For the 28 years I struggled with my alcoholism, I don’t know how I managed to hold on to my sanity…and looking back now, I’m not even sure I did.

Seen the rear view mirror of my life so far, my drinking, and my struggle to change it, to regain any control, to set and stick with any limits, looks and feels like a form of insidious madness.

Alcohol dominated my waking thoughts, and my restless nightmares.

Every morning was a new opportunity to feel a helpless, totally lost, hungover and desperate.

Every evening another opportunity to show myself what a weak, drunk, failure I was.

And whilst this was my life for over 28 years, most people had no idea of what I was putting myself through.

I smiled, I laughed and at times, had the surface level happiness, which I took for joy, but in reality, it was only ever a paler, greyer shade of life, and I didn’t even know it.

And I tried to change my drinking.  My God I tried.

As a single mother to the most precious tender jewel of my son, I fought every day to be more than I was, to be who he deserved, but I wasn’t strong enough….

I did my best, and my best was cr@p….

The more I consumed alcohol, the more alcohol consumed me.

I wish I could write that the mountain of love I had for my son was enough for me to change my drinking, to get a grip of my drinking, to be stronger…but the truth is, I knew he would be better off without me.

I knew he would grieve for the loss of the lesser me, be wounded to his heart and soul, and still I believed that the mother I was back then, so far from what he wanted and deserved, was all I was. Was all I had to offer, and that I was simply never going to beat this thing, and never, ever going to be good enough.

Such hard words to write.

And then everything changed.

No drama or emotional electric shock jolted me out of my drinking.

I simply had a moment of awareness, a sudden infinitesimal kaleidoscope shift of awareness, that changed my view of possibility and reality, which resonated with me on the most fundamental level.

And, when that happened, I felt the years old, longed for sigh of relief rise up from somewhere deep within me.

A sigh that opened my eyes, my mind and my heart to a very different perspective of both myself and my relationship with alcohol, and I knew….I KNEW,  I could change.

I knew I could stop drinking.

I knew I could be different.

I knew I could be the woman and mother I longed to be

And in that moment of acceptance, I felt trust. I stopped fighting, and my personal yellow brick road back to peace of mind, joy, love of life and freedom started to reveal itself.


This book contains the insights I have learnt on my journey back to safety, self-respect and ease as I released myself from my alcoholism, depression, my painful past, binge eating, and the feelings of never being deserving, never good enough, and back into the sunshine of peace of mind, happiness,  balance, love and success.

I know that changing your drinking is not hard, it does not take long, and it certainly doesn’t have to be a never again solution.

And my purpose in writing this book, is to detail the process of powerful change that has transformed every area of my LIFE, as well guiding 1000’s of clients world wide out of the pain of their drinking, and back into peace.

Please read this book in the order it is written. Do not skip to the end.

There is no, one single magic moment of change that you can jump too….this is a journey, a journey which starts where you are now, in your alcohol pain, and ends with you back into alcohol peace.

And there is a foundation, to your journey.  It is crucial that you are fully aware, and accept the truth of this foundation, because when you do, the rest of the journey makes perfect sense, and you will feel your excitement grow as you learn the deeper truths of your drinking, and the easy way to change it.

At the end of each chapter, I have listed the bullet points of the biggest insights for you to revisit.

As well as some powerful questions to help you deepen your awareness of who you are being when the desire to drink shows up.

Why?  Because with every change, it is vital that you keep in your awareness’s what you have learnt, to power you forward.

New information (thoughts) can slip out of your awareness.  Which is understandable.  You are used to your exhausted, outdated thinking around your drinking, and so those thought patterns are initially stronger.

However, when you absorb my words, and create your new perceptions, your thinking will change.

To make your change as easy as possible, I am sharing with you the powerful formula I give to my clients to keep them in their new awareness’s.

Here it is;


Recall – Read the bullet points

Reflect – Reflect on the truth of them, you know they are true because you feel  it. You feel more settled, open, calm and hopeful.

Reset – The feelings of being settled, open, calm and hopeful, naturally reset you.  You come out of stress and anxiety, and closer to peace.

React – When you are closer to peace, you easily react (drink differently). them.

Are you reeady to end your drinking pain, to find freedom from your confusion, fear, anxiety and stress around alcohol, and to step firmly back into the incredible human you truly are?

It’s time.

Let’s dive straight in to the TRUTH about the root of your drinking…..


Next Chapter COMING SOON.


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10 Questions to Free You from Your Alcohol Pain, Effortlessly

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