How is LIFE for you right now?  And yesterday, and last week, last month?

And how do you see your LIFE going forward to tomorrow, next week, next month?

  • Do you feel at Peace with who you are and the Choices that you make?
  • Do you even know what the next best step is for YOU, and have the confidence to take it?
  • Or do you have no idea what to do, or where to start to take you to living your BEST LIFE?


The bottom line is, do you feel Stressed, Overwhelmed, Anxious and out of control of the situations LIFE throws at you?

And what do you DO to help yourself, to make yourself feel better able to cope?

Are you one of the good, kind, loving people who are finding yourself increasingly drawn to the non-comforts of Drinking too much, Eating too much, Spending too much, to give you some temporary relief, to give you some calm, some relaxation, some happiness?

Except the result is you feel LESS calm, less relaxed and more unhappy….sadly, as you know, what you do makes you feel worse, not better.

What you DO, makes you feel LESS of who you really are, and more of who you have started to fear/believe you always will be…

  • The you who will always struggle daily to ‘deny’ yourself the evening wine you love to hate.
  • The food you love in the moment and the weight gain you hate.
  • The new clothes/shoes you have to have in the moment, and then never wear.
  • The YOU who snaps, is irritable, exhausted, when you want to be loving, present and calm


I have said this many times, and I will repeat it forever, because it is the TRUTH for anyone who struggles to change what they DO that then causes immense Pain.

You ONLY Drink / Eat / Spend in a way that makes you so unhappy to make yourself feel better, (whatever ‘better’ is in the moment, even just to shut down your damn ‘I will/I won’t’ mind battle up!), and then you don’t feel better, you feel worse, sadder, weaker, a failure, and you have learnt to accept that version of you, as you.

But it is NOT YOU, and it never will be.

The you who never craves a Drink, who doesn’t over Eat rubbish, who never Spends (wastes) your much needed money,  is within you all the time, she cannot leave you, she loves you too much and SHE is your truest YOU.

It is living in the Pain of NOT being your TRUE SELF that is your greatest pain in LIFE, and alcohol / food / spending….your know your ‘poison’, have become the sticking plaster that can never stick, that you have learnt to use, in your attempts to find Peace and Freedom from that PAIN.

You can never get enough of what you do not need.

 You can never Drink / Eat / Buy anything that will take away your pain, stress, exhaustion, or that will comfort your lack of communication, comfort or LOVE, and on some levels you do know that…..otherwise you wouldn’t be fighting so hard and for so long……

And yet in your innocent lack of  awareness of the true nature of your ‘problems’ with alcohol / food etc,  in your lack of understanding your true cravings (never an external substance, always an inner lack), you focus on the fix that doesn’t fix and continue to Drink/ Eat / Spend in your state of loss.

There are literally NO mysteries around why you DO what you do, and NO mysteries as to how to change it, effortlessly, and it never starts with looking at what you DO (Drink/Eat/Shop/People Please, Take on too much, etc), but instead, who you are BEING to YOU.

To finally find peace and freedom from the LIFE you despair of, you must give up on the old tried and ‘failed’ methods of change that have failed you so far, and embrace an empowering new perspective and simple strategies that gift you back YOU, the essence of YOU that is your greatest ally, who knows instinctively how to care for you, because believe me when you are back in that safe, loving space, the way you Drink / Food / Treat yourself changes naturally, and that is why change this way is effortless.

So, the quickest and easiest way to regain your Peace and Freedom and to BE YOU, is through daily acts of Self-Care…to get you started, here’s my Top Tip for Self-Care. 

Its very simple tip, and can be applied to every area of your LIFE where you are in Pain, in Struggle, Overwhelm, Anxiety or Stress


“When Life Speeds Up, You SLOW Down!”


And let me be clear here, slowing down doesn’t mean not getting things done.

 Slowing Down means taking a PAUSE, even for just a few minutes, to breathe deeply, calibrate what is going on both in your inner and outer world (situations), and only then ‘doing’.

 Your cravings for anything come from the disquiet within you, the nagging anxieties of being uncomfortable and unsure, both within and without, and just that simple PAUSE, gifts you the space to adjust, to see from LIFE from a different perspective, to allow opportunities and possibilities to show themselves which are ALWAYS hidden when you are in Pain, and for you to re-settle back into the balance and trust of you that brings real, long lasting Peace.


Keep your life simple, in every way, whenever life speeds up, slow YOU right down, just with a PAUSE and a few deep breathes,  and you will notice that your Stress, Anxiety and Overwhelm, as well as your ‘desire’ for Alcohol / Food etc, diminishes as you do so.

 Be kind and gentle with yourself.


Sonia x

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