How I Work

The unique Rapid Alcohol Recovery Method is the effortless solution to your unhappy drinking.  It is a unique & consistently proven 6 week process that guides you from feeling powerless around alcohol to powerfully free

The Rapid Alcohol Recovery Method consists of 6, weekly sessions, via Zoom or Skype.  You get a full replay of each session, to keep you fully supported, and at the end of the 6 weeks,  you will be;


  • Completely relaxed around alcohol, confidently able to ‘take it or leave it’
  • Free from the fear of ‘It won’t last, it never does’
  • Free from your exhausting mind chatter of “What’s wrong with me?”  “I want to stop/I can’t stop”
  • Free from the feelings of being weak, of feeling stressed, anxious and in despair
  • Free from the lying and hiding of the way you drink
  • Living a life of greater peace and calm
  • Energized during the day, sleeping better at night
  • Proud of yourself, safe in your trust and confidence in your abilities to make the best choices for you, effortlessly
  • Richer – alcohol costs add up!

And best of all,

You will return to the naturally resilient, powerful woman and mother, who knows you are enough, & the person you and your loves deserve

Client Testimonial

“For over 10 years I’ve struggled and tried various recovery methods including 3 stays in rehab. I’ve finally got the effortless freedom from alcohol that Sonia promises in just 6 weeks. I can’t remember feeling this happy. I’m me. Thank you Sonia … I’m truly grateful”.

Through the Rapid Alcohol Recovery Method, you will  change the way you drink, effortlessly, without Willpower, Motivation, Positive Thinking or Control.

There are no rules or boundaries.  There is simply a ‘letting go’, that is true freedom, allowing you to move forward in peace and freedom to be the person you truly are.

The Rapid Alcohol Recovery Method was developed through the struggles & subsequent learning’s of my own effortless freedom after 28 years of alcoholism & out of control binge eating, as well as the extensive scientific and emotional research & training’s I continually invest in.  Bringing all these elements together, I have created a completely unique process that simply works, and gifts you the freedom around alcohol you deserve.

My clients enjoy stunning success through the  Rapid Alcohol Recovery Method, with results unheard of in traditional interventions

  • Some of my clients have struggled with alcohol for over 20 years
  • Some of my clients have been to rehab, only to ‘fail’ again,
  • Some clients say relationships, which were at breaking point because of alcohol, are safely back on track.

Client Testimonial

“I had drunk up to 2 bottles of wine a night for almost 15 years.  I now drink occasionally and even though I don’t have a pre-planned limit, after 2 glasses of wine, I just stop.  To start with this felt like a miracle, now its just my life” .


If you would like to know more about the Rapid Alcohol Recovery Method & how it will change your drinking, contact me to book a complimentary,

Exploratory Call

From this call, you will

  • Understand exactly why you struggle to change the way you drink
  • How to find your peaceful freedom, and still enjoy a social drink