The more desperate you are to control your drinking, the harder changing it feels and becomes.

The unhappier you are about your drinking, the harder changing it feels and becomes.

The more fearful you feel about your drinking, the harder changing it feels and becomes.

The more you try to DO what logically makes perfect sense to fix the problem of your drinking, the harder fixing it feels and becomes.


Because in desperation, unhappiness or fear, your focus is lasered in ON the ‘problem’ of your drinking, magnifying the problem of your drinking, creating greater stress, and cutting you off from the gentle, curious conversations with yourself, that will allow you to change your drinking.

In the problem of your drinking, you focus on how to avoid, control, limit etc alcohol.

You focus on the things you logically know you must do to take you out of hell and back to the freedom, happiness and peace of mind you know will come from changing your drinking – to stay away from the bottle, and the more desperate, unhappy and fearful you become of how hard changing your drinking will be, the more it will be!

Because this is the truth.

  • Your drinking is not logical. 
  • Your daily mind battle is not logical – you don’t want to drink, and then you convince yourself it will be different this time, and it never is.
  • Your night-before-drinking feels completely illogical (I used to think it was a form of madness), to you the morning after, when you have drunk too much again. 

And applying logic to an illogical problem, (your drinking, eating, spending, whatever your personal pain point is), does not, cannot work long term.

Here’s why. Your lack of control around alcohol is not created, and therefore cannot be fixed, in your logical mind.

It is only your fight against your out of control drinking is created there, and it is your logical conflict of, “I’m not drinking again tonight”, “I’m worried about my health/relationships”, “Did I say something stupid/unkind”.

Which is met with what you know to be your completely illogical responses of “It will be different this time”, “You deserve one”, “I’ll just have the one”  and all the rest……and as you know yourself, the illogical wins……

Read this as many times as you need for the message to settle.

Your drinking is a hard problem (only because of your current perception of it), and a hard problem, requires hard work to ‘solve’ it (again, only because of your current perception of it).

And you search through your mind  to find and apply the solutions that makes logical senses – all along the lines of control/limitation/avoidance, just stay away from the damn stuff, and still you stay stuck in the same problem, trapped in your painful drinking cycles.

And in doing so, you cut off any awareness’s that are the truth of your drinking.  

You have learnt to believe alcohol brings you some comfort, some time-out, some peace, some confidence, happiness, safety, joy…….

And your logical mind is telling you to stop doing the thing, drink, that delivers those things……

To change your drinking, easily.  To regain control around alcohol, and to not even have to say ‘never again’, you must, MUST, be open to so much more than what you logically know.

  • Logic is like a machine, and in your personal life, it is hard, it is cold, and it does not feel into YOU. 
  • Logic is the DO this, and you will get the result you want.

You are NOT a machine, and it is when you try to treat yourself as a machine that changing any area of your LIFE, gets harder. 

You are a living, breathing, soft and gentle mind, heart and soul…..and the answers to your drinking lie in who you are BEING towards YOU, when you turn to drink.

Alcohol cannot deliver happiness, comfort, joy, peace or anything else, but when you have no control over your drinking, it takes you further from the discomfort, the lack of happiness, comfort, joy and peace that you are experiencing when your desire to drink is stronger…..just to end your daily mind battle delivers a sense of peace because the fight is over. 

And of course, to knock back a drink and get the instant hit is quicker and easier than paying attention to you and your true needs, and acting on them.

But it is also the quickest and easiest way to destroying love, health, happiness and LIFE for both you and your precious loves.

To change your drinking, to regain control of your alcohol battle, you MUST stop searching your logical, it makes sense, but does not work, information you currently run on repeat.

You MUST accept what doesn’t work, and stop looking at the same worn out solutions that don’t solve.

And you MUST widen your awareness through gentle self-inquire, and engaging with YOU.

Changing your drinking comes easily through new awareness, new insights, practical strategies and spiritual practices (and if that grates at all, think of this, spiritual practices are not logical…and logic has not changed your drinking).

If you are COMMITTED to a unique way of taking back control of your drinking, finding freedom from your alcohol trap, reigniting your happiness, love and peace of mind, let’s talk.

My unique, simple and easy (yes, easy), 6 week Rapid Alcohol Recovery Method way is a paradigm shift away from the old way of changing your drinking that does not work, and into the new way, which does.

Be kind and gentle with yourself.


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