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Living a Happy, Healthy, HEALED & Whole LIFE   🧡

My drinking robbed me of LIFE, not physically (although it came close), but the Joy, Peace, Happiness, Gratitude and LOVE of a life worth living.

My attempts to not drink, to not pick up that damn first glass was a daily battle I always lost. 

I thought it was me vs vodka, but the truth is it was me vs me.

And from the moment I accepted that profound truth, I  stopped looking at alcohol as the ‘problem’, and recognised drinking was what I did, when I was out of balance with me. 

I stopped thinking alcohol had any hold over me. 

I stopped looking outside for the answers to my pain, to my wounds, for my lack of self-love, and I turned my attention to within me.


And simply through gentle curiosity, kind self-questioning, giving my soul time to answer and then acting on those answers, I found myself walking a magical journey back to my heart, back to the Healthy, Happy, HEALED & Whole HOME of me.

Now, with daily profound gratitude for the woman and mother I am, 6 years free of feeling controlled and lost in my drinking, released from the pains of my past, from feeling Overwhelmed, Stressed and Fearful of myself and my ability to make and stick with any good choices, I now live in Freedom, Grace and Peace, not just around alcohol, but in LIFE. 

 I now know why change can seem so fearful to approach and hard to stick with, and how easy change really works, and I know that any change in LIFE, simply needs an easy process of new self-awareness, self-understanding, and a route back to YOU, that takes you from Pain to Peace, and to your best, Happy, Healthy, HEALED & Whole LIFE, effortlessly.

And it is my gift in LIFE, that through walking that path, I can guide you back to YOU too. 

Hi, I’m Sonia and I am The LIFE Recovery Coach, the very proud sober single mother to my one-in-a-trillion-son, Christopher, and  Mama to my two ‘Girls’, my doglets Gorby & Piccalilli.

I started my coaching journey as The Recovery Coach, and I am the creator of unique, 6 week Rapid Alcohol Recovery Method process, which has helped 100’s of women and men regain control of their drinking and given them back the Peace, Happiness and Calm in LIFE that comes from having the freedom to choose how and when they enjoy a social drink with confidence and ease.

And I have now expanded my work into LIFE Recovery Coaching, with my 12 week, Happy, Healthy, HEALED & Whole program,  a journey of transformation from unhappiness, to Joy and LOVE.

I use my powerful coaching skills and passion for change, to guide clients out of the unhappiness, stress, exhaustion, anxiety and fears about who they are and what they do, and guide them back to living a happy, healthy and healed life they deserve.

My unique methodology uses an exciting blend of neuroscience, practical strategies and spiritual practices.

Professionally I  am a Master Practitioner of NLP, a Master Coach, Master Of TimeLine Therapy, Mindset Master, certified Soul Plan Reading and Grace Healing practitioner, who coaches world-wide, as well as being an internationally acclaimed author on addiction & recovery & have appeared on This Morning, GB NEWS, the BBC, in the HuffPost Woman Magazine and in The Daily Mail, in  as well as being a regular contributor to Arianna Huffington’s wellbeing organisation, Thrive Global.

"This isn't me" by Sonia Grimes

If you would like to know more about my own journey,  here is the link to my book,  This Isn’t Me

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Taking the first step

If you are ready to release your daily struggle with feeling Overwhelmed, Exhausted, Stressed and using destructive coping mechanisms that drag you further down, when all you want is to feel better…..let today be the first day of regaining your Happiness, Peace, Freedom & the LIFE you deserve 🧡

Be kind & gentle with yourself

Sonia x

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