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Taking you from Food Panic to Peace, with confidence & ease

Your journey back to your slim peaceful, easy freedom, starts with a FREE, you have everything to gain, and nothing to lose,

Recovery Coaching Assessment Call 


“I have stopped binge eating!  I follow your process, use the fantastic technique you gave me easily (you were right) and my feelings pass and you turned my  fear of failure in to peace.  Why didn’t I know any of this before?  Why isn’t it written in any book?  Thank you Sonia.”   

 C Rowness

You want to be slim and love your reflection in the mirror.

  • You want to feel contented and proud of how you look and feel.
  • You want to eat well, sleep well and live well.
  • You want to feel in control of what and when you eat,.

But that just isn’t you right now.   And no matter how hard you try, it never lasts.

Instead, when you get tired and fed up, lonely or bored, you feel in need of  something to  comfort you,  a something that you need right now.   And you know, that for 5 minutes at least, you can find it in the fridge.

My Recovery Coaching sessions change all that effortlessly.


“Since working with Sonia my relationship with myself and food has changed completely.  I have easily lost the weight that has made me so unhappy for years and for the first time in my life, I feel excited and positive for my future. I am in control always.”

D Ellis, Bedford

Become Simply Slim

My Recovery Coaching is not ‘a one session at a time and off you go with a couple of strategies’ approach.   I work in a comprehensive, hands on style that keeps you safe, supported and accountable, throughout your journey to freedom and peace.

  • 1 hour Recovery Coaching sessions, using my renowned expertise as a Master Coach, who works with clients both nationally and internationally in USA, Australia, France & Spain
  • If your session is by Zoom, you get the full session to download and refer back to
  • A follow up email the same day, outlining what we discussed, and any strategies detailed in full
  • I know your diary,  your fears around work/home/life events (if it helps you) & am available for real-time support
  • You have regular contact via Messenger between appointments.   This can be to celebrate your successes, or to gently put you back on track, if you feel wobbly
  • If you need a basic food/self-care plan to bring structure back to your life, I provide that too

As your Recovery Coach, I use all the knowledge, insight and practical tools that keep me easily sober (after 28 years of addiction to both food and alcohol), in a powerful holistic  process that will change your relationship with food for life.

As a Master Coach, and Master Practitioner of NLP, I have a huge toolkit which includes powerful, compassionate coaching, practical strategies that work in the moment to remove you from food panic and take you back into food peace.

You will leave each session excited and empowered with new skills and understanding that move you forward painlessly and without relying on willpower.  I promise you.

My Recovery Coaching is delivered in;

  • 1-2-1 Recovery Coaching basis (either face-to-face or via Zoom)
  • In small on-line Recovery Coaching groups
  • One Hour On-line Masterclasses

Recovery Coaching Sessions (60 mins), £90

I recommend 3 – 5 Recovery Coaching sessions to get the best long term change

(Please note, I have a 24 hour cancellation policy, after which you will be charged)

Location is no obstacle!  I offer face to face, telephone and Zoom consultations