The Rapid Alcohol Recovery Method

Freedom from Cravings, Fear of Losing Control and still able to enjoy a Social Drink, in just 6 Weeks, Effortlessly


Do you remember the days when you sipped and savoured a glass of wine after work? The days before you gulped it down, desperate for a calming ‘hit’?

Those were the days when one chilled glass really did help you de-stress, unwind and give you a bit of a breather before home life kicked in and you switched from ‘Work mode’ to ‘Mum mode’.

And when you think back, do you remember that you were able to cope better,  you were more present, loving and engaged and fun?

How has your one glass slipped into two, or three, or even a bottle a night?

And how did your ‘de-stresser’ become the major secret stress and fear in your life?  The one that wakes you in the night as you worry about how much you drink and how regularly

 Do you feel tearful when you wonder where the days of control around alcohol have gone?  Powerless to change your drinking, because you have tried, you really have tried? 

No matter where you are now in your drinking or how long you have been there, you can change your drinking with ease and you can change it NOW.

You don’t have to stop for life, there is more than the full stop of ‘never again’ method.  You can easily enjoy a social, celebratory drink, without any of the ‘have to‘  drink stress, struggle or fears of falling back into the dark days of your drinking.  Interested?  Read on……

 Changing your drinking changes every part of your lifeand the unique Rapid Alcohol Recovery Method is a process of simplicity and ease that gently shifts your Alcohol Mindset, freeing you from cravings, fears of losing control and yet still being able to enjoy a social drink, effortlessly.

 In just 6 weeks, your life will be transformed and you will be;

  • Relaxed and unafraid of alcohol –  free from Cravings or fear of Losing Control
  • Have complete freedom from your alcohol ‘mind chatter’ – no more angry/pleading/justifying voices in your head, so that you can easily make the best choices for you at any time and in any situation. 
  • Healthier, sleep better, be present for your loves.  You are there, physically, emotionally and spiritually, whenever you are needed.  A joy in life, a rock in life, YOU.
  • Engaged, fun and reliable – your inner peace will reflect outwards, your acceptance and faith in you bringing you a sense of safety that is a source of true happiness, making you a magnet to all that you value in life.

You will see, feel, hear and know on every level that you are ENOUGH, confident and free you from your alcohol struggle  

As featured in


“All in all my drinking has cost my family over £200,000 for me to feel more detached, not in control and less of a human being. In five sessions with Sonia, and interim support, I feel strong, confident and more at peace with myself than I can ever remember. Alcohol is back in it’s proper place of just being a liquid and not some kind of all consuming demon.


I never believed after all these years that this could happen. My family and I thank you with all our hearts”

 Mrs KL

Here’s how the unique 6 week, The Rapid Alcohol Recovery Method is delivered to you.

Week 1 – Alcohol is the Solution Belief

We take a loving deep dive into your Unconscious Mind, to identify your deepest beliefs around alcohol, and what you feel it brings to you, so that you have a clear and comforting understanding of what you are truly looking for and how to deliver it with ease. This first session is always a huge revelation.

Week 2 – Silencing your Alcohol Mind Chatter

Recognizing how your exhausting inner conflict is created and how to comfort, and let it go, easily. Replacing negative self-talk with the kindness and care you need to truly thrive without alcohol.

Week 3 – Cravings & Willpower, the Myths

Uncovering the truth of what both are, why they are sometimes overwhelming, and at other times easy to dismiss, so that you are easily able to keep yourself in your natural place of inner balance and peace where they simply don’t exist.

Week 4 – Integration Week

An in-depth review of the first 3 weeks, bringing it all together and identifying any gaps in understanding, plus adding tools relevant to your life, so that you quickly grow your trust in your ability to live the life you want around alcohol.

Week 5 – Triggers

What they are, how you created them, and how to release them with ease, so that you are confident that you will not ‘relapse’ in situations/events/people.

