Learn to Love Who You Are Again, Free From The Pain Of Food & Alcohol

My pioneering 4-week, The Magenta Moment Transformation Program, offers you peaceful freedom from the stress and pain of damaging eating and drinking patterns, with ease and confidence, allowing you to regain the sober, slim, healthy body and life you deserve.

Testimonial for my Recovery Coaching

“Since our first coaching session, something amazing is happening, I know I am undergoing a total mind-set shift. I have been thinking about all that we discussed & using the techniques you taught me and I have not even wanted to drink or binge eat.  This is my dream come true. Thank you Sonia”       Ms S B-Alison

I tipped my wine away last night, not because of ‘willpower’,  but because I just didn’t see the point”  I mean……”

We are not born to be drunk or fat.  Nor are we born to hate our bodies, or waste our  precious energy fighting with ourselves over what we eat and drink.  Yet for so many women that is a daily reality.

It was mine for almost 28 years, until I had my own Magenta Moment, and now it is not. My experiences are almost unique, both in where I was then, and where I am now, and my understanding and passion for change is the basis for both my life changing Recovery Coaching and my signature Magenta Moment Transformation Program.

My Recovery Coaching is ground breaking in both its simplicity & success for my clients.  There are no rules to follow, nothing more to do, no more stress to add, it is simply about knowing how to let go of the old thinking that keeps you trapped, without the fear of it returning.  That’s it!

Week 1 – You will regain your power, by simply understanding what exactly your eating/drinking patterns mean in YOUR life, and how to change them.

Week 2 – You will have the simple strategies, that work, every time in the moments you need them most, that will take your focus away from food/alcohol and that calm the storm of thinking that ALWAYS precedes your poorer choices.

Week 3 – You will learn the simple ways to raise your positive, self-loving energy, again, that work every time.  Our intrinsic energy is our inner armour, and when it is in place, it is almost impossible to make destructive choices. And without it, it is almost impossible to make good ones!

Week 4 – Conscious Responsibility.  You will have the understanding and awareness that was missing.  You will have the tools & strategies that work every time, and you will have regained your natural resilience.  This week week you will learn how to exercise your Conscious Responsibility with ease, because you want to.   We will also do a ‘mop up’, to work through any kinks in understanding how to navigate your new life and relationships.

My Magenta Moment Transformation Program has a maximum of 10 women, and is delivered by;

  • 4 Weekly Zoom Coaching Calls – I coach on each week’s topic and then answer any questions live. You can either send questions in advance, or be coached real time.  The choice is yours.

(The coaching calls will last at a minimum of 40 minutes, and the questions up to 1 hour.  I will send a Replay link for you to keep so that you can watch again at any time and with Zoom, location is not an obstacle)

  • Daily messages via Messenger to keep you on track
  • Personal access to me via Messenger
  • Worksheets relevant to the weeks coaching to further empower you on your journey, and help you put into practice, with ease & confidence, what has been discussed.

My Magenta Moment Transformation Program is a joyful, life changing experience and starts week Commencing 25th March at 6pm London time

The cost is £800, and can be paid in two installments of £400.

I paid a very high price for innocently not knowing what I know now.  What price will you pay, if you don’t gift yourself change?

If you are ready to step up and commit to making the simple changes that are all you need to live the life you deserve, contact me today.  I know the simple, easy peace and freedom I have, and my passion now, is to deliver that back to you.

Click here to book your complimentary 15 minute Recovery Coaching Assessment Call where we both decide if The Magenta Moment Transformation Program, and I, are the  right fit for you.

Love & respect

If you would like to know more about me, take a look at my page, About Sonia Grimes

If you would like to know more about my journey, take a look at the page on my internationally acclaimed book, This Isn’t me.

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