Out walking on a grey wet day, nestled among the winter debris, I saw a patch of beautiful snow drops.

A perfect patch of deceptively delicate white flowers, in their perfect size and perfect shape, sturdy and strong in the elements, just doing what they do, growing in the natural flow of life.

And it really struck me, as I watched them unperturbed to be surrounded by mess and mud, how always continues to just flow, regardless of external influences, people, places, and /or situations, and the easiest way to life in peace and ease, is simply to stay in the flow you cannot change, you cannot slow down, you cannot project forward, or bring back the past, or even shift the direction of.

Life does what it does. It starts, it flows, it grows, it ends. And so the cycle repeats itself.

By staying in the flow of life means you are always moving forward, with what you have in the present moment.

Not staying in flow, means dragging your past, fearing your future.

Not being in flow takes from you.

It saps your energy, it exhausts you, it makes life hard, too hard, and so you drink, or eat, or gamble or shop – you learn to take an action to ease the ‘hardness’ of life.

Life in flow, life is easier,past hurts and pains are let go in your slip stream, fears of your future don’t exist, you are only in the present moment, enjoying the ride.

Changing your action of drinking (or eating/shopping/gambling) is as easy, and as natural as the flow of life.

So here are my TOP TIPS to support you let go of pain, stay in the flow of life, and release your need to drink, effortlessly.

  • Notice when your feelings shift from life feeling easier, to life feeling hard (that is when you step out of the flow of life). Scan your body, check in with any contracted feelings, where are they? In your stomach, your shoulder?
  • Take long slow, deep breathes (a lovely tip is to make the exhale longer),
  • Focus on your contracted area and send LOVE there, shine warm, healing love on your contraction (they are your fears) and feel the expansion and relief in the light of your attention and care – you will be amazed at the shift from this simple exercise.
  • List all of the people and things you are profoundly Grateful for, even if they are no longer with you, be Grateful for the gift they were in your life
  • Look for beauty, it is everywhere – in the faces of your children, in a smile, in a bird in the tree, in the rain – you just have to LOOK
  • Create food that has beauty in its nourishment, choose calming herbal teas – add a drop of honey for a real treat.
  • Rest when you need to, read a book, watch Netflix – the washing up can wait, you needs can’t.

When you take responsibility to gift yourself the time to do these easy, self-loving tips, you will regain the simple peace in your life, that will see you through, keep you connected, resilient and the woman you deserve to be without any need for a drink to make you ‘feel better’

If my words resonate, if you ‘get’ my energy, my way of thinking, I am the right person to help you and you can change your drinking, effortlessly, from your first session.

There is a clear structure to your drinking, and it is universal, and a clear structure to your release, also universal, and I bring every aspect of it in awareness and the easy steps to freedom, together for you in my unique, simple, 6 week, 1-2-1 package, The Rapid Alcohol Recovery Method, coaching process that gifts you a ‘magical’ transformation, with grounded practical, self-loving roots that support you whatever life throws.

I use the word ‘magical’ intentionally, because I understand completely that you are a powerful interwoven mixture of the physical and spiritual, and that all aspects of who you are, and what you need, has to be in loving alignment for you to find peace for you to be free of your drinking pain, and that is why my clients enjoy huge success without any struggle or stress – ultimately, you are re-connected with the wonder of you.

My work is NEW, not hard, and there is a very big difference in the energy and ‘effort’ involved.

If now is your time, contact me. You only have TODAY to make the changes you deserve to ensure a peaceful, loving tomorrow.

Be kind and gentle with yourself

Sonia x

PS. I love to share my clients joy at being free from thier drinking pain and shame, so here’s a message I received recently. If you would like to see more, check out my TESTIMONIALS page x

“I am so proud and happy in who I am, your process is amazing, I enjoy a glass of wine or two, sometimes even three and then I STOP, easily. I want to recommend you to EVERYONE. It is not a ‘cost’, it is an investment in my life”

Finally, if you would like to understand more about my journey from 28 years of alcoholism, to peaceful freedom, take a look at my internationally acclaimed book, This Isn’t Me (click on the link HERE).I wrote it for my son, as an apology for his younger years, and as an attempt to explain the un-explainable.

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