Willpower Is The Hardest Route

We only need willpower to resist doing what we desire, the things we do want to do, not the things we truly don’t.  And because of our desire, it is the hardest, least successful method of long term change.

How To Stop Drinking? Your PAUSE Power

There is always a space, a pause, between your ‘I need a drink’ hijacked thoughts and the physical act of picking up the bottle, pouring a glass and then drinking it, and in that pause is immense power.

Self-Care is not Selfish. The Top 10 Tips That Helped Me Stop Drinking

When I stopped drinking, one of the first things that I realized was that I had no level of self-care - or self-love, or self-respect.  Actually, thinking about it now,  I had no sense of 'self' at all. Thankfully I learn quick - for good and for bad it seems - and I understood that … Continue reading Self-Care is not Selfish. The Top 10 Tips That Helped Me Stop Drinking

Understanding Your Drinking (part 2)

Last week’s blog on our road trip to Sobriety, was about the powerful and pervasive social conditioning around alcohol.  About the ‘why’ so many of us rush towards the ‘joy’s’ of drinking at each and every opportunity. Of what we are conditioned to feel that alcohol brings to our otherwise overstressed, time poor, slightly dull … Continue reading Understanding Your Drinking (part 2)

Understanding Your Drinking (part 1)

Social Conditioning around alcohol is so powerful that it is hardly surprising many of us get caught in the alcohol trap. But what is Social Conditioning? Where does it come from and why is it's influence so strong?