The THREE Beliefs you need to shift, to change your drinking, effortlessly

You stay trapped in your unhappy drinking because of three beliefs, with the No 1 being your 'Alcohol is the SOLUTION' belief, but it is not hard to let any of them go!

stop start cycle

The ONE reason you stay trapped in your Stop/Start Drinking Cycle

You have made the decision to stop drinking, or just to cut down, and you have done it! For a couple of days week, a month, maybe even longer, and then you started drinking again, the same amount or even more and you feel you have 'failed' again. Why?


The Alcohol Freedom Blueprint (90 Minute Intensive)

Alcohol sales are up £199 Million & wine sales reported £244,000 bottle in ONE day, right now, I don't think this is celebration drinking, do you?


Healing Time In The Pandemic

There has never been a more a more important time for you to invest in being your best physical and emotional self, and you know that alcohol takes you further from that you. Now, you have the time to heal are you going to take it?

stop start cycle

Protect Your Peace – Going ‘Live to Thrive Without Alcohol’, In The Pandemic, Series

In these uncertain times, your 'need' for alcohol can seem so much stronger, which is another layer of added stress you just don't need. Here' my way of offering you support to help you through x