Simply Sober

Taking You From Alcohol Pain, to Peace

No matter where you are now, how long you have been there, or what you have tried in the past.  You can release your struggles for life and it starts here.

Client Testimonial

“For over 10 years I’ve struggled and tried various recovery methods including 3 stays in rehab. I’ve finally got the effortless freedom from alcohol that Sonia promises in just 6 weeks. I can’t remember feeling this happy. I’m me. Thank you Sonia … I’m truly grateful”.


  • You want to be sober, or in control of your drinking.
  • You want to feel confident, connected and at peace
  •  You want to feel present for your children, your husband/partner, for YOU.

You are heartsick of the lies, the hiding, the worry.  Yet with all your best intentions, with all the promises you have made to yourself and your loves, you have no idea how to change, because of course you would if you could.   

You have tried everything.  Made those promises you never keep.  Put rules in place,  you keep breaking,  and each time you do, you feel more of a failure, and then want to drink more. 

You only drink to make yourself feel better, and then you feel worse.  Again.   

What on earth is going on??

Here’s the simple truth.

Although you are innocently unaware of it right now, there is a process you go through every time you pick your glass, or when you reach for the second or third glass, when you have told yourself you will have, “Just the one”.

And the act of drinking alcohol,  be it the first, second or the bottle is the final part of the process.  And that is why long lasting change can feel so hard – you are literally attempting to start with the ‘stopping’  –  stopping at the end result of a process you don’t even know exists!

The easy way to change the way you drink, the only way to make the changes you desire and deserve, is to understand the process and release it from the start.

Once the first part of the process is released, there is no devastating chain of thoughts and feelings that lead you to your overwhelming ‘need’ and drink.

I know the process, and how to release it (not control – control means you actually still want to do it!).  And I understand now that, that release is how I am easily, peacefully sober after 28 years.

It is the release of that same process that also allows my client to enjoying stunning success, easily.

Most of my clients don’t want to never drink again.

Most of my clients want to enjoy the occasional drink, they want to be able to ‘take it or leave it’, and none of them want to feel as though alcohol dominates their every waking minute.

My unique Recovery Coaching gifts them that in just 6 weeks – with the biggest leap towards the release and peace you long for, coming from your very first session.

My clients find their need is gone, and in the place of no need, they have peace.  How wonderful is that!


“I never thought I would be free from drinking and I am.  I know why I was drinking and then I knew how to stop, and it is easy because of the way I think and the easy, simple strategies you have given me.  Sonia, you are amazing.  Thank you from all my family”

D Neilse

Become Simply Sober

If you want to stop drinking completely, or simply cut down and regain control, my Recovery Coaching is not ‘a one session at a time and off you go with a couple of strategies’ approach.   I work in a comprehensive, hands on style that keeps you safe, supported and accountable, throughout your journey to freedom and peace.

  • 1 hour Recovery Coaching sessions, using my renowned expertise as a Master Coach, who works with clients both nationally and internationally in USA, Australia, France & Spain
  • If your session is by Zoom, you get the full session to download and refer back to
  • A follow up email the same day, outlining what we discussed, and any strategies detailed in full
  • Audio Meditations to support you between sessions
  • I know your diary,  your fears around work/home/life events (if it helps you) & am available for real-time support
  • You have regular contact via Messenger between appointments.   This can be to celebrate your successes, or to gently put you back on track, if you feel wobbly
  • If you need a basic food/self-care plan to bring structure back to your life, I provide that too

I developed my pioneering Recovery Coaching process, through the awareness and understanding of what works so effectively for me,  after 28 years of addiction, as well as for others I have coached.  It will help you either cut down or stop drinking successfully & without willpower.

Changing you drinking, is not a painful experience, instead it is an exciting opportunity to view yourself and your power differently.  


“I hardly drink now and when I do I stick to my  pre-planned limit!  I can’t believe it.    I feel well, happy and much stronger.  I think understanding why I drank at the end of the day, how I expected it to make me feel even though I usually drank too much and felt worse  made the biggest change.  I don’t feel controlled anymore.  I don’t lie and I have no bottles to hide! I am the boss of my life choices”.

A Thomas

My Recovery Coaching is delivered in;

  • 1-2-1 Recovery Coaching basis (either face-to-face or via Zoom)
  • In small on-line Recovery Coaching groups
  • One Hour On-line Masterclasses

Recovery Coaching Sessions (60 mins)

I recommend either a 3 – 5 Recovery Coaching session package to get the best long term change

(Please note, I have a 24 hour cancellation policy, after which you will be charged)

Location is no obstacle!  I offer face to face, telephone and Zoom consultations

If you are ready to regain your best version of you, if you are ready to commit to a joyful journey of releasing your food and alcohol struggles for life, with an open mind, then it starts here with a free,

Effortless Release Is In You Now, Connection Call

From this complimentary call, you will

  • Understand the why of your drinking / eating behaviours, &
  • Have the awareness of your road map to peaceful freedom