The Rapid Alcohol Recovery Method

The Unique Rapid Alcohol Recovery Method is a 6 week, lovingly intensive process that leaves you comfortable and relaxed around alcohol & alcohol situations, whilst still being able to enjoy a social drink.

You are heartsick of your ‘need’ for your evening glass of wine (which all too often becomes the best part of a bottle).

You are heartsick of feeling less of a woman and mother because of the time and energy your thoughts around alcohol take up. Heartsick of all the exhausting thinking storms of “Not tonight/Ok, just tonight, I will start tomorrow”, – a tomorrow that never comes.

You don’t want to never drink again – its fun to have a girls night out, a date night and to raise a glass of something bubbly at a celebration, but it seems to you that it has to be ‘all or nothing’, which frightens and depresses you.

And you know, you just know, that there is a better way of living, of feeling, of being and yet you can’t quite find it for you, and it saddens you in a place within you, you don’t quite understand.

I do understand. I was that women, that mother, who drank and hated it for 28 long, out of control, years, and in the process, grew to hate me for my weakness and failures, and yet I know now, 100%, that in all my drinking years, I was only ever trying to make myself feel better. You are too.

Now 6 years effortlessly sober, at peace within myself, and within this one glorious and too short life, I have created the unique Rapid Alcohol Recovery Method.

This is the exact method of how I am sober, without even thinking about alcohol.

This Method have gifted me the woman and mother I was born to be, the authentic me that never needs food or alcohol to comfort me because I am my comfort, my greatest friend and ally.

I know now that for me, and you (it is the same for all of us), that alcohol was the ‘solution’ long before it became the problem, the big problem that robs you of joy, peace and the connection of you.

That connection of you is your your most authentic self, and in that place, you are in your natural state of resilience, confidence, peace & balance, and there is never any ‘need’ for alcohol. The Rapid Alcohol Recovery Method is the effortless way back to your truest you.

The Rapid Alcohol Recovery Method is a 6 week, 1-2-1 intensive which will release your alcohol need and shift every aspect of your life, effortlessly.

No matter how hard you try, you can never truly compartmentalize your life. What hurts you in one part of you, hurts you in every part of you.

When you have release your alcohol pain and regain your peace, those gifts flow into every other area of your life, and especially into the relationships that give you the most joy and love. That is the release my unique Rapid Alcohol Recovery Method offers.

Please know though, that my Method is not for everyone.

It is not for those who want to be ‘told’ what to do, who want to learn ‘control’ or who don’t want to look within at the good, kind woman you are, who has simply lost the connection of you.

My program is for anyone who knows that they are not their authentic self, who knows that alcohol is the surface level problem, the huge surface level problem, that is the result of their lack of connection, comfort and support within themselves, but don’t have the awareness of how to gain that re-connection.

On The Rapid Alcohol Recovery Method there is no digging into the past.

Ultimately, the reasons why you started to drink are not important, it is what you believe about yourself now, and the beliefs around alcohol, what how you will ‘cope’ without it, as well as the beliefs around how hard changing your drinking will be that maintains your drinking pain. This wonderfully simply Method is about letting all that go.

The Rapid Alcohol Recovery Method, has a level of success unheard of in traditional therapies, with my clients enjoying effortless release, even after ‘failed’ stays in rehab. And on a financial level, my most recent clients have saved between £1500 – £2000 in the 6 week process – your drinking costs are huge, in every sense.

The investment for the unique 6 week Rapid Alcohol Recovery Method, alcohol releasing, life changing process is £1500 – it is not a ‘cost’, your drinking has ‘cost’ you on every level, financially, emotionally, maybe professionally and probably for many years gone by, and many more years to come.

The Rapid Alcohol Recovery Method is a life changing investment to you from you, that will end your alcohol struggles for life.

So, all you have to do is decide, before you contact me if YOU, your life, your health, your relationships & happiness, your loves, are worth the investment.

And if the answer is “Yes, I am worth it”, contact me today for an Exploratory Chat.

There are only two ways of changing your drinking. One has the hard strict rules to keep you, fearful of relapse, on a track which will not last (which you already know), or through the effortless release of my unique, Rapid Alcohol Recovery Method, which is for life. Which do you choose?

Be kind and gentle with yourself.

Sonia x

To watch my FREE Understanding Your Alcohol Trap Masterclass, sign in HERE, it will also give you an understanding of my unique How I Work process.

If you would like to know more about my journey from addiction to effortless peace, here’ the link to my internationally acclaimed memoir, This Isn’t Me.

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