End Emotional Eating

Tired and fed up, lonely or bored?  Maybe a stressed day of kids and / or work.  Whatever our low mood is, a visit to the fridge suddenly feels in order –  and we can literally feel as though some overwhelmingly strong part of us is actually ordering us there.  Marching us hostage like to weight gain and the feelings of unhappiness and failure that come with it. Sounding familiar?

Or is this you,  a smash and grab of something sweet that starts out with the thought of “Just a nibble” and ends up with the whole cake/ice-cream, whatever gone?

Far too many people struggle on a daily basis to feel in control over one of life’s basic and most vital needs, food.  What should be a source of enjoyment, nourishment and a time of bonding, has become a minefield of potentially confidence shattering despair.

When we feel that food is in control of us and not the other way around, there is always an underlying, unhappy emotion that has not been acknowledged, accepted and comforted that fuels our repeated unhappy eating patterns.

We do try to make healthier, happier food choices, but because our unhappy eating is not about the food, when we focus on fixing the food with a new diet, we ignore the real issues completely and so always revert back to our old habits.

In moments we experience feelings that make us uncomfortable and that we want to avoid, food can become our go to anesthetic.

It seems to be the only source of comfort that we know that works for us – even though we also know it is a very temporary comfort that quickly triggers even unhappier emotions, as well as weight gain and ill health.

The most common questions I am asked by my clients are;

  • “Why can’t I stop eating?”
  • “How can I control my eating?”
  • “How can I stop eating when I am bored”
  • “How can I stop eating at night?”‘
  • “How can I stop binge eating”?

Do you notice that none of these questions are about food, but all of them are about the client’s behaviour?

I use a powerful holistic approach to changing your relationship with food, bringing together both  the nutrition element (the food itself, planning & prepping strategies) from my YOUtrition practice as well as the emotional support from my  How I Work For You  page.

My work starts with understanding and self-awareness (including past history around food),  accountability, self-comfort, self-care and on to building a happier relationship between my clients and their food choices.  My work is not a one size fits all, it is tailored to you and your experiences x

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