Do you want to feel HAPPIER?

To enjoy a happier LIFE, happier relationships, lean into a happier past, project a happier future and be consistently happier in the present moment, even at the saddest of times?

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

Happiness is the antidote to stress, anxiety and fear.

Happiness simply washes them all away.

In Happiness you eat moderately, drink in control, live with greater Peace of Mind.

Sounds great, but where does your HAPPINESS come from?

Happiness isn’t a random state of mind and heart. Happiness doesn’t come out of nowhere, Happiness isn’t available to others but not for you.

Happiness isn’t dependant on your LIFE circumstances, your painful past or projected future.

Your HAPPINESS, Peace of Mind, Joy, Freedom & LOVE all come from one place…..

Your HAPPINESS literally is the result of the LIFE Choices, that only YOU can make – the choices of the thoughts you think, the feelings you create, the actions you take, and your perception of LIFE and the situations that are out of your control – and even though you think you know this, keep reading, I’m going to tell you exactly how to choose Happiness

The foundation of your Happiness comes from simplest of your Choices such as;

  • Choosing to eat breakfast in the morning, so you are not running on physical empty (knowing that later in the day, physical empty affects your emotional emptiness too).
  • Choosing to get some time outside each day, rain or shine, to count your breaths as you breathe deeply, to look to the sky, and let your stressed thoughts drift away.
  • Choosing to spend 10 minutes reading something that lifts you up, that brings you back to the present moment ( I have some lovely recommendations)
  • Choosing who you spend time with, what you spend time on.
  • Choosing to reframe your painful past, to view yourself and others with compassion and forgiveness, that heals YOU – a huge Happiness Choice.
  • Choosing to pause and respond mindfully to LIFE instead of impulsively reacting emotionally to LIFE.
  • Choosing to respect yourself for the Human Being you are, not the Human Doing machine you are not.
  • Choosing to create your day of inner peace that is ALL you need to let go of your drinking / eating torture.
  • Choosing you, above all else, whilst not ignoring all else. 

So, yes that’s it your LIFE Happiness is your CHOICE.

But far too often, in your lower moments, when you haven’t made the best choices for you through the day, or the weeks gone by, it feels as though you have no choice.

It feels as though you run on autopilot from one stress and anxiety to another.

It feels as though your painful past cannot be healed – the memories are too strong, and you can think, “How can I make different choices?

To make different choices, you must understand and accept how your choices are made. 

And here is the answer, and the TRUTH.

All your LIFE Choices made from a series of Choice Patterns your run in different contexts – home, work, relationships, money and many more.

Daily Choice Patterns that bring you Happiness, Peace of Mind, Freedom, Joy, and LOVE, or

Choice Patterns that leave you stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, fearful or trapped in destructive behaviours – food, alcohol come up the most, however shopping, people pleasing, nail biting, smoking and so many more are real struggles for far too many.

Your LIFE Happiness results really are all Choices, YOU make, and there are no small choices. 

Each and every Choice you make, has an effect, maybe not immediately, but in the near or far future, each choice does. 

So, to change your LIFE results, to choose Happiness, you need new Choice Patterns only YOU can make.

Think of one area of your LIFE where you feel trapped or confused why you run on repeat, when you want change so badly, and ask yourself, “What is MY Choice making Pattern there?”

Because, you do have one. It will be a pattern that you run, that you may not even be aware of, but the truth is;

  • The Pattern IS there,
  • The Pattern was created by YOU, and
  • The Pattern IS running the show of your LIFE

And the good news is, any Choice Pattern can be changed. There is a simple process and it always works.

Regardless of how long you have run it, you can interrupt any Choice Pattern, and create a NEW ones, that takes you to the happier version of you, you deserve.

With my clients I use simple Choice Pattern Interrupts, that allow them to step out of the old pattern that doesn’t serve them, even if they are already in it, and to step into the new Choice Patterns we create in our sessions.

One client had a Choice Pattern that kept her stuck in People Pleasing.

Someone would ask her to do something, she went straight into her Pattern of needing to be liked, lacking the confidence to say what she thought, to express her lack of time, needs and said “Yes”

Together we identified how she wanted to respond, and why, and created a Pattern she ran quickly in her mind, that made her feel confident in her response, and allowed her to say, “That doesn’t work for me right now” (no sorry going on), and deliver her “No” with kindness and ease.

Those simple “No’s”, freed her from stress, anxiety and overwhelm, and gave her the space and Happiness she wanted so badly in LIFE.

What Choice Pattern are you trapped in, that takes you further from the Happiness, Peace of Mind, Freedom, Joy and LOVE you dream of?

For every LIFE problem, there IS  a Happiness solution, even if you cannot change the situation, there is a powerful shift in perception you need that brings you peace.

And right now, your Happiness solution is simply outside of the Choice Pattern you are stuck in.

COMMITTED to living your HAPPIEST LIFE, let’s talk. Contact me (HERE)

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