How are you feeling now that Spring is here and Lockdown is slowly, but surely, easing?

Shops are open, we can meet friends (mainly in the freezing bloody cold), schools are back and a hopeful new normal is definitely on our horizon…….

None of which diminish that facts that the last few years have been a stress and struggle for everyone. The fears of this damn COVID, and the massive impact it has had on life.

Maybe you have worried about you job, money, homeschooling, being isolated.

There’s been no hugs, no kisses, and Zoom has lost all its appeal hasn’t it?

This isn’t a moaning ‘poor me’ message. I KNOW how blessed I am, my God, do I know it!

To have my son with me, to be in the care bubble of my brother and sister-in-law, to have My Girls (doglets) to walk, and to still be able to serve and change the lives of the amazing clients who do me the honour of choosing me to be their guide to freedom from the dreadful pain of their drinking, and back to the peace that is their birthright, are huge, gifts of which I am so grateful.

And still…….a great deal is lost……..

I am an expressive ‘hugger’, are you?

I love to touch my loves, my family, my friends. I love to put my arms around them, hold them close, and let them know how very much I love them without words, because there are no words that can express my love, and all that is gone. We are socially distanced and it has ‘aged’ me.

Of course there is the vaccines, a very controversial subject, but having had a frighteningly brutal dose of COVID, I am committed and have had my first jab, and now have been lucky enough to take advantage of the slow opening up to take myself, and My Girls, down to Devon to watch the sunrise over the sea, to re-cablibrate, and to do what I beg you to do for yourself, every day

Please lovely, take the time to stand outside, for just 10 minutes and do this lovely, soul expanding exercise

  • BREATHE, slowly and deeply, to let your mind chatter quieten.
  • Look to the sky with profound Gratitude for WHO YOU ARE
  • For WHO YOU HAVE in your life,
  • For WHO YOU HAVE LOST, and the gift of having had them, no matter for how short a time, for what you have and

I promise you, that 10 minutes alone will take you from anxiety and stress, and back to your default settings of

REST, RECOVERY & RESTORE – and when you have those, you have the ultimate’s in life, JOY and PEACE.

  • In PEACE you have no alcohol CRAVINGS
  • In PEACE you need no WILLPOWER
  • In PEACE, you have the COMFORT you look for in ALCOHOL
  • In PEACE you have the wonder of YOU.

I am back now and my struggle is comforted. However I am not yet back in my physical home, but back in my emotional and spiritual one, the home where I am strongest, and I am here for you.

If you are ready to change your drinking for once and for all, with ease, take a look at the unique process I created for you, Rapid Alcohol Recovery Method, just reach out, you only have to hit Reply with a very brave ME (that ME will be the ONLY hard part of your journey to freedom), and I will take your from there. In less than 6 weeks, you WILL be free.

There is nothing greater you can do for YOU and your family right now, than to change the way you drink, and you know this deep in your heart. x

Be kind and gentle with yourself

Sonia xx

PS I love to share my clients joyful successes, so here’s a recent one, and there are more on my Testimonials page.

Working with Sonia has transformed my life, not just my drinking, MY LIFE! I feel empowered, at peace with who I am and I know that whatever happens in life, I can deal with it, I don’t need alcohol. I just need me

If you would like to understand more about my journey from 28 years of alcoholism, to peaceful freedom, take a look at my internationally acclaimed book, This Isn’t Me (click on the link HERE).I wrote it for my son, as an apology for his younger years, and as an attempt to explain the un-explainable.

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