Your LIFE and how you cope with it, can leave you feeling out of control, overwhelmed, stressed and filled with anxiety for today, tomorrow and your future.

And you are doing your best, every day, but LIFE isn’t getting easier, you are not finding peace and even worse, you feel isolated in how you ‘cope’;

Maybe you Drink too much, Eat too much, Spend too much as you look for comfort and relief from the thoughts that whirl around in your head, looking for answers in your problems that just aren’t there…..

And the more you search in your stress, overwhelm and fear, the less answers you find, and the more isolated you feel.

But the gentle loving Truth is, that you are never alone, and you can let go of your struggles easily, because you always have on your side the gentle loving super strong, always and forever wanting and knowing what the best for you is, presence of someone who loves you more than life itself,


YOU are the only person who can offer the depth of true comfort your heart is searching for.

YOU are the key to your peace and freedom.

I know this to be completely true because I have felt lonely all my life.

With friends and family who love me, I have felt isolated and alone, in a cold hard LIFE that wore me down.

Overwhelmed, struggling and living in profound sadness, because of who I felt I was, and my painful drinking, ashamed of my behaviour, sometimes of the stupid things I had said, and always by my failure to change my drinking, to become the mother my son deserved, and the woman I was born to be.

And that is now my past.

Now I am free and at peace in my one short, beyond precious LIFE, and I wants the same for you…and from the bottom of my heart I do…

So I am sharing here, just one of the simple LIFE Recovery Coaching spiritual practices I use, and get my client to use daily, on good days as well as sadder, because it always resets their world and mine, and it never fails ….🧡

Please lovely, take just  5 minutes to sit quietly

Wrap your arms around yourself, tight

Rub your arms, your back, wherever you can reach, rhythmically, let your body rock into the movement, and with the tenderness you give to your loves, and rarely, if ever to yourself and lean into the feeling of being held, of strength of LOVE that will flow through you, from you and back into comforting your hurt heart, your wounded soul.

Breathe deeply and say, in your head or out loud, with kindness,

I love you darling, I love you, I LOVE YOU 🧡

I know how hard you try 🧡

I know how well you mean 🧡

I know you’re a silly thing sometimes and I still, and always and forever will, love you 🧡

I forgive you 🧡

I feel complete compassion for how hard you try 🧡

I hear you 🧡

I see you 🧡

I LOVE you 🧡

Give yourself one last squeeze of SELF-LOVE, and go about your day.

When you do this every day. When you acknowledge the wonder of you (and you ARE wondrous), you will start to heal, you will accept who you are, you will be your strength, your stay, and EVERY aspect of LIFE will be softer, gentler, less frightening, and more manageable. I PROMISE you.

Be kind and gentle with yourself today and everyday.

Sonia xx

PS. If you are not living your best LIFE, if you know in your soul that you want and deserve more, but don’t know where to start, or what to do, please contact me.

Changing my drinking changed my LIFE, but it was only the start of a journey that has gifted me real LOVE, healthy Relationships, helped me set Boundaries that helped me grow into a woman I am so proud to say I love, and allowed me to create a way of LIVING, that I didn’t dream was possible.

All this is on offer to you too, and as your LIFE Recovery Coach, I know the shortest, easiest route x

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