For most of my adult life, I woke up daily full of shame, guilt and fear over my lack of control around my drinking, and most of my behaviours.

For the first couple of seconds I might have peace, and then it would hit me like a thud of stone cold in my heart. “What had I done?”, “What had I said?, “Who had I spoken too?”…..and I would start to cry, before getting out of bed, trying to pretend all was well, that I was well and happy….I lived a lie, a constant, painful, soul destroying lie….

And in all those years of living my lie, all I wanted/hoped/dreamed of was to change my LIFE, – to have a LIFE.

Of having, Happiness, Love, Freedom, Peace of Mind, Self-Respect, Self-Esteem, a home that felt like a home.

A home that felt safe, secure and full of LOVE.

And as the exhausted Drinker, Binge Eater, People Pleaser, depressed and anxious woman I was back then, I didn’t have any of it….and I didn’t even know what having those joys would feel like, if I deserved them, or honestly, how I would cope or be if I did have them.

I wanted to be more of a woman, more of the mother my beautiful, precious son deserved, and I was less. Always less.

But I did try. I really did…..but I didn’t understand what Change needed of me, I didn’t know there was a foundation to change, I didn’t know the start point, the strong foundation, of any and all LIFE change, and so I stayed in sadder, lonelier place for many years more than I should have.

I don’t want the same for you, so please, I strongly advise you to read my message. It was my truth, it is yours too.

What do you want to Change in your LIFE?

Whatever it is you want to Change in your LIFE, there is one FIRST STEP, that if you miss it, makes Change a much harder, a much longer process and dilutes your forward moving, “I know I can do this”, success focused energy, into the slower moving, ‘I hope it will work” fear based, energy.

And that first STEP, is ACCEPTANCE, (in 2 parts);

  • ACCEPTANCE of where you are right now, today, in the very moment you are reading this.
  • ACCEPTANCE that what you have tried in the past, hasn’t worked for you and you let go of any expectation of it working now…..

When you simply ACCEPT where you are, and don’t waste a moment of your time trying to rationalise how you got there, who said / did what that lead you to this point in LIFE, you have the bedrock, the FOUNDATION of Change firmly in place.

When you simply ACCEPT where you are, you stop fighting yourself over your PAST. You LET GO of blame, shame and guilt – all of which keep you trapped in a time and space that has gone, and does not serve you moving forward…Tough talk I know, and if you want Change, you’ll take it on board and ACCEPT it.

You stop looking at what didn’t work for you, the process, method, that didn’t work. You stop trying harder to do what you know doesn’t work.

You ACCEPT that the process, method didn’t work, and you bring back your energy into looking at what else is out there, in different directions, at different perspectives, and you LET GO.

Of course your past, and your experience of trying, is valuable.

It holds the INFORMATION about who you were BEING when you were unhappy, fearful, anxious, in certain situations, and with certain people, and that information you can use going forward to future proof yourself. But that is all it is.

The more energy you spend on looking back, to times and places you cannot change one second of, the less of your super power energy you have to propel you forward to being the person you want to be, Happy, Healthy & HEALED.

I know from my own LIFE experiences, how exhausting it is to look back for answers to my Drinking, Binge Eating, feelings of Unworthiness to be successful, to be loved, and I never really found them anyway!

I also know that;

✨ CHANGE isn’t a random chance experience, even if it seems to be.

✨ CHANGE is a simple, self-aware, self-loving PROCESS, that gifts you back LIFE in the upper case experience it is supposed to be.

I know I am repeating myself, but it is important that you take this in……Change needs a strong foundation of ACCEPTANCE.

From there, Change it is a series of inner SHIFTS that allow you to go on a beautiful journey of self-exploration, with gentle curiosity, that will show you what you need, and the steps to take….and those steps will be very different, more compassionate, self-loving, self-forgiving, self-accepting, than you have ever taken before, and your transformation will be a source of JOY.

💖 You deserve to be Happy
💖 You deserve to be Healthy,

And both come through the gentle, loving HEALING that only YOU can deliver.

I am a Time Bender in the process of Change, I know the quickest way to LIFE Change, I know the steps you need to take, and the ones you don’t, and I can walk you through them with Grace & Ease.

If you are ready to LET GO of what holds you back in LIFE, to release the blocks to your Happiness, your Health and your deep HEALING, lets chat (HERE).

You are only ever a few SHIFTS away from Freedom and Peace of Mind, I promise you.

Be kind and gentle with yourself

Sonia x

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