How I Work For You

I created my unique Recovery Coaching process through the learning’s I  gained on the most joyful, peaceful journey of my life – the one that ended my 28 years of alcohol and food pain, and gifted me back a life of peace and balance, that I hadn’t even known existed, for myself and my son, and which I now deliver with complete understanding and compassion, to you through my skills as a Master Practitioner of NLP and Master Coach.

Client Testimonial

“For over 10 years I’ve struggled and tried various recovery methods including 3 stays in rehab. I’ve finally got the effortless freedom from alcohol that Sonia promises in just 6 weeks. I can’t remember feeling this happy. I’m me. Thank you Sonia … I’m truly grateful”.

I  know that change isn’t hard when approached from a new direction, and I know it is very hard when you try to end your food & alcohol pain by ‘simply’ stopping what you put in your mouth.

What you put in your mouth is the end result, the last step, of a very individual, personal to you, 3 Step Process, and the sole intention of  that end result is to make you feel better, and whilst is it not the result you get, it is always the intention.  Do you recognize that?

The personal 3 Step Process you go through every single time you eat and drink in a way that you have grown to hate is,

  • Step 1 –  you Think the habitual food & alcohol thoughts that create
  • Step 2 –  your anxious, painful,  Feelings, which cause you to
  • Step 3 – Re-Act, by compelling you to take the  (temporary )’comfort’ of food & Alcohol

By attempting to end your unhappy eating & drinking behaviors by starting with the stopping, Step 3, on tougher, lower days, Step 1 and Step 2 are still in place yet you are telling yourself you are going to be denying yourself your learned methods of comfort!

Can you see why change that way is the hardest way, and can never work, or not with any level of ease?

My Recovery Coaching turns all that on its head.  I start by coaching you to become aware of, then to understand and release your own Step 1, of the process you go through, the place where, when you know how to gently let it go, changes every aspect of your life.

Without your individually created Step 1, the 2nd and 3rd step simply do not exist, so releasing this first step is what that gifts you back true, effortless peace.

My clients enjoy a level of stunning, peaceful success, they didn’t think was possible, through one of my, completely tailored to them, Recovery Coaching programs, each one gifting them their own, effortless release.

There are 3 options to working with me

  • 6 Week Recovery Coaching Program
  • 6 Week Intensive Recovery Coaching Program
  • 12 Week Transform Your Life Recovery Coaching Program

Here’s how my 6 Week Recovery Coaching Program works.  Over a 6 week period you get,

  • 3 x Holistic, intuitive 1-2-1 Recovery Coaching Sessions &
  • 3  x Integration Weeks – with as much personal support from me as you need via telephone, Messenger or email.

Week 1 – Recovery Coaching Session I – This is the most powerful week, where you will be gifted the complete Awareness (awareness is the master key to change), of your individual 3 Step process (and we are all different), and how to let it go.  As well as giving you two, powerful, work in the moment strategies that allow you to release Step 1 effortlessly.

Week 2 – Integration Week  – New awareness widen the boundaries of your thinking, and each new awareness further expands your view.    This expansion creates a space in which your new life starts to flourish, and you need the Integration Weeks to allow this to settle, to grow into, to live with and trust.

This happens through living your normal life, as well watching your Recovery Coaching Session replays, which gently reinforces your new awareness, as well as allowing you to become gently aware and challenge your own thought processes, as well as taking Conscious Responsibility to use the strategies you receive with each Recovery Coaching Session.

During Integration Week’s you have as much contact with me as you need via telephone, Messenger or email.  It is part of  your Conscious Responsibility to reach out to me.

Week 3 – Recovery Coaching Session II – Building on Week I, I coach you through the next step of my unique Recovery Coaching, process which brings you into further into awareness and understanding, with strategies to support you.  I also walk you through, and coach you to let go of,  any unhelpful thoughts & feelings you may have experienced  in your Integration Week.

Week 4 – Integration Week – New awareness widens the boundaries of your thinking, and each new awareness further expands your view.    This expansion creates a space which you need, in which your new life starts to flourish, and you need the Integration Weeks to allow this to settle, to grow into, to live with and trust, and you have as much contact with me as you need, via telephone, Messenger or email.

Week 5 – Recovery Coaching Session III – Building on the previous weeks, I coach you through the last step of my unique Recovery Coaching process, and work through any questions you have as well as giving you a final set of strategies to empower you with confidence and ease going forward.

Week 6 – Integration Week –  As before, and this final week also includes a 30 minute phone call to make sure the complete Recovery Coaching process has been assimilated effortlessly into your life.


“I have gone from the stress, worry and fear of  drinking over a bottle of wine a day for over 9 years, to 2 glass of champagne at Christmas and not even thinking about wine.  I am so grateful and relieved.”

J Nolton 

“Sonia has changed my life, and I have changed my body.  I can’t believe how easy this has been and I am loving the sober, slim journey.”

NA  Tommas

My 6 Week Intensive Recovery Coaching Program & 12 Week Transform Your Life Recovery Coaching Program offer a much deeper experience, that allow you to painlessly let go of all your old Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt & Guilt, through a life changing TimeLine Therapy Session, as well as releasing all your outdated Limiting Beliefs and Limiting Decisions, that are the fuel to your unhappy eating and drinking, and then allow you the peaceful freedom to self-lovingly replace them with new empowering, life enhancing Beliefs and Decisions that will change every aspect of your life, for life.

Has your ‘relaxing’ evening glass of wine is become a nagging problem in your life?

  • It your drinking becoming too regular for comfort, making you unhappy and worried for your health and weight?
  • Have your family and friends started to comment on your drinking, leaving you feel embarrassed and ashamed?

How about food?

  • Has food become your unhappy ‘go to’ support when you feel out of your comfort zone, tired or unhappy?
  • Do you eat out of boredom, anxiety or stress, happy for five minutes and then disappointed and depressed?
  • Do you promise yourself it will be just one biscuit, one piece of  chocolate but you have eaten the whole damn & now have to hide the evidence?

You know how you want to look.  You know how you want to feel. And you know who you want to be, but you just don’t know how to do it.  I do.


“Since working with Sonia I have reduced my wine drinking dramatically.  I didn’t even plan to do that, I wanted to stop eating chocolate and I did that too!

I feel so much better in myself and I know and like myself so much more, that it has been easy to cut back on both and still enjoy the occasional glass and dessert.”                                                           A  Dickness

I  know and understand where you are completely, because your struggles with food and alcohol were my struggles too. Your pain, was my pain and now my release can be yours too.

My Recovery Coaching is groundbreaking in its simplicity and it works, when you trust the process (me) & work the tools (you), that is all it takes.

If you are ready to regain your best version of you, if you are ready to commit to a joyful journey of releasing your food and alcohol struggles for life, with an open mind, then it starts here with a free,

Complimentary Recovery Coaching Call

From this complimentary call, you will

  • Understand the 3 Step Process
  • Have the awareness of your road map to peaceful freedom

Seeing as you have got this far down the page, why not finish off with a look at my Simply Sober & Simply Slim pages and if you want to know more about my journey, here’s my book, This Isn’t Me.