using the same framework of understanding, process and support, I have expanded into the transformative power of LIFE Coaching.

I serve amazing women from all backgrounds celebrities, business women, entrepreneurs, and the hardest job of all, mothers, taking them back to happiness, clarity, peace of mind, as they discover the ease of living in their LIFE lane.

I have appeared on TV (This Morning, GB News, TalkTV, on Radio (BBC), and in National and International press (Thrive Global, The Huff Post, Daily Mail) and Magazines, talking about my journey and work.

I have a written a critically acclaimed book on addiction.

I travel the world

And most importantly, I LOVE the smallest of things in LIFE, a walk with my Girls (dogs), laughing with a friend….this is LIFE.

But I am not a different woman to the sad, lost woman of my younger years, I have simply allowed myself to love and be the woman I was born to be.

Living my MidLIFE, Happy, Healed and in Control….

  • No more trapped in the spiral of my drinking, no more drunk mum,
  • Free from bulimia,
  • Depression released
  • Healed from my traumatic childhood, & living in acceptance, compassion, forgiveness, feeling connected and daily, in JOY.

I know you can live this way too.

I know that the pain of your past, the stress and anxieties of your today, and you fears for you future can all be released.

I know that the only prison for you is your self-created, unseen, but strongly felt BELIEFS about who you are, what you deserve, and how hard change will be (absolutely including drinking/eating, any compulsive behaviour),

And I am here, to take you incredible Midlife women on the journey where you will;

Reclaim your JOY, Reignite the flames of your relationships, or finally allow in the right one,

Regain control of your drinking (or eating/shopping/hoarding), with grace and ease.

Find your purpose and fulfilment, and Have the confidence to take the actions that bring you to the LIFE of your dreams.

This is your MidLIFE, when you are Thriving

Contact me HERE to discover how the magic of my work will transform your LIFE.

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