It’s my birthday next week and my Golden Ticket of a son is taking a half day for a secret treat (God help me – I imagine I will be climbing something and sweating buckets of fear knowing his idea of a ‘treat’……) He told his work I will be 75, when in fact I will only be 56 years young!

A grateful, blessed 56 years young. Grateful and blessed to have these years of absolute joy of life that I didn’t think was possible.

I am older, saggier, funnier, kinder, more at peace with myself , more comfortable in my increasing wrinkly skin than I have ever been, and beyond grateful to have another sober birthday and the opportunity to see, feel and hear the wonders of life all around me.  Wonders I didn’t even know I existed during my drinking years.

I wanted to be sober so badly, and I knew all the things I didn’t want any more of, the headaches, the shame, the pretending I was ok, when I was anything but.  The exhaustion of always being the life and soul, minus any real life or soul, the lying, the hiding my drinking and the trying to convince myself I was in control. 

Do you recognise any of this?

The truth is, I had no idea what a sober life, or any other life was, but my God I do now, and I want you to know too.

You know that your drinking takes from you, and your loves.  You see, feel and hear the distress that comes from your nightly ‘pick you up’ that ‘drags you down’. 

But have you ever really stopped and thought of the true costs of your drinking?

Yes, there are the money ‘costs’, and you can probably recoup the cash. You can save a bit here, cut back a bit there, it’s not so bad (until it is).

But I’m talking about the soul wounding deeper and much bigger costs. The costs of joy, peace, happiness, love, self-respect, self-esteem and all the other ‘self’s’ that when in place, gift you the wonder of a life worth living, not the half-life of your drinking.

How many of the life’s loving moments with your children, your partner, your family and friends have you lost? The memories of joy that are at best fogged over, and at worst you deprived yourself of because of your hangover, your alcohol worry and stress, your fearful thinking and your sleepless nights?

How many days of peace has your drinking cost you?  How much laughter, love, contentment, and fun?

How much success has your drinking cost you? How many times have you not put yourself forward, fearful that you are flawed and lesser because of your drinking?

How much of the capable, less resilient, less amazing, sexy, confident and wonderful you has gone down the hatch with your wine?

These are costs that take to much from you, these are the costs the rob you of the joy of a life worth living. 

You have been gifted this one potentially glorious opportunity to be your very best self, to bask in a Universe that loves you, with people who love and respect you, with a YOU that loves and respects you, and no matter how many years you live, this one time opportunity of life, is painfully short.

You can’t get any of the lost joys back, not one minute, of one day, of one month of however many years you have struggled with your drinking, but you can make the decision to change, for life, TODAY, and gift yourself, and your loves, the life you all deserve, for the many years of life you have ahead of you.

The peace, love, joy and wonder of this life is priceless, completely priceless. 

I have women who say to me I would do/pay anything to be free from my drinking. It would mean everything to me to be free, and yet, when it comes down to it, there is something else, someone else more important in their life.

Something that some else needs, and being the giving, loving woman that you are, you decide to put yourself last again and continue doing what they have always done, trying and ‘failing’ and so stay trapped in your stop/start drinking cycles and all the associated unhappiness and despair that comes with it, instead of investing in yourself, even though you know that what is best for you, is best for everyone you love.

Your drinking costs you to much LIFE, yet it is YOUR decision to pay that cost, over and over again, and so feel the loss of you, if not everyday, certainly every day you want to change the way you drink and find that you cannot.

This is my 6th sober birthday, I don’t have big plans, I don’t need them.  I have love, and peace and harmony and gratitude, the most profound gratitude for the gift of freedom and joy of the life I now have, the freedom to be who I am without shame of fear of relapse. The freedom that gifts me the glorious inner knowing that I am good enough, always.

There is no greater gift than this.

If you are heartsick of your drinking, and know that you have to try something new, something empowering, something effortless and something that will change the way you drink for life, NOW, I have the answer.

I developed the unique 6 week, 1-2-1 RAPID ALCOHOL RECOVERY METHOD, coaching process, from my own sudden joyful sober moment, the knowledge and learning’s I have invested in over the last 6 years, as well as my training’s as a Master Practitioner of NLP and a Master Coach.

Through this incredible, life changing/drink changing process, my clients enjoy a level of success unheard of in traditional therapies.

The ONLY hard part of changing the way you drink is reaching out, from there, I will do the rest.  I will guide you back to the life you deserve and still able to enjoy a social drink effortlessly.

You just have to message me, HERE

Be kind and gentle with yourself.


PS, I love to share my clients joy at their freedom, so here’s a recent Testimonial

“My life has changed completely. I feel rested and at peace even on the busiest of days. I have created 15 minute slots in my day for me and this one small change, as well as my 5 minute morning routine has bought me back into balance. All those years I thought I was struggling with alcohol when I was really struggling with the lack of me. Thanks darling Sonia, your vision is so different from any other approach and it just works”


There will never be a time that is more right for change than today. You already live in fear, why not make the choice now to live in freedom? Here’s the Rapid Alcohol Recovery Method link again in case you missed it earlier


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