From Food & Alcohol Panic To Peace with Easy Confidence in 6 Weeks

Reclaim your peace & calm, free from food & alcohol anxiety & stress. Take back control of your life, your health & your happiness, in just 6 weeks.

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I take you From Food & Alcohol Panic to Peace with Easy Confidence in just 6 weeks, coaching you back to a space, where you don’t even think about food or alcohol as a ‘go to’ in life,  removing all the fear and anxiety from your weight loss and sober journey, making the results you want, both stress free and inevitable.

Four years ago I sat on my bed on the day of a friends wedding, in tears over a dress that didn’t fit. It was too tight, made me feel hot and strained against my stomach.  I had a headache, and felt sick because of the wine I had drunk last night.  The one glass, I had promised myself,  had become the whole bottle, again, – for others it may have been the snack draw, the cake, the crap food binge. I felt rubbish, disappointed, bloated, deeply unattractive and unhappy.

Fast forward to today, and I feel fantastic.  I am slim, sober, healthy & happy, every day.

My Recovery Coaching is groundbreaking in both  approach and simplicity.  It is about removing the exhausting focus on food & alcohol completely, with simple tweaks to your thinking, which easily allow for effortless changes to your  food & alcohol habits.

The simple ability to de-focus around food & alcohol in the moment, takes you immediately out of  panic and into peace, as well as working towards restoring your intrinsic calm and balance which is ALL you need to be sober and slim.  It’s how I am easily sober after 28 years.

My Food & Alcohol Panic to Peace with Easy Confidence in 6 Weeks, includes

  • How & Why you think and act around food alcohol
  • Coaching you to empowering thinking which moves you forward with confidence & ease
  • Changing your beliefs around your ability to make and sustain change
  • Installing simple strategies that work in the moment
  • Removing fear and anxiety around change
  • Turning your inner critic’s voice, into your loving supportive cheerleader

The Programme is for amazing women who are ready to commit and own their lives, who know it is time to break free from the exhausting drama of unhappy food and alcohol habits.

It is not for those who are looking to be fixed.  You are not broken, you are simply and temporarily lost.

Your very first coaching session will give you excitement for your future, safe in the knowledge that you are in control, with a new way of thinking and practical tools that always work anywhere, anytime.

From Food & Alcohol Panic to Peace with Easy Confidence in 6 Weeks, is delivered by;

  • 6 x 1 hour weekly Zoom coaching sessions with a link to replay to keep you on track.
  • Weekly Work Sheets appropriate to each session, that will keep you in your safe slim and sober space
  • Weekly 15 minute telephone calls to help you re-focus on tougher days / ahead of ‘trying’ events
  • Access to me via Messenger for support throughout your personalized 6 week program
  • Regular messages/emails from me to boost and keep you energized on your journey.

Cost £1000

(Please note, I have a 24 hour cancellation policy, after which you will be charged)

To learn a little bit more about my own recovery journey, take a look at my book page, This Isn’t Me.

If you would like to know more about me, take a look at About Sonia page.

Love & respect x

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