In this time of huge uncertainty, it is hardly surprising the alcohol sales have increased, or rather soared. One report states that in March there was an increase of alcohol sales £199 MILLION and that one distributor announced recorded sales of 255,000 extra bottles in ONE DAY, and that 55% more people are drinking daily! I mean, WOW!

And even though we now have more freedom, I doubt this is party drinking.

Its not normal for us to be separated, to not physically hug or kiss our loves, and on top of that, you are stuck at home, maybe home schooling, maybe furloughed, and feeling very uncertain about a future that no-one can predict. And so you drink and your evening glass has become a bottle and a must.

You only drink to make yourself ‘feel better’, and living in this strange and shifting reality, you feel in need of more ‘comfort’, not less, but your drinking doesn’t comfort you.

However you know that your drinking doesn’t make you feel better. You feel much worse, not just physically, but emotionally too. You are more tired, have less energy, less of the peaceful loving feeling you opened the bottle to find, less of the woman you truly are and less of the mother you want to be to your children.

And how do you know that? Well, you feel it in the lack of calm within your home, and you see it in the tense faces of your loved ones – no matter how you try to hide it, they always know when you have been drinking.

And so you have realized that this must drink, must now stop. But you can’t stop. And even worse, now, on top of all the stresses of this situation, you have the added, claustrophobic winter duvet weight of your drinking laid heavily over every aspect of your life – because make no mistake, your drinking affects every area of who you are, and what you.

So, what stops you gifting yourself the freedom and peace you deserve, now, when you need it most?

Some of the amazing women I speak to, who are brave enough to reach out to me and love the sound of the Rapid Alcohol Recovery Method process, want the freedom of the Testimonials page, and who know that my work resonates with them, and know that they will have the freedom to choose whether they drink or not socially, in just 6 weeks, say the ‘cost’ of signing up is too much right now.

And I get that, I truly do, I struggled for 28 years to change my drinking, and at that time, probably would have thought seriously about the ‘cost’ of £1500 being too much, too far out of reach, as well as frightened of failing again. I wasn’t able to believe I could change and I was fearful of who/how I would be/move in life without alcohol, all of which paralyzed me into inaction.

But here’s the thing, and this is said to you with absolute love from one good, kind woman to another who has been where you are, putting on a brave face, glossing over your the pain of your drinking and the fears and anxieties around alcohol, that wake you in the night, there is NO COST to the life of freedom and peace that comes from no longer feeling exhausted, a failure and controlled by bloody alcohol.

Freedom from your drinking has no price, it is priceless.

Here’s what I know to be 100 true, there are no mysteries around why you drink, and no mysteries as to how to change, so no fear of it not working for you. There is no failure. All there is, is a different approach.

This is the approach that knows that the traditional methods of ‘don’t pick up the glass’ is both the wrong place to start and the hardest way, I know that 100% to be true, and I know what does work and why.

The Rapid Alcohol Recovery Method is an investment, not a cost. It is the only investment you will make for a lifetime of understanding, compassion and peace around alcohol. This unique process is effortless.

The Rapid Alcohol Recovery Method takes you on the joyful journey back into the woman you truly are. The resourceful, resilient, peaceful, loving, maybe slightly mad (in a good way, or maybe that’s just me…..), woman you love to be and who your loves have missed, because of the way you drink.

You can choose to live in this uncertain time (for who knows how long), without investing in you. Yes, you will have the extra cash stored for a rainy day, still in your daily drinking struggle, longing for freedom and innocently unaware that your drinking causes so many of your rainy days, or you can stop, pause, take a deep breath and own the truth of what I have written, and step up, commit to YOU, and in doing so, take back the freedom and peace you have so long surrendered to alcohol.

Now is the time for change. Not next month, or next year, or when the job situation becomes clearer. By waiting for a ‘better situation’, you stay stuck in a ‘worse one’, in your painful, unhappy and physically and emotionally expensive drinking.

I know that the only hard part of changing the way you drink, is the reaching out, so if you are ready, just contact me HERE, with your name, and i will do the rest.

Be kind and gentle with yourself


Ps. Here’s a very recent joyful Client Testimonial. I absolutely respect privacy, so never publish names.

“I am 16 weeks sober & during Lockdown! I have never achieved this before and there is no stress of struggle or anxiety. It feels unbelievable and yes, I have joy. Thank you Sonia, thank you”

This what is waiting for you! x

Finally, if you would like to understand more about my journey from 28 years of alcoholism, to peaceful freedom, take a look at my internationally acclaimed book,This Isn’t Me (click on the link HERE).I wrote it for my son, as an apology for his younger years, and as an attempt to explain the un-explainable.

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