Life is starting to open up

You can meet up in groups outside

The sun is shining 🌞

You are moving forward to a new, slightly uncertain and definitely different ‘normal’, life is looking hopeful.

Are you feeling hopeful about your drinking?

Are you feeling confident that you can let go of the daily drinking habits you have slipped into will not just disappear?

Do you feel that you can regain ‘control’ over your drinking, to go from Daily Drinking, to Social Drinking, and do the feelings that comes up from reading this sentence make you feel relaxed, confident and at ease, or anxious, fearful and tearful?

Are you worried that you have created a new ‘drinking normal’ that is there for life?

Here’s a lovely tip to support you.

If you can, stand outside and take a couple of deep, long breaths – make the exhale longer – taking you immediately out of Overthinking, Stress and Anxiety and into Rest, Recovery & Repair – from trapped thinking to expansion, peace and space.

Then make the powerful, self-loving decision about who you want to be, free from your daily drinking, and create your SOUL TEMPLATE – the vision of you who is free from your painful drinking, free from your fearful thoughts and feelings around alcohol, and when you are free of your fears, anxieties and pain around alcohol, you can drink, socially without any fear of losing control.

You are free to easily be the woman you deserve to be, free to choose how and when you drink. To stick to your limits, to say “No” with grace and ease.

Creating and seeing your SOUL TEMPLATE in front of you, brings up the powerful emotions of joy, peace, certainty and trust that you lean into daily, allowing every ACTION you take to be aligned with your vision of you.

If you need help creating your SOUL TEMPLATE to support your drinking changes, its one of the first exercises in new Simply Social Drinker Group program that starts next week!

This is part of the process of empowered change, a holistic mix of the spiritual, scientific and practical, with a huge dollop of excitement and fun, created from the knowledge of the true core of your drinking, and works with that knowing as the golden thread that runs through it, which allows your drinking to change naturally.


  • You ACT on what you BELIEVE about alcohol, not what you know about alcohol
  • Your MINDSET is created by what you BELIEVE about alcohol
  • Your fears of failure and created by what you BELIEVE about alcohol

It is about your BELIEFS about alcohol, not about alcohol itself – for others it could be food, gambling, shopping.

Do you recognise that?

Your drinking struggle exists ONLY in your superpower Unconscious BELIEFS that alcohol brings you something and that changing your drinking is difficult, hard work and likely to fail – which is why you do ‘fail’……

Your drinking struggle does NOT exist in any bottle, event, situation, time (pain of the past or fear of the future).

If you are looking for a solution that releases you from Cravings, relying on Willpower, fear of Losing Control, whilst allowing you to enjoy a Social Drink without slipping back into Daily Drinking, that is what the unique, 6 week Simply Social Drinker Group program offers you, effortlessly.

There are only 5 SPACES left, in this fully supported, no question unanswered, no fear unresolved, process of empowerment, freedom, peace and joy, here’s the link for all the details, https://bit.ly/3cQ1WGQ

The investment for the 6 week Simply Social Drinker Group program, this time ONLY is £700 (future rounds £1000) and, again, with a this time ONLY BONUS of a 1 hour Coaching Session (worth £250) and we start, 6th April! x

If you want to move past the pain of your drinking into the sunlight of a peaceful, new life, NOW is the time, all you have to do is hit reply with a ME and I will send you a link to reserve your place.

Be kind and gentle with yourself


PS, I love to share my clients joy at their freedom, so here’s a recent Testimonial

“Hi Sonia, I am now 18 months free from my horrible, out of control drinking and I am living my BEST life, so very happy. Changing my drinking has changed everything for me and my family. I don’t think I will ever have the words to thank you”

Finally, if you would like to understand more about my journey from 28 years of alcoholism, to peaceful freedom, take a look at my internationally acclaimed book,This Isn’t Me (click on the link HERE).I wrote it for my son, as an apology for his younger years, and as an attempt to explain the un-explainable.

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