Week 6 – Boundaries of Self-Care

What is best for you, is best for everyone that matters to you, so creating boundaries for your own self-care, is the final step in living the life you deserve free from your alcohol ‘need’. We work together to identify and put in place a simple, loving structure that is flexible and delivers you needs, leaving you free to enjoy a social drink.

Changing the way you drink is NOT hard, the life your drinking has given you IS

The Rapid Alcohol Recovery Method isn’t for you, if


You are not ready to trust a completely unique process that is different from anything you have tried before.


You want to continue to rely on the energy exhausting methods of willpower, motivation and control.


You are not ready to step up and make the commitment to being your happiest, healthiest you.


You are looking for a magic wand – this is not a ‘learn a few new strategies and you are done’ process. It is a way of living that asks you to take loving ownership of you and, to put in place the simple practices that are all that are missing right now.

The Rapid Alcohol Recovery Method is for you, if


You’re ready for your life of freedom from the stress, anxiety and pain of your drinking.


You’re ready for joyful, lifelong change


You’re ready to invest in being your best you, one time and for life.


You’re ready to own how amazing you truly are and to care for you in the way only you can.


“For over 10 years I’ve struggled and tried various recovery methods including 3 stays in rehab. I’ve finally got the effortless freedom from alcohol that Sonia promises in just 6 weeks. I can’t remember feeling this happy. I’m me. Thank you Sonia … I’m truly grateful.”

Ms G.K 

Meet your Recovery Coach

Hi, name is Sonia Grimes, and I am a single mother to my glorious son, Christopher, and a former alcoholic of 28 years.

From the time my son was born, until my sudden freedom from all my alcohol pain, fear, stress and worry, when he was 16, I battled daily with my drinking.

I was desperate to change for him, and for me, but I couldn’t.  I couldn’t control my drinking, I couldn’t stick with the promises around alcohol I made us both, I couldn’t stop thinking about ways around my drinking.  I couldn’t stop thinking about alcohol, full stop!

I felt as though I was going mad in my despair and confusion.  I was fearful and anxious.  I thought alcohol was strong and I was weak.  I knew I couldn’t spend my life fighting, I had no fight.

But on the day, seemingly incredible day I became sober, out of nowhere, with no hope of change, I realised in a moment of awareness, that I wasn’t fighting alcohol, I was fighting ME.  

I  became aware that I was choosing to drink, and that alcohol had no choice and didn’t care one way or another.  

On that miraculous day I embarked on a journey of curiosity, wonder, learning and joy, and over time, with small steps of new awareness’s backed up by simple action,  I stepped back into ME, and my life, and my son’s, transformed.

My passion and commitment to change has bought everything I have learned on my incredible journey, as well as my skills as a Master Practitioner of NLP and Master Coach, into a simple 6 week process that is packed with the only formula you need to be free, here’s my AAT formula broken down for you.

New Awareness (around some very simple, powerful truths about alcohol, and you)


Simple Actions (as small and as powerful as just  breathing differently)


Your Transformed life of peace and freedom around alcohol.   

That’s it! Life is designed to be simple, and my process is just that. 

Reaching out is the ONLY hard part of change, so if now is your time, just hit the button below.  You will only stay trapped as long as you try harder to work the methods that have you have ‘failed’ at so far (hint.  Its not you who ‘failed’, its the method!)

The Rapid Alcohol Recovery Method is an investment in YOU, in your freedom, your peace.

It is an investment in your LIFE ahead of you of, one of healing, compassion, growth, forgiveness and grace that comes through the rebuilding of trust and love in yourself, and your loves, when you are no longer ‘controlled’ by alcohol. 

   There is no ‘cost’ to changing your drinking, and finding your freedom.  That is priceless. 

But, as you painfully know, there is the high cost of your drinking that you and your loves are already paying, and have been paying, probably for many years gone by, and if you don’t change, for many more to come, physically, emotionally and financially. 


 This the one time investment for a life time of freedom for your Alcohol Pain and return to Peace


10 Questions to Free You from Your Alcohol Pain, Effortlessly

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