Whatever change you want in your LIFE, whatever you want MORE of, LESS of, to be FREE of, the answer to your problem always lies in ‘I’ in the NOW…..

Not the usual ‘I’ of, “I can’t do / have / be”

Or the ‘I’ of “I’m not good enough”, and all the other “I statements you use to drag yourself down, to shrink who you truly are into a smaller version of you”

But in the super power ‘I’ of

  • I own this”
  • I am responsible”,
  • I am here right now, and this  is where I start”,
  • I can do this”,
  • I am GOOD ENOUGH”,

And all of the other ‘I’ statements that are your TRUTH.

“I” is the most liberating perception of your LIFE, and when you decide to you look with Compassion at  your past you cannot change, and with Forgiveness for what you did, or what happened to you, when you didn’t know you or your needs, you are on the road to true Happiness, Health & HEALING.

 “I” frees you from any other expectation, and from the moment you step into radical ‘I’, LIFE is easier, and change happens very quickly.


Because you stop wasting your valuable, powerful energy on looking at your  past  trying to rationalise others actions, on blaming others, on expecting others to change, or situations to change, of someone to save you, and instead, you take back total power and control over YOUR LIFE, with the “I‘s” of

  • I decide how to respond to this”
  • I decide to accept this (or not accept this)”,
  • I allow this person into my LIFE (or don’t allow),
  • “In this situation, or with this person I think/feel/act in a way I don’t like”
  • I am the only one who can do this, no-one else is responsible, or can do it for me”

What can you add to this list of “I’s” that will support your change?

 In “I” you have total control, total responsibility, total freedom, a great deal more head space, and you stop looking to any external influence to change your LIFE – to support your change, yes, absolutley, to be responsible for the change, no!


And this is so, so important, because ANY Change, whatever it is, doesn’t start with the external, the actions you take, but with the internal shifts that allow you to take different actions, with Confidence, Grace & EASE.

When you cannot place any responsibility on anyone else, you are left with YOU.

The beautiful, magical, tender, gentle, funny, kind and loving YOU that you may well have lost sight of during your years of struggling to fit a shape and size in LIFE that isn’t yours.

The wonder of YOU, that you have learnt to believe isn’t good enough, cannot change, cannot have, does not deserve….and I promise you my lovely, you are enough, you do deserve, and you can have any change.


And the truth for all of us is, that for any change, no matter how big or small it may seem, YOU are the only person, you need to know, understand, trust and LOVE for change to happen.


Regardless of what the presenting pain is with my clients, I never allow them to slip out of “I”, because when they do, they abdicate their power and potential to someone else.


By gently guiding back to the “I”, every time, my clients regain their power, and step into their potential, and their LIFE changes as they naturally start to have different Thoughts, Emotions and ACTIONS in every area of their LIFE.


I didn’t change my drinking, or my self-harm, depression or anxiety, in the first instance, through any external process, but instead through a change of my internal process, where I abaondoned all expectation of anyone else to help me, or me to blame, and put my whole being into the truth of “I” to move me forward.


And you know what, from that point, I started to became so empowered, that LIFE looked different immediately.


I made mistakes, of course I did, and you know what, I am so grateful for them –  and they were funny, silly, instead of the catastrophe’s of my past behaviours, and I learnt so much from them that move me, my practices, and my clients, forward, to this day.


I suggest you read this message at least once, and let it settle.  Then, go to your Self-Help books, and all the other wonderful resources with the strongest foundation of “The answer is in “I”, and follow them from a different perspective.


To help you make the changes you long for and deserve, I am running a FREE 5 Day Inner SHIFT Transformation Challenge in my private FB community, Happy, Healthy & HEALED, in March, where I will show you EXACTLY how easy change can be when you have a series of simple inner SHIFTS, and all start with “I”.


If you are ready for powerful change, the easiest way possible, with the fewest possible steps, join us, my past pain is now my purpose, and I would love to see you there


Be kind and gentle with yourself


Sonia x

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