LIFE can feel very strange…..At the times of the year that are supposed to bring you and your loves together, feeling connected heart to heart, to celebrate the graces of LOVE, PEACE and JOY, far too often you find yourself disconnected from your safe space, your heart, and instead connected to your head, full of Stress, Anxiety and Overwhelm

And to cope maybe you Drink more, even though you promised yourself that this time would be different, this time you would set a limit and stick to it, and this time you would remember it all….instead of your usual knocking wine back, going from being the life and (empty) soul of the party to being snappy and irritable, with a horrible head the next morning and a horrible feeling of saying or doing the wrong thing…except you can’t quite remember.

Or Overeating in a way that leaves you feeling disgusted and ashamed. Miserable in your skin because of the way you look in the mirror, none of your ‘slim’ clothes fitting and back into baggy, black and loose…again.

And all because you wanted everything to be ‘perfect’ and you put too much pressure on yourself and you spiralled out of control (again), and you just don’t understand why.

I’m going to tell you exactly what happens so that you do understand why, and I advise you to read this more than once, because you will recognise your behaviours, and in that recognition, you have the foundation for change.

What happens is that you lose your sense of inner balance, the inner balance and connectedness that is all you need to change any behaviour you don’t like.

With inner balance you are at peace with yourself regardless of LIFE and its situations. You don’t over eat, over drink, people please, struggle with stress, anxiety or overwhelm.

In inner balance your head and your heart are connected, your perspective of LIFE is different, it is clearer, you have more confidence in your yourself, and the gifts you choice, easily and naturally.

Out of inner balance (and this often happens at times of coming together, where you want everything to be ‘perfect’ – what even is that?), you step out of your natural inner balance and rhythm, by trying to DO more, often spend more than you can afford, deciding to do too much, not asking for help, not taking a break, not nourishing yourself (I’m tired even thinking about writing these words)…..and in the process, completely disconnecting and neglecting YOU and YOUR needs and the result……

Stress, Anxiety, Overwhelm, too much alcohol, too much food and not enough YOU

To support you staying in your connected inner balance as you go through your Easter, here are my Top Tips to help you stay IN balance (not control – control takes your energy, and means you are OUT of control), and to stay true to the wonderful human you are, loved and loving, peaceful and JOYFUL 🧡

Top Tips for a Stress Free EASTER

  • Make a list of what needs to be done, then ask yourself of each one, “Does the NEED to be done?”  Cross off any not ‘needs’.   Put the bloody washing away until after Easter….anything unrelated to what needs to be done over the next 3 days….forget it…..do this every day
  • DELEGATE….There is usually a job for every age group, every ability.  Involve others, ask kindly, accept the results….the only one who knew the ‘perfection’ you were looking for is YOU…..
  • Take regular TIMEOUTS – 10 – 15 minute, not negotiables times to stand outside, or in a room alone (sit on the loo if you have too), wrap your arms around yourself in a huge hug, slow your breathing and give thanks for the day, for your breath, for your heartbeat, for YOU
  • EAT….regularly and small.  Grap fruit, carrots, tomatoes….I often use raw veg and hummous to bridge the gap of meals…..
  • Drink water, herbal tea throughout the day……the first sign of hunger is dehydration, so drink your water….keep a small bottle within reach, always.
  • Say NO with a smile……when you are asked to do something, PAUSE, BREATHE, run it through your head when your breathing has calmed you, ask yourself, “What’s the next best step for ME?” and only then answer…..
  • If you have to spend time with someone who upsets you, prepare yourself in advance. I say to myself, “I don’t understand why he/she is like this, I don’t know whats going on, so I will act and talk with compassion” You WILL respond differently.
  • Go to bed when YOU need to….You don’t have to stay up late….You decide what’s best for YOU.

The more you put in place simple Self-Care, the easier your LIFE is….every day.

Anxiety, Stress, Exhaustion, Overwhelm, too much alcohol, too much food, ALL are results of you neglecting you. 

Only you can put these in place.  YOU are YOUR responsibility….no-one else’s….take that on board with the love and care it is delivered, and then ACT on it.

Your LIFE will get easier, you will end your struggles and you will have a peaceful, loving Easter.

Be kind and gentle with yourself

Sonia x

PS. Creating profound LIFE transformation through simple Mindset SHIFT work is my passion and purpose. If you are committed to living your Best LIFE, whatever that means to you. I invite you to join my private FB community, Happy, Healthy & Healed which is a private space of personal growth, through daily inspiration, free trainings, insight and support. The LIFE you want is waiting for you, you simply have to step into it.

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