About Sonia Grimes


Hi, I’m Sonia and I am the Recovery Coach, and I coach internationally with clients in USA, Australia, France and Spain.

I am also an internationally acclaimed author on addiction and recovery,  a renowned advocate of nutrition & wellness in Recovery, and finally, (a very proud)  Finalist in the category of Most Inspirational & Active Business Girl, in the Business Girls Awards 2019.

I take women, trapped and  unhappy in damaging  food and alcohol patterns, back to peace and confidence, with ease.  Whether they want to stop drinking completely or simply cut down, my ground breaking Recovery Coaching offers the freedom we all deserve.

Recovery is not about doing more.  It is not about adding more stress, or more thinking to already busy lives, it is about doing, and thinking less.

I use my experiences, awareness and expert training to coach incredible women to live the life they deserve, free from the pain and shame of  destructive food and alcohol habits.

Who Do You Want To Be?

You want to be slim, sober, healthy, energized and in control of what you eat and drink.

You want to wake after a good nights, truly restful sleep, without feeling dehydrated and depressed that you ‘failed’ again in your attempt to not drink, or at least to limit your drinking.

You want to slip into gorgeous clothes without having to panic and starve yourself for days in advance – knowing that if you don’t, they’re just not going to fit.

Bottom line, you want to look and feel amazing, every day.

Who Are You Now?

Problem is that right now, that’s just not you and you are not sure why.  You try to eat healthily and to drink less, but it seems like hard work with no treats.  Life feels like deprivation, not celebration.    The scales keep going up, your self-esteem going down and your clothes keep getting tighter.

You are fed up and stressed at the thought of trying to cut down on your evening wine, or to lose weight yet again, but you know you have to do it for yourself and your family. You hate your own body and your reflection in the mirror upsets and depresses you.  Everyone else can do it but not you.  The strict rules you put in place don’t work.  In fact they leave you craving food or alcohol more!   Life seems to get harder the more you try,  not easier, and you know that no matter what success you have, it won’t last.  It never does.

Well it does now.  As a former alcoholic of over 28 years (4 years wonderfully free) and with a hugely destructive relationship with food,  I have unparalleled first-hand knowledge and insight of being trapped in a damaging and depressing cycle of emotional drinking & eating – and trust me on this, whether it is food or drink,  the root causes and the simple solution are the same.

Every session with me will empower you with new understanding, knowledge, skills and strategies that easily move you closer to your dream body and life.  At times there may be tears, sometimes of release, often of relief at the freedom you can now see and feel in front of you.  And finally, I can promise you that you will always leave feeling excited for your future.

I have a huge emotional and practical toolkit to support you.  I am a Nutrition expert, a certified Master Practitioner of NLP, TimeLine Therapy and Hypnosis, a Master Coach and a powerful Wellness Coach.

I am also the author of “This Isn’t Me“, the story of my personal journey through both drug and alcohol addiction, and then finally and thankfully, into recovery.

If you are ready to finally break free from your old food and alcohol habits, to live your one precious life looking and feeling your very best, now is your time.

Take a look at my How I Work for You page, my Empowering Incredible Personal Change page, Contact me today and let’s get this journey started.  x

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