Today is the official day of celebrating LOVE 💖

The day we buy flowers and cards.

The day we tell our loves they how special and precious they are to us.

And that is wonderful. It’s a beautiful tradition.

But wouldn’t it be so much more wonderful and beautiful if you told the ONE person who needs to hear words of thanks, appreciate, kindness, forgiveness and compassion most from us / you, everyday?

The person who is your first LOVE, your true LOVE, your greatest supporter, and defender, when you allow them to be?

If you told the wonderful, magical, precious, vulnerable person who is YOU?

✨How different your LIFE, your DECISIONS and your CHOICES would be, if you could spend just 5 minutes every morning, hugging yourself, wrapping your arms around you, and saying in the kind voice you use towards those who mean most to you ✨

“ I LOVE you, I’m so PROUD of you, I am HERE for you”

When you take Self-Responsibility , for committing to this simple, Self-Loving act, will build in you the energy of Self-Love, that protects you, that keeps you safe, that allows IN those who do value you, who are your Tribe.

And keeps OUT, without difficult conversations, those who don’t value you, who are not your Tribe.

I don’t dismiss the joy of giving and receiving cards and flowers – of course they are so, so lovely!

But I don’t need them to make me feel LOVED in the ways that matters most,

Or in the way that makes the most difference to how I feel about myself or how I live my LIFE on my journey towards true Happiness, Health & HEALING

💕 I need ME, in my corner, LOVING ME.

💕You need YOU, in your corner, LOVING YOU.

And so, from the bottom of my good, kind heart, to the bottom of yours, I suggest you show yourself the LOVE your Heart craves most, as well as…..

Happy Valentine’s Day lovely

You are beautiful, you are magical and you are always and forever, ENOUGH

Sonia x

PS. As a LIFE Recovery Coach, I know that the answers, to your life worries, stresses, and destructive behaviours can be eased & resolved, with grace and ease, through simple processes of Self-Discovery, Self-Acceptance, and your super power, Self-LOVE.

I use a unique blend of neuro-science, practical strategies & spiritual practices, that REIGNITE your Happiness, soothe your Emotional Health & deliver deep HEALING. If you want to know more, contact me HERE x

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