About Sonia

Ending my Daily Alcohol Pain and joyfully living in Peace

My drinking robbed me of LIFE, not physically (although it came close), but the joy, peace, gratitude and love of life.

My attempts to not drink, to not pick up that damn first glass was a daily battle I always lost. 

I thought it was me vs vodka, but the truth is it was me vs me. 

Ever morning I made the decision to stop, yet every evening I drank and felt less of the woman and mother I longed to be on every level. 

I know that making a heartfelt decision to change is not enough to change. I know that willpower, control, positive thoughts and motivation don’t work, and thankfully now, 6 years free of my alcohol pain, and living in grace and peace, I know what does work, and how to deliver it to you, effortlessly.


 Hi, I’m Sonia and I am The Recovery Coach, the very proud sober single mother to my one-in-a-trillion-son, Christopher, and  Mama to my two ‘Girls’, my doglets Gorby & Piccalilli.

Professionally, I am the creator of The Rapid Alcohol Recovery Method,  a Master Practitioner of NLP, a Master Coach, who coaches world-wide,  as well as being an internationally acclaimed author on addiction & recovery & have appeared on This Morning, the BBC, in Woman Magazine and in The Daily Mail.

As a former alcoholic & binge eater for almost 28 years, I understand that the way you drink is a response to how you are feeling –  maybe tired, lonely, overwhelmed – you know your reasons at any given time, and that alcohol started out as being the ‘solution’, long before it became the problem it is today. 

I know that the glass of wine at the end of your busy day has the intention of making you ‘feel better’ – less stressed, to give you a little bit of peace/calm/you time.

I also know that it is no longer just a glass.  I know that you feel you have no control over when you drink, that alcohol thoughts & feelings haunt your working day, and that ‘feeling better’ is very rarely, if ever, the result.

I see your confusion and I hear your silent private fears for your health, your relationships, your work and your life, and I know , completely,  that all the resources you need to be free are within you right now.

They always were and they always will be, because those resources are who you are, not your beliefs around alcohol, and that you have simply forgotten how to access them.

Delivering effortless freedom is my passion, and after almost 6 years free from my own, ‘Alcohol is the Solution’ belief, I know exactly how to guide you back to the woman you deserve to be, confident, resilient and at peace with yourself and the world.

I want to see woman excited and empowered at their decision to embrace the transformation that will take them to the life they deserve, and approaching change with confidence and conviction, instead of the dread of  struggle and failure.

As your Recovery Coach my responsibility to to empower you to step back in to the woman your really are, through my expert experience, training, support and strategies. 

Instead of establishing rules or restrictive boundaries for control, my unique approach is about the effortless, energy expanding release that brings real freedom.

“I developed the unique RAPID ALCOHOL RECOVERY METHOD, through my understanding, personal experiences, and sober learning’s. It is the exact process that is effortlessly my life.  It is who I am, and who YOU are designed to be too!”

"This isn't me" by Sonia Grimes

If you would like to know more about my own journey,  here is the link to my book,  “This Isn’t Me

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I now use my skills as both The Recovery Coach & Intuitive Confidence Coach, to guide you back to the safety of you

The you who knows how to say ‘No’ with grace and ease

The you who feels comfortable in your own skin

The you who has trust and faith in your own decision making

The you who is re-connected with your innate confidence, self-respect & self-love.

To the you, you were born to be, before you started to believe you are not enough

When you are re-connected with you, life is easy, and alcohol shrinks from an absolute ‘must’ have to a ‘take it or leave it’, you choose, occasional, social drink. I promise you.

Take the first step

If you are ready to release your alcohol pain for life take a look at my How I Work for You page and contact me to have an exploratory chat about the RAPID ALCOHOL RECOVERY METHOD

Be kind & gentle with yourself

Sonia x

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