Healing Time In The Pandemic

There has never been a more a more important time for you to invest in being your best physical and emotional self, and you know that alcohol takes you further from that you. Now, you have the time to heal are you going to take it?

The Rapid Alcohol Recovery Method

The Rapid Alcohol Recovery Method

The Unique Rapid Alcohol Recovery Method is a 6 week, lovingly intensive process that leaves you comfortable and relaxed around alcohol & alcohol situations, whilst still being able to enjoy a social drink. You are heartsick of your ‘need’ for your evening glass of wine (which all too often becomes the best part of a … Continue reading The Rapid Alcohol Recovery Method

Starting With The ‘Stopping’ Is Always The Hardest Way

  You are heartsick of the way you drink. Of feeling out of control before you pick up the first glass, almost tearful from the exhausting inner struggle of "I want/I don't want, please stop me" around alcohol. A struggle that has built over your day to the point where you feel almost battered into … Continue reading Starting With The ‘Stopping’ Is Always The Hardest Way

Learn to Love Who You Are Again, Free From The Pain Of Food & Alcohol

My Magenta Moment Transformation Program, offers you peaceful freedom from the stress and pain of damaging eating and drinking patterns, with ease and confidence, allowing you to regain the sober, slim, healthy body and life you deserve.

Dry January & Beyond! Smashing 2019

My aim is to create a community of women who would like to understand or change their relationship with alcohol.  It doesn’t matter where you are now, it is just a snapshot of time.