An Inspirational Book

“I couldn’t put this book down and have just read it in one sitting. Sonia writes beautifully and eloquently with blatant honesty and, where the subject matter allows, light hearted humour. It is the story of a tough journey and I must admit I was reduced to tears on a few occasions, but it is also a life story that inspires hope, that reminds us of the power of our own choices, and that demonstrates how true empowerment comes from facing our fears and acknowledging them not by running away from them.

The book leaves you in no doubt that wherever you are in your life, you have the power to make the choices required to become the best version of yourself you can ever imagine. Sonia wrote this book for her son and for me the most heart-warming aspect of the book is the beautiful relationship that grows between mother and son despite the horrible challenges that Sonia’s relationship with alcohol presented.

This is an inspirational book written by a very humble, honest and incredibly brave lady”

Karen L