Protect Your Peace – Going ‘Live to Thrive Without Alcohol’, In The Pandemic, Series

I hope that you and your loves are safe and well in these uncertain times. And above all, I hope you are protecting your peace.

I know that might sound a bit, “What the hell?”, but the fact is you can do very little about what is going on in the world around you right now, other than follow the Government guidelines, yet you can do everything about your inner world.

And it is your inner world that will determine how you get through this.

You are designed to live in a state of peaceful alignment, and although you may not have the full awareness of this, on some level you know it to be true, because you have moments of calm in your life where alcohol or crap food has no ‘pull’.

Maybe you remember times with your children, your loves, out in nature, sitting quietly, or in a loving group, times and places where you feel at connected peace within yourself.

Those moments are when you are truly and wonderfully YOU.

When you are truly standing in YOU, you are at your most resilient (without needing to go into exhausting battle), at your most resourceful, your most balanced, calm, peaceful, loving, able and FREE. It is the same for all of us.

You don’t thrive on uncertainty, in chaos, in fear or anxiety, especially when it affects your loves wellbeing, and right now possibly your livelihood – these are usually your greatest stresses.

You are designed to live in a state of balance and connectedness within you first, which then spills out, gloriously into the lives and situations that matter most to you.

Then, when you do find yourself suddenly disrupted, particularly from the inside out, you are robbed of the balance you need to thrive in, and you have to find a way to heal that most unnatural of pains.

And even though you know that alcohol doesn’t deliver on its promise, (or not any longer), somehow it remains the powerful intention (belief that it does), hence your ‘need’ for alcohol.

Do you recognize you here?

To help & support you maintain your inner peace and balance in these uncertain and stressful times, and to guide you into the way of thinking that keeps me effortlessly free from my alcohol stress and pain, I am delivering short and supportive daily LIVE TO THRIVE videos in my private Facebook group, The Alcohol Recovery Method.

It’s a FREE group, and a completely confidential space, of supportive, incredible women, who for one reason or another, find themselves unhappy and trapped (just for now), in the way they drink.

If you would like to be part of this amazing group of ladies, and to benefit from my free and compassionate support & advice, why not join us? Here’s the link to request entry, X

We are all in this together, and my powerful intention here is to offer you as much support as I can.

Be kind and gentle with yourself, and stay safe.

Sonia xx

To learn more about unique Rapid Alcohol Recovery Method, click HERE, and if you would like to know more about how my Method can support you, let’s chat, I offer an FREE Exploratory Call, you just have to reach out. x

If you would like to understand more about my journey from 28 years of alcoholism, to peaceful freedom, take a look at my internationally acclaimed book,This Isn’t Me (click on the link HERE).I wrote it for my son, as an apology for his younger years, and as an attempt to explain the un-explainable.

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