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I love your food Sonia, I now plan and prepare most of my meals in advance and I look and feel fabulous.  Thank you.

K Morrison

  • What is your biggest struggle when it comes to choosing the foods that will keep you slim, happy and proud?
  • Is it the time, you believe it will take to prepare?  Or the thought of planning?
  • Is it being unsure of what healthy food is?  And thoughts of how on earth do I cook that?

Whatever your worry is, I provide uncomplicated support from the planning stage, right through to the dishes on the table, that you want to eat.  That will keep you full and that will lose the weight you hate.

Good nutrition plays a huge part in recovery from any (dis)ease, be it physical or emotional. And I believe that good nutrition is at its best when it is quick, simple, relaxed and of course delicious.

When I started out on my recovery journey from alcoholism, I found it calming to put together effortless meals and snacks, that took very little from me in energy, yet looked and smelt tempting and delivered back to my recuperating self, the comfort and support that I needed most.

I looked forward to curling up on the sofa with a yummy dinner,  snack or dessert.  I felt loved and cared for, by me, and my choices moved me forward to the person I was born to be, with the added joy that my body thanked me by dropping 2 dress sizes, without me even realizing it!

Now, I do the same for others. I devise clean, stress free & delicious foods, that come with clear, straightforward routines (and insider tips),  that work in every life, and allow your mind and body to sigh with relief as you re-calibrate to the health, wellness and slim, energized body you deserve.

Take a look at my Instagram page for examples of the foods I make and contact me, if you any support in putting together simple food strategies that will work for you.