20 Self-Discovery Questions to living your MidLIFE Dream

20 Self-Discovery Questions to living your MidLIFE Dream

MidLIFE is the most exciting time of LIFE.

You have experience and wisdom that makes you more valuable than the most precious of gems.

And now is time for you to use everything you have learnt, to put you first and to live your LIFE, you way, on your terms.

So what DO you want more of?

Happiness, Peace of Mind, a new Career, Travel, flourishing Relationships?

I know that to fully experience your LIFE of Happiness, Fulfilment, Peace of Mind, Purpose and JOY,  you have to know exactly what the LIFE you dream of looks like. 

Because clarity on what your MidLIFE Dreams is, is the foundation of every step you take.

When you have clarity, you can consistently make decisions that move you forward quickly.

But without clarity, you stay in the sticky heavy mud of confusion, and your decisions making process lack the conviction you need to stay on track.

The truth is, what you wanted in your younger years, is not necessarily what your heart longs for now.

The world of ‘stuff’ – the house / car / expensive clothes, don’t have the same appeal, in MidLIFE, you are searching for more meaning to your LIFE.

To re-connecting with your truest self, who can never be found in ‘stuff’.

I know that to discover your MidLIFE Dream, you must take a deep dive into your inner world – the world that is so personal just to you, and exists, not in your external LIFE situations or circumstances, but in the world behind your eyes. 

This is where all your LIFE Hopes, Filters, your Beliefs, your Strengths and Fears live.

This is where you have learnt to perceive LIFE, who you are, what you deserve and your level of Happiness, Health & HEALING.

But because you can’t ‘SEE’ your inner world, you can be very confused by yourself, your actions, your choices.

To help you start your deeply personal journey of creating your MidLIFE Dream, I have created my 20 Self-Discovery Questions to Living your MidLIFE Dream.

So, grab yourself a cup of tea, get yourself cosy, and start your Self-Discovery journey.


  1. Describe how living my Dream MidLIFE dream LIFE Look, Sound and Feel like to me?
  2. How many weeks/months/YEARS have I wanted my LIFE to change?
  3. When was the last time I did something towards living my Dream MidLIFE that made me feel a little scared or uncomfortable?
  4. When I felt a little scared or uncomfortable, what did I DO to comfort myself?
  5. Did the ACTION I took move me powerfully or hesitantly forward towards my Dream MidLIFE?
  6. In what ways have I grown as a person in the last year?
  7. What do I need to Know, Trust and BELIEVE to be true about myself, that would allow me to ACT in ways that will take me, with confidence to my Dream MidLIFE?
  8. What RESOURCES do I need, what do I need to LEARN that would take me closer to my Dream MidLIFE?
  9. What am I doing on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis to improve my MidLIFE?
  10. What does ‘failure’ mean to me?
  11. How do I REACT to perceived criticism?
  12. How does perceived criticism make me FEEL ?
  13. Does perceived criticism make me change my direction in LIFE?
  14. What needs to be in place for me to speak my TRUTH?
  15. What will happen if I DO take DAILY ACTIONS to move me forward to me Dream MidLIFE?
  16. What will happen if I DON’T take DAILY ACTIONS to move me forward to me Dream MidLIFE?
  17. Am I prepared to live less than I deserve?
  18. Am I prepared to take my unfulfilled Dream MidLIFE desires, to my grave?
  19. What SMALL step do I COMMIT to TODAY to move me forward?
  20. What will I say YES to NOW, that will make a difference TODAY?

NOTES; Re-read your answers and note down any common threads. 

What do they mean?  What do they tell you about the lens through which you see yourself and the DECISIONS you make when you think of living your Dream MidLIFE?

Share with me your thoughts


Hi, I’m Sonia

The pain of my 28 years of alcoholism, crippling depressions, grief & binge eating, and the sudden peace and freedom I found, through new awareness’s, insights, and the simple tools within me that I didn’t even know existed, has become my purpose in creating powerful LIFE transformations for you, by taking you on a journey of Self-Discovery through Compassionate Self-Inquiry.

I know that you are only stuck in any area of LIFE because of what you BELIEVE to be true of yourself, your struggle and the world around you.

I also know that your BELIEFS are a Choice, and that Freedom, Happiness, Health & THRIVING are Choices too.


I’m a happy mama, a spiritual searcher, dog lover, bad singer, avid reader and professionally, I wear two hats!

  1. Coaching MidLIFE Women to THRIVING, in the next chapters of LIFE, through my Happiness Code process, &
  • Coaching women to Take Back Control of their drinking, through my Rapid Alcohol Recovery Process.

I coach my clients using a unique blend of Neuro Science, Practical Strategies & Spiritual Practices, and if you would like to know more about how I can help you, contact me HERE

Sonia x

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