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How do you drink?

😢 Daily and out of control, feeling stressed, anxious and fearful around alcohol and the amount of headspace your drinking takes up? Or

😘 Do you easily enjoy a social drink, without losing control, relaxed, happy, sipping slowly, enjoying the time and taste, and then putting the bottle back in the fridge, for days or weeks, before taking it out again?

There is a huge difference between out of control drinking and social drinking, and most of my clients want to be free to enjoy a social drink, and why shouldn’t they, why shouldn’t you!

Because to end out of control drinking, does not mean you cannot drink socially.

To sip a glass of wine at dinner, to raise a glass of champagne at a celebration, to toast a happy occasion, or to have the occasional beer on holiday, is perfectly possible, once the stranglehold of your out of control drinking is understood, the fear has gone, there is no more ‘crazy’ mind chatter of

“For Gods’s sake don’t, you are destroying everything”, vs, “You deserve it, it will be different this time” (which it never  is…..)

💯 Going from being a daily out of control drinker, to a simply socially drinker is a process, a simple process of new awareness’s, practical strategies and spiritual practices, that you reflect on and repeat to rebuild your trust and confidence in yourself, because when you do, you lose the fear that keeps you trapped in the first place.

💯 Going from being a daily out of control drinker, to a simply social drinker, has very little to do with alcohol, and everything to do with alcohol, and very much to do with how you have learnt to feel about what drinking brings you, and how hard change will be.

Your drinking is a whole BELIEF system, powering away behind your eyes, which is fabulous news, as you can change your BELIEF system, and  you can go from daily pain, to easy peace and still enjoy a social drink

Curious?  Join my FREE 5 Day Simply Social Drinker experience, and learn LIVE from a me, a formerly drunk mother, now a simply social drinker, the easy way, to finding peace and freedom around alcohol.

COMMITTED?  We start on Monday, 29th MAY, in a private space, for a 5 day transformative experience, that will

  • Open your mind to a new way of thinking around alcohol
  • Ease your heart as you feel the truth settling with hope.
  • Calm your mind, releasing you from your endless mind chatter, and
  • Offer you freedom to choose when and how you drink, without fear of Cravings, trying to find Willpower or fear of Losing Control…

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