How I Work For You

Your journey back to peaceful, easy freedom, starts with a FREE, you have everything to gain, and nothing to lose,

Recovery Coaching 20 Minute Clarity Call

 From this Clarity Call, you will

  • Understand the why of your drinking / eating behaviours, &
  • The road map to peaceful freedom

My groundbreaking Recovery Coaching, ends your food and alcohol battles with ease and confidence, leaving you free to enjoy the sober, slim, healthy & happy body and life you deserve.


“Sonia has changed my life, and I have changed my body.  I can’t believe how easy this has been and I am loving the sober, slim journey.”

NA  Tommas

  • Has your ‘relaxing’ evening glass of wine is become a nagging problem in your life?
  • It your drinking becoming too regular for comfort, making you unhappy and worried for your health and weight?
  • Have your family and friends started to comment on your drinking, leaving you feel embarrassed and ashamed?

How about food?

  • Has food become your unhappy ‘go to’ support when you feel out of your comfort zone, tired or unhappy?
  • Do you eat out of boredom, anxiety or stress, happy for five minutes and then disappointed and depressed?
  • Do you promise yourself it will be just one biscuit, one piece of  chocolate but you have eaten the whole damn & now have to hide the evidence?

You know how you want to look.  You know how you want to feel. And you know who you want to be, but you just don’t know how to do it.  I do.


“Since working with Sonia I have reduced my wine drinking dramatically.  I didn’t even plan to do that, I wanted to stop eating chocolate and I did that too!

I feel so much better in myself and I know and like myself so much more, that it has been easy to cut back on both and still enjoy the occasional glass and dessert.”                                                           A  Dickness

I  know and understand where you are completely, because of my personal experience with alcoholism and my destructive relationship with food.

I know how trapped you feel in  your damaging patterns and I know how to change it all with ease.

My approach is groundbreaking in its simplicity and it works.

My Recovery Coaching is not ‘a one session at a time and off you go with a couple of strategies’ approach.   I work in a comprehensive, hands on style that keeps you safe, supported and accountable, throughout your journey to freedom and peace.

  • 1 hour Recovery Coaching 3 or 5 session packages, or 6 week and 3 month programs, using my empowering expertise as a Master Coach.
  • A follow up email the same day, outlining what we discussed, and any strategies detailed in full
  • I know your diary,  your fears around work/home/life events (if it helps you) & am available for real-time support
  • You have regular contact via Messenger between appointments.   This can be to celebrate your successes, or to gently put you back on track, if you feel wobbly.
  • If you need a basic food/self-care plan to bring structure back to your life, I provide one.

My Recovery Coaching is delivered in;

  • 1-2-1 Recovery Coaching basis (either face-to-face or via Zoom)
  • In small on-line Recovery Coaching groups
  • One Hour On-line Masterclasses

Recovery Coaching Sessions (60 mins), £100

I recommend 3 – 5 Recovery Coaching sessions to get the best long term change

(Please note, I have a 24 hour cancellation policy, after which you will be charged)

Location is no obstacle!  I offer face to face, telephone and Zoom consultations

Take a look at my Simply Slim, and Simply Sober pages for more information.

Contact Sonia Grimes on tel:  00 44 (0) 7973359135

or through my email on my Contact page.

Location is no obstacle!  I offer face to face, telephone and Skype consultations