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Your Journey From Pain to Peace


Do you feel Lost & Trapped in your Drinking Pain?

Powerless to Change your Relationship with Food?

Does your Spending feel Out of Control??

Do you Feel Overwhelmed by LIFE? 

Constantly Exhausted, Stressed, Anxious & Empty?

Has LIFE lost its Sparkle?

Your LIFE is a one time, never to be repeated opportunity for Peace, Freedom and JOY

You deserve to enjoy a LIFE where you; 

Easily make the best choices around Alcohol and Food, so that you can easily choose, when you Drink, and how you Eat


Have the Relationships, Career and Money of your DREAMS, so that you feel safe, loved and supported

Are finally free from the DEMONS of your Past, so that you can create the FUTURE of your DREAMS,

And you can start the joyful process from Pain to Peace TODAY! 



“I  went to Sonia because I was consistently feeling low,  I felt completely overwhelmed by life and I didn’t know why.  My work was slow,I needed knew clients, I knew I needed to do something, anything, and I couldn’t motivate myself.

Every day I was tired, fed up and completely empty. I didn’t know where to go or what to do and I just couldn’t see a way forward.  I’d felt like that for months.  A friend who had worked with Sonia recommended her LIFE Recovery Coaching and it has changed my life.  I feel at peace, happy, calm and I love who I am.  I got 2 new clients in one week and have started to laugh at life again. 

Life is flowing for me and I am back to who I was, in balance and feeling free again.  I have strategy and spiritual practices I use daily.  It truly has been a LIFE changing experience”

S Adams

“For over 10 years I’ve struggled and tried various recovery methods including 3 stays in rehab. I’ve finally got the effortless freedom from alcohol that Sonia promises in just 6 weeks. I can’t remember feeling this happy. I’m me. Thank you Sonia … I’m truly grateful”.

G Kristie

You may already have an idea of what needs to be different for you to have the peaceful, happy, fulfilled and successful LIFE you long for.

Depending on where you are trapped, you probably know you need to change the way you Eat, the way you Drink, to Rest more, to say No….the list is endless, but making the changes all seem too much, too hard and will take too long to get the results you long for, when you are already at breaking point, and so your cycles of pain seem without any light at the end of your tunnel.   And still, you have tried, you really have.

You’ve joined the gym, and then stopped going because you lost your motivation

You read the Self-Help books, and you got flashes of inspiration, but just couldn’t follow through because you were too time poor, overstretched and someone else needed you more

You Meditate, Walk, practice Gratitude and feel better for an hour or so, and then the emptiness opens up again and you feel stuck and trapped all over again.

You are too tired, too fed up, too used to starting a wellbeing program of Self-Care, a quit drinking / diet process, and then giving up, because LIFE took over again, and you became last again……

Have you grown to accept that is is just how LIFE is for you? 

The truth is your LIFE can change easily, and quickly.  You simply need to learn a new way of BEING in LIFE, an easier way of living that comes naturally through  new awareness, insights and simple strategies that consistently work to help you re-build your trust and confidence in YOU, and transform every area of your life, effortlessly.

Both my 6 x week Rapid Alcohol / Food Recovery Method  and 12 x week LIFE Recovery Coaching  processes use an exciting blend of Neuroscience, Practical Strategies & Spiritual Practices.

My unique 6 x week Rapid Alcohol Recovery Method process has helped 1000’s of people worldwide, find peace and freedom around alcohol, allowing them to enjoy a social drink without Cravings, Willpower or of Fear of Losing Control.


My 12 x week LIFE Recovery Coaching process, guides you through every area of your life where you feel Overwhelmed, Exhausted and Trapped so that you can regain Peace, Balance & the successfully fulfilled LIFE of your dreams.

To further support you on your journey out of Overwhelm, Stress and Anxiety and back to Peace, Calm and the successfully fulfilled life you deserve, I also offer 2 exciting and powerful spiritual therapies;  SOUL Plan Readings & TimeLine Therapy


Soul Plan Readings

SOUL PLAN Readings  help you make sense of your LIFE, and allow you to  identify your SOUL DESTINY. It allows you to see your LIFE plan laid out in front of you, and to be coached through every negative thought, everything you felt to be true about yourself that held you back, and gifts you confidence and freedom to live your best life.


Timeline Therapy

TimeLine Therapy is a powerful process of relief and release that changes clients world in less than 2 hours. It painlessly allows you to LET GO go of historic Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt and Guilt in one easy session, and the rewards of peace and freedom last a lifetime. 

All my work is conducted in the privacy of your own home, via Zoom, so that you have a full session replay to re-watch at any time. Want to know more?

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