A Journey Into Drinking – Life in What-The-Fork

Before we set off on our journey to Sobriety, we must program the sat nav of us. We need to enter not only our desired destination, but our start point as well.  So, where is our current location? In my experience, for those of us who have decided to undertake the (seemingly) arduous road to … Continue reading A Journey Into Drinking – Life in What-The-Fork

Coming Home To Me

Finding my way back to me............... For a very long time I was lost, completely lost and then I wasn't.  This is how I found my way home.  This is my journey back to me. There is someone waiting for all who are still suffering in their painful habit. Someone waiting at home with open … Continue reading Coming Home To Me

Insights from a (formerly) Drunk Mother

Welcome to the launch of my blog, Insights from a (Formerly) Drunk Mother.  This is an unexpectedly proud day for me, not only am I living my dream of being the sober happy mother and woman I never thought I could be,  but I am also in the privileged position of being able to offer … Continue reading Insights from a (formerly) Drunk Mother