How many times have you woken up hungover, embarrassed, ashamed and said ‘Never again’ to the Demon Drink?

You have made the decision to stop, or to cut down, and you have done it! For a couple of days week, a month, maybe even longer………… and then gone back, maybe with the intention of ‘just the one’ and found yourself free falling in to your old ‘I can’t control it’ drinking habits, and feel you have ‘failed’ again.

Welcome to your Stop/Start drinking cycle, an inexplicable cycle that you just can’t explain.

However I can, and on a very basic level, here it is.

  • You drink, you get drunk, you feel rubbish you STOP
  • You don’t drink, you feel great, you feel energized, happier, more confident, more alive, and proud. Something shifts. You decide to ‘reward’ yourself, and you START. Again.

Now there can be many variations on why you STOP, there is only ONE reason why you START again.

For your STOP, maybe you frightened yourself by your drinking, maybe you upset someone very special, you know why you make the change.

And it seems to be the same with why you START again. Maybe someone upset you, you found yourself completely stressed, overwhelmed, unable to cope with a situation or just bored or lonelier.

However, there is only every one reason you START again, and that is to make yourself ‘feel better’. This is the absolute truth, even of the ‘reward’ reason.

You don’t reward yourself for feeling brilliant. You are not in ‘need’ of reward then, the brilliant feeling IS the reward.

Instead you reward yourself for your achievement, in your case of not drinking, of doing so well.

Yet the very need for ‘reward’ means that you are feel something slightly lower, maybe the voice chatter has come risen a few decibels and it has become harder to ignore it, or you are tireder, just a little, of having to try. Whatever it is (and the unable to cope situations are much easier to understand), something you unconsciously feel, is not quite as good, and you start to drink again.

And then, again, inexplicably you find yourself unable to stop. What on earth has happened to you?

It is actually very simple, – you drink to make yourself ‘feel better’, I think you know that, and whilst it is not the result, it is always the intention.

And behind that intention is your powerful, ‘Alcohol is the SOLUTION’ belief, which is kept safe and protected in your Wonder Woman strength, super power of your Unconscious Mind.

And it doesn’t matter why this belief was created, it really is irrelevant, it is how you maintain and re-enforce that belief now that needs to be shifted.

Whilst you are in the STOP phase of your cycle, and you really are feeling better, even fabulous, and your ‘Alcohol is the SOLUTION‘ belief is not needed, so it sits quietly enjoying your peace and wellbeing – the very things it wants to deliver to you.

But when you don’t feel so good – and that not feeling so good, can be as small as a bad nights sleep which leaves you feeling less able to cope, or an argument with a loved one, maybe an idiot on the road, or when you are in need of ‘reward’ – any time when you find yourself if need of comfort and/or support your ‘Alcohol is the SOLUTION‘ belief lovingly rears its head, to offer you that comfort, and if you then try to deny it without offering an alternative to your need, your Alcohol is the SOLUTION‘ belief comes raging back, to offer you whatever it is that you are missing, and you drink. Again.

That is all that happens. Do you recognize you here?

Letting go of your ‘Alcohol is the SOLUTION’ belief is the ONLY way to find peaceful freedom and to change your drinking effortlessly. But you cannot break, bully or control any belief that has an intention of wanting to comfort you. Your beliefs create our reality, and you cannot smash your reality, because ultimately you are trying to smash you, which makes your need for comfort (alcohol) even stronger!

Instead, you need to let go of the belief that alcohol is any comfort, to release the emotional attachment you have to it, but that cannot be done with talking, reasoning or any form of intellect.

Releasing my Alcohol is the SOLUTION belief, is how I became peacefully sober after 28 years when I had given up all hope of trying to change with any other method, and guiding you to it is now my area of absolute passion and expertise.

I created the unique 6 week Rapid Alcohol Recovery Method process, which allows you to find your peace and freedom around alcohol effortlessly, by dealing with your drinking ‘problem’ at its cause, your innocently learned, there to comfort you, Alcohol is the SOLUTION‘ belief.

Once that is done, you have no cravings, or need for willpower, alcohol is no longer good or bad, it is a drink, you can take or leave, and so there is nothing to fight over.

The process starts with a loving deep dive into how your Unconscious Mind has learnt to believe alcohol is the solution – not ‘why’, but ‘how’ – it represents alcohol, & what your Unconscious Mind feels it brings to you. This is a huge part of why my work is so unique and life changing.

That is followed by you understanding the exact 3 step process you go through every single time you pick up your first glass, and the picking up is the last part. I work from the other way around, letting go of the first step, leaves no other steps to follow.

Freedom from the way you drink, (a freedom that is about changing the way you drink, not stopping for ever) comes from removing the emotional charge, (the feeling) of the ‘Alcohol is the SOLUTION’ belief, behind your drinking.

However, my work not only offer you freedom from your hangover, it is also freedom from despair, unhappiness, disappointment, shame, fear of failing, fear of not being the mother, partner you long to be, freedom from a life that is stress, anxiety and struggle, all of which is created by the time and energy you spend on your STOP/START cycle.

There has never been a time where your emotional and physical wellbeing is more imperative for you and for you loves, so there has never been a time where you need to end your STOP/START cycle more, and to step back into the woman you were born to be.

The price of anything is the amount of LIFE you exchange for it. How much, and for how long you paid, in LIFE the emotional, physical, spiritual and financial costs of your drinking, and how much longer are you prepared to pay those heavy prices?

The hardest part of changing your drinking is reaching out, from there, I take you on a journey of relief, release and joy, so if you would like a confidential chat, to see how I can best support you, message me and I will do the rest. The life you deserve is waiting for, are you ready for it?

Be kind and gentle with yourself.


PS. Here’s a recent client TESTIMONIAL. This amazing women is now 6 months free and sent me this, plus a follow up testimonial last week, to remind me how she was just 3 weeks into the process. She didn’t want to a ‘never again’ solution, she just wanted to freedom from your daily alcohol ‘need’, her endless mind chatter and exhausting struggle, and she has them all, effortlessly.

“From 2 bottles a night, from hiding and lying to my family, I haven’t drunk EASILY in 3 weeks and the difference is everything to me. My children come to me for a cuddle and I don’t shrug them off anymore. I only did that because I didn’t want them to smell the alcohol, but as you said, they didn’t know that was the reason. I feel joy, real joy now when we sit and watch the tv together, not thinking about wine. In fact I can’t even imagine what I was thinking before. Thanks Sonia”


Would you like to be where this amazing client is? Here’s the Rapid Alcohol Recovery Method link again in case you missed it earlier.

If you would like to join a supportive, loving community of amazing women who are on the same journey to letting go of their ‘Alcohol is the Solution’ belief, why not join my private Facebook group, From Alcohol Pain to Peace. It’s a loving safe space where I share tips and training and you get the support and care of the rest of our lovely lot!

If you would like to understand more about my journey from 28 years of alcoholism, to peaceful freedom, take a look at my internationally acclaimed book,This Isn’t Me (click on the link HERE).I wrote it for my son, as an apology for his younger years, and as an attempt to explain the un-explainable.

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