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  • Discover the THREE SIMPLE STEPS to Changing Your Drinking, Effortlessly!

  • Discover what Cravings & Willpower really are, and how to Release them for Life

  • How to stop getting in your own way and finally Break Out of your drinking pain

  • Uncover the truth about your Problem Drinking, and it is has nothing do with ALCOHOL……

  • Learn how to finally end your Stop/Start Drinking Cycles in Under 6 weeks

Finally Break Free from Feeling CONTROLLED by ALCOHOL

Find Life Long Peace From CRAVINGS

Release Any Need to Rely on WILLPOWER

Never FEAR Wine O'CLOCK Again

Become Relaxed and Confident Around Alcohol & Able to Enjoy A Social Drink, without FEAR of Losing Control or slipping back into Daily Drinking