Practical Techniques for Recovery

Your journey back to peaceful, easy freedom, starts with a FREE, you have everything to gain, and nothing to lose,

Recovery Coaching 20 Minute Clarity Call

 After this Clarity Call, you will

  • Understand the why of your drinking / eating behaviours, &
  • The road map to peaceful freedom

You carry so much thinking baggage with you that causes you pain, and is the fuel of your out of control eating / drinking behaviours.

You want to let go of your painful thoughts and feelings, particularly the ones that seem to define you, the ones you know aren’t true,  but you don’t know how.

You think you have to dig into the wounds, clean them out and hope you will feel better – only that sounds too frightening to even contemplate.

It does’t have to be.  Our wounds are not created by what happened to us, but by our thinking around them.

Releasing old thinking, that creates our emotions can be painless, I promise you.

don’t believe in reliving dark times and I know it isn’t necessary, because it is not what has happened in your life, it is how the memory has been stored.  The how needs no delving into, simply re-framing and so letting go of.

The most effective techniques I use, alongside my Recovery Coaching sessions, to propel you quickly towards effortless peace and freedom are TimeLine Therapy & Hypnosis.


TimeLine Therapy

“TimeLine Therapy approaches  are the very best that I have ever seen. It’s incredible what it can do.” — James Taylor, M.D., Redondo Beach, California

“I am stunned by the change, in just a few hours.  The knot of sadness and pain has gone from my stomach and three weeks later, its like it was never there!  Thank you Sonia, you have changed my life”  – N Berry

TimeLine Therapy is relatively new and definitely one of the most powerful approaches and techniques for letting painful feelings easily go.  It is proven to produce long lasting transformation much quicker than what is currently called “brief therapy”, with a minimum of discomfort to you.

I know from my own recovery from alcoholism, and subsequent research, that you make stunning changes on an unconscious level. You will always struggle to change consciously (on diets etc).

Imagine letting go of all your old anger, sadness, fear, guilt & hurt in one go from the root cause until the present day?  How about getting rid of anxiety before an important event, or stress?

Imagine how differently you would react to situations in the present & future when those feelings come me up again – which they will as they are normal natural human emotions.  Imagine how much better equipped you will be to deal with any instances of new negative emotions minus all the historical baggage.

Imagine releasing those negative emotions in just 1 session, without raking up & examining every past painful instance.


“It felt like I was thinking about food all day every day and bingeing at least twice a week.  I don’t even think about food until I remember that I am not thinking about it.  I am at peace and I didn’t know I wasn’t. Bloody hell Sonia, what have you done?” 

A Cook

“Incredible experience! I feel less anxious and stressed and feel back in control of my life.  Sonia you are amazing”       N Thompson

“I DEFINITELY feel so much better, my old heavy emotional baggage has gone.  I feel so much lighter and more capable.  I am making better choices in life easily and that is wonderful”       K Morris

A life changing 2 hour session is £300

(very occasionally it does take longer, and the cost is £40 per extra half hour).

Consultations can be done either face to face or by Zoom.



Hypnosis is another powerful intervention which allows me to speak directly to your unconscious mind.  Why is this so powerful?  Your unconscious mind is the domain of all your emotions.  It can’t see or hear and it doesn’t reason.  It does though, hold on to all your memories and the emotions around those memories.  And it is our emotions that fuel our habits and addictions.

In a light and relaxing trance, in which you are still completely in control, I am able to make suggestions that are acceptable to your unconscious mind and that it can act on. Suggestions that empower you away from your habit and towards the peace and freedom you deserve.

It is very effective with weight loss, stopping smoking & alcohol.

Clients benefit most from 3 – 4 sessions.

Each 1 hour session is £120