How I Work For You

  • Has your ‘relaxing’ evening glass of wine is become a nagging problem in your life?
  • It your drinking becoming too regular for comfort, making you unhappy and worried for your health and weight?
  • Have your family and friends started to comment on your drinking, leaving you feel embarrassed and ashamed?

How about food?

  • Has food become your unhappy ‘go to’ support when you feel out of your comfort zone, tired or unhappy?
  • Do you eat out of boredom, anxiety or stress, happy for five minutes and then disappointed and depressed?
  • Do you promise yourself it will be just one biscuit, one piece of  chocolate but you have eaten the whole damn & now have to hide the evidence?

You know how you want to look.  You know how you want to feel. And you know who you want to be, but you just don’t know how to do it.  I do.

“Since working with Sonia I have reduced my wine drinking dramatically.  I didn’t even plan to do that, I wanted to stop eating chocolate! But I feel so much better in myself and I know and like myself so much more, that it has been easy to cut back on both and still enjoy the occasional glass and dessert.”                                                           A  Dickness

Here’s what I  know and understand completely through my personal experience with alcoholism and my destructive relationship with food.

  • When we try to change our weight, drinking and health with diet books /exercise class /stop drinking groups etc, we focus on changing the ‘what’ & ‘how’ of our eating and drinking habits
  • But changing only the ‘what‘ & ‘how’ doesn’t last, because they are just the tip of our overweight, ill health & unhappy iceberg.
  • It is the ‘why’, the huge submerged, dark and murky part of the iceberg that must be challenged and changed.  By changing the ‘why’, the ‘what‘ and ‘how’ can adjust naturally and easily.
  • We know the results of the diets/clubs/exercise classes don’t last, but because we don’t know what else to do, we repeat the same old depressing cycles and get the same old depressingly temporary results.
  • We feel good for a while, then our weight goes back up, our health, wellness & self-esteem go back down and we give up.  Until our next attempt………

As we work together through my transformational Breakthrough Mentoring sessions,  you will change your relationship with food and alcohol.   You will no longer feel their pull because you understand yourself better, know how to comfort yourself in the moment and have powerful strategies that work for you in your life,  as well as understanding the true nature of why you crave your ‘poison’ – the  understanding alone opens you up to choosing alternatives that really do support your wellness and weight loss. I promise you x

My Emotional Recovery Coaching formula for successful changing your eating and drinking habits for life (delivered with the compassionate understanding of a recovered addict), includes;

  • Understanding the true root causes of your unhappy drinking / eating and addressing them.
  • Removing the unhappy emotions that fuel your unhappy habits.
  • Installing Acceptance & Acknowledgement of where you are now and the way forward.
  • Installing Accountability & Responsibility – by owning your journey, you become the driver, not your habit.
  • The Choice Point –  understanding the choice point when it comes and in that moment being able making the best choice from your new position of  understanding & power.
  • Self-Care & Strategies for success  –  these will make you feel more in control, especially in the moment, and so make your success easier.

My work with clients starts with an Understanding You Session, a 90 minute in-depth discussion where I gather information around your habit, your thoughts, feelings and triggers. From there we work out a plan of action, both in practical and emotional terms that works just for you.

Understanding You Session (90 minutes), £140

Subsequent Mentoring sessions (60 mins), £70

I recommend a minimum of 3 Mentoring Sessions and can offer various Mentoring packages which reduce the cost.

I also offer a 10 week Empowering Incredible Change program which is truly life changing.

Contact Sonia Grimes on tel:  00 44 (0) 7973359135

or through my email on my Contact page.

Location is no obstacle!  I offer face to face, telephone and Skype consultations