I didn’t plan to write this message, but it is just too powerful not to share.

I’m sitting in my new office, unpacking my books and I came across this pic of my son, Christopher, taken in 2004, when he was 6 years old – I kept all the ‘proof cards’ as book marks.

A tender shoot of a child, vulnerable in the way all 6-year old’s are.

 So small in a huge world, unknowing, yet learning, observing his world around him, trying to make sense of what he saw, and relying on his only parent, his mother, me, to support, cherish and nurture him. To be his safe place, his home.

And I was a drunk.

A seemingly happy, yet truly sad, lonely in myself, frightened woman with no self-esteem, exhausted with people pleasing, with no sense of my heart centre, relying on what I saw through my eyes (my head) to make my decisions.

And because I only relied on what I saw, on my knowledge gained through other’s experiences, trusting in others beliefs about change, and of the world, his young life, and our life together, was sadder and greyer than it should have been and we didn’t even know it!

I am crying as I write this. His beautiful face…..

And I tried to change, my God I tried….. to be free of my drinking, to be assertive, to create and maintain the boundaries we both needed for us to be happy and healthy, and I failed. I always failed.

But not now.

Now I truly know, understand, believe, and have the gift of a teacher, how any and all change truly happens.

And it is not when you stop doing or being who you despair over, but BEFORE that – the BEFORE change that you cannot see in front of your eyes, is what allows you to release your fears of life, fears of failure, fears of not being good enough, or strong enough to have / stick with the change.

The stopping of whatever your struggle is, and the trust in yourself, the peace and the freedom that comes with it, is the RESULT of the powerful change that goes on first behind your eyes.

And when you know understand this process, it can be replicated and applied to any and every area of your life where you feel less than you truly are.

When you know, trust and understand YOU, without judgement, and how to simply pause and observe what you have learnt to believe is true, how to question it, and how to shift away from your behaviours that hurt you, and into behaviours that heal you.

To make any personal change you MUST first understand the patterns you run that you cannot see – you only see the results of the patterns in your behavours – and you don’t even need to know when they were created, that’s irrelevant now…..you don’t need to go on an emotional archaeological dig.

You simply need to have new understandings, a new way of perceiving what you do and when, and some simple strategies that become a way of LIFE easily to find peace, freedom, happiness, success and healing.

That’s it. That’s all.

The only question I have for you is,

 “Are you prepared to let go of what you know doesn’t work, to expand your awareness into new and different truths, and to journey out of your head (your mind struggle) and into your heart (trust) to have the LIFE you deserve?”

If you are, and you are committed, let’s chat

LIFE is beautiful and, like my Christopher’s childhood, it will never come again, and every day, YOU get to choose whether to stay stuck, or find freedom.

Be kind and gentle with yourself

Sonia xx


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