Are you ready to step into a profound new awareness about your drinking trap, that will allow you to change your drinking with grace and ease? 


Then read this, let it settle, and then read it again, because it holds a very powerful truth that you can easily act on…..


You NEVER sit down at the end of the day, with a drink in front of you thinking;


“I’m really looking forward to drinking too much, to feeling anxious, irritable and out of control”


“I’m so happy to know that tomorrow morning I will feel upset, hungover, disappointed and totally fed up with myself”


And yet, you KNOW, that these are the consequences, (the every time RESULTS) of your drinking…..


However you DO sit down at the end of the day, with a drink in front of you thinking;


“Thank God I can relax now – I can shut down my bloody mind chatter, I can have a break, feel a bit of peace, switch off, and let the day go”


The bottom line of your drinking struggle is, the INTENTION before you drink is to ‘feel better’, the RESULT, is you feel worse…..


And in those two sentences is exactly, and the ONLY reason why you are still trapped in your drinking, your drinking thinking, and the stress, anxiety, confusion and despair your drinking creates.


Your mind battle isn’t you vs alcohol….your mind battle is between;


The INTENTION behind your drinking –  to make you feel better.

And the RESULT of your drinking – that you feel worse, and in greater need of feeling better…….


And so the cycle continues.


Imagine now, if you no longer held the INTENTION that alcohol makes you feel better….


Imagine how differently you would drink, if alcohol no longer represented feeling better to you.


When the INTENTION of comfort is gone, you easily drink differently…..


So the one question I want you to ask yourself tonight, that will allow you to change your drinking is,


“What is the INTENTION behind my drinking, what do I want from this FIRST drink?”


Whatever answer comes up;



Peace of Mind,

Time out,

To feel less lonely or bored….


Take a breath, a long, slow deep breath, and ACT on your need….


And if you say you don’t know how….imagine a friend had said to you that they needed Relaxation, Time out etc, and what answer would you give them?


You will give the answer that is right for YOU!


Changing your drinking is not hard when you focus on the currently unknown INTENTION behind your drinking, because that’s where the answers are.


Changing your drinking, is very, very hard, when you focus on the known RESULTS of your drinking, because that is not the driver of your drinking.


I am currently writing my process of easy change in a book, ‘Insights from a (formerly) Drunk Mother – the process’

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