Insights from a (formerly) drunk mother

Starting With The ‘Stopping’ Is Always The Hardest Way

  Christmas is done, and 2020 is here. A new decade, another opportunity to make the changes you long for most – to stop pouring wine down your throat on a daily basis, and/or to kick your chocolate habit into touch for good this time.  This time…….. You have made the decision that this is … Continue reading Starting With The ‘Stopping’ Is Always The Hardest Way

Learn to Love Who You Are Again, Free From The Pain Of Food & Alcohol

My Magenta Moment Transformation Program, offers you peaceful freedom from the stress and pain of damaging eating and drinking patterns, with ease and confidence, allowing you to regain the sober, slim, healthy body and life you deserve.

Dry January & Beyond! Smashing 2019

My aim is to create a community of women who would like to understand or change their relationship with alcohol.  It doesn’t matter where you are now, it is just a snapshot of time.