Today is a day of expressing LOVE….one day, when it should be every day…..🧡

You may have a special someone else, you may not, and it doesn’t’ matter.

You are not alone, you have YOU 🧡

Regardless of how you are feeling about you, life, your drinking, any of your struggles, can I ask you to do one thing today, as someone who has lived for most of my adult life feeling isolated, overwhelmed and in struggle and sadness about who I was, and my painful drinking, who is now free and at peace, and wants the same for you…and from the bottom of my heart I do…that I do every day, on good days as well as sadder, because it always resets my world?….🧡

Take 5 minutes to sit quietly, wrap your arms around yourself, tight, rub your arms, your back, wherever you can reach, rhythmically, let your body rock into the movement, and with the tenderness you give to your loves, and rarely, if ever to yourself and lean into the feeling of being held, of strength of LOVE that will flow through you, from you and back into comforting your hurt heart, your wounded soul.

Breath deeply and say, in your head or out loud, with kindness,

I love you darling, I love you, I LOVE YOU 🧡

I know how hard you try 🧡

I know how well you mean 🧡

I know you’re a silly thing sometimes and I still, and always and forever will, love you 🧡

I forgive you 🧡

I feel complete compassion for how hard you try 🧡

I hear you 🧡

I see you 🧡

I LOVE you 🧡

Give yourself one last squeeze of SELF-LOVE, and go about your day.

When you do this every day. When you acknowledge the wonder of you (and you ARE wondrous), you will start to heal, you will accept who you are, you will be your strength, your stay, and EVERY aspect of LIFE will be softer, gentler, less frightening, and more manageable. I PROMISE you.

Be kind and gentle with yourself today and everyday.

Sonia xx

PS, As I have evolved on my journey, so has my Coaching, I am so proud of the profound change my clients who struggle with their drinking get through my unique Rapid Alcohol Recovery Method process.

To go from feeling out of control and fearful around what and how they drink to peace, freedom and easy choice, in less than 6 weeks seems a miracle to them, when the truth is, it is easy.

And now I have expanded my practice to include LIFE Recovery Coaching, guiding women who feel trapped in Overwhelm, Stress, and Frustration back to Inner PEACE through an exciting mix of Neuroscience, Practical Strategies & Spiritual Practices…..message me if you want to know more xx

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