You know that your drinking has to change. It just has to.

You are heartsick of waking up feeling dehydrated, disappointed, and frustrated that your promise to drink one glass, ended up being one bottle (again).

You feel overwhelmed before you are even out of bed at the day ahead, too tired to deal with the kids, snappy and impatient where you want to be loving, hugging, re-assuring to them, and to you. You look at their trusting faces, and want to weep. And you know you cannot continue to live like this.

You are hurt. Your family are hurt. And your drinking leaves you feeling less of the woman you dream of being. So you decide (again), to end your awful drinking cycle

So, what decisions have you made around your drinking?

  • Have you decided to stop completely?

Or, like most of my clients who now have peace and freedom around alcohol,

  • Have you decided that you are going to enjoy a social drink, without any fear of relapse, safe in the knowledge that alcohol has no power over you, and you have no emotional attachment to a bottle of liquid?

And having made a decision that truly sits with you,

  • What is your plan to achieve it?
  • What steps are you going to take?

Many incredible women opt for a method that involves forms of ‘mindful‘ drinking. Do you do that too?

Does your plan involve counting units, marking off days on a calendar or phone app when you don’t drink, and marking on days where you will allow yourself a drink?

Being mindful of what/how much you drink, rather than mindful of when/why you drink?

There’s a BIG difference and, it is one of the differences that makes the difference……..

Do you spend a lot of energy and effort spent focusing on alcohol being the problem to be contained and controlled?

Energy that takes from you on the days you need it most, when you are tired, lower, feeling unappreciated, or more alone.

And those are the day when control, of any sort, goes out the window.

Do you recognise you here?

Why? Because you drink in a way you don’t like, feel you have no control over, for one reason and ONE reason only.

To ‘feel better’ and that craving to deliver your ‘feeling better’ is the driver of your drinking.

So when you are in need of ‘feeling better’, and you then try to deny yourself your learnt method of comfort, alcohol, the more energy you need to expend on trying to place control and restrictions on what you drink, and the more you want to drink, (here’s your stop/start cycle simplified).

You are focusing completely on what you don’t want to do, and that focus makes the desire even stronger. Agreed?

You need to take steps that take nothing from you, and gift you the peace and freedom you deserve.

You need to re-connect with your basic needs of warmth, safety, nourishment, connection – can you see, maybe for the first time, that these can be applied beyond just your physical self?

There is a clear structure to your drinking, that is the same as every other person who struggles to change the way they drink, and there is a clear, easy structure to changing it, for you and for anyone else who struggles.

That knowledge is why my clients enjoy such huge, effortless success.

And here is another simple truth, learned from my own truly effortless and joyful sudden recovery after 28 years of drinking hell (there is no other word for my struggle and fear), and from my extensive research, training’s and coaching.

Under your physical skin, inside your mind, in your powerful inner world, you function the way all humans do – yes you can be very different in life situations, personally and professionally, but the human design is universal.

You are magical mix of the physical, emotional and the spiritual, and you are not designed to live as separate parts of your one whole.

Your glorious whole has basic needs that keep you connected, resilient and at peace. And it is when your basic needs are not met, that you drink. That is an absolute truth.

Traditional change therapies (I really don’t like that word!), focus on starting with changing your physical action of drinking, and relying on your not drinking, to bring your emotional and spiritual ‘parts’ on board, giving you connection and peace.

To me, that is the hardest way, and the most likely to ‘fail’ you, as the methods you are not working in your natural flow and synchronicity, but are instead attempting to bridge the gap physically, and then turning to heal your emotional and spiritual inner void, which is done, not by digging down and painfully dragging up your past (that’s not where the comfort is needed), but by offering you comfort in the NOW, by delivering on your basic needs to peacefully re-connect and realign you.

I understand that bridging the gap through the physical action of not drinking doesn’t work. The bridge of not drinking is a sticking plaster that does not stick. It is a bridge with no foundation that gets blown in the winds of life, leaving your void both vulnerable and empty of resources to protect you.

You must fill your void first, by knowing and nurturing your physical, emotional and spiritual wholeness, which can be done with grace and ease, and changes your drinking, effortlessly. I promise you.

To help you step gently on to the first steps of your journey to alcohol peace and freedom, I have created a lovely FREE workbook, The 10 Questions that Will Change Your Drinking, Effortlessly. This alone will shift your awareness away from your focus on alcohol being your fight, and back into you being your comfort.

To truly step into your life of peace and freedom from your alcohol stress, struggle and pain, you simply need to fill your the void you recognise, without fear of failure, added stress or any sense of struggle or deprivation. And that’s my zone of genius, through a process that I am very proud to have created, and own. Here’s what I offer;

My unique 6 week 1-2-1Rapid Alcohol Recovery Method has a completely different understanding to why you are trapped in your drinking patterns, and a completely different approach to ending it, without stress or struggle.

My process starts with bringing you into conscious awareness, the truth that your drinking action is only ever a reflection on your inner sepeartedness – your void.

In your very first session, you easily gain awareness of the inner conflict around your alcohol beliefs and you, that need to be realigned, and you feel that re-alignment instantly.

From there, changing your drinking is inevitable. It is simple as that.

My method is a series of new awareness’s, backed up by simple strategies that shift you lovingly back into the power and peace that comes with true alignment.

Here’s what some of my clients have to say about the freedom they enjoy from going through my Rapid Alcohol Recovery Method process


“All in all, my drinking has cost my family over £200,000 for me to feel more detached, not in control and less of a human being.

In my sessions with Sonia, and interim support I feel strong, confident and more at peace with myself than I can ever remember.

Alcohol is back in its proper place of just being a liquid and not some kind of all-consuming demon.

I never believed after all these years that this could happen. My Family and I thank you with all our hearts”

Ms N K


“Since we had our first session something amazing is happening. I feel as if I’m undergoing a total mind-set shift. I’ve been thinking about all the things we discussed, and I’ve been using the techniques you taught me, and I find that I really haven’t wanted to drink alcohol and if I have on a couple of occasions (I don’t never drink) I’ve easily stopped at 1-2 glasses. It seems incredible, but it’s true.

From where I easily stand now, I just cannot imagine that I would ever have wanted to abuse alcohol in the past and I feel strong and at peace. I have realized that I am the best friend I’ll ever have, thank you Sonia”



I know that everything you need to be free is within you right now, it always was, it always will be, it is who you are, and I know how to take you there.

I use my personal experience, as well as integrating my skills as a Master of NLP, Master Coach, Master of TimeLine Therapy and Soul Plan Reading Practitoner, training to guide you there.

For more tips, insights and live training’s, make sure you join my private Facebook community, and take advantage of my absolute passion for effortless change. Just click on the link to request entry From Alcohol Pain to Peace

Be kind & gentle with yourself.



P.S. If you would like to understand more about my journey from 28 years of alcoholism, to peaceful freedom, take a look at my internationally acclaimed book, This Isn’t Me (click on the link HERE).

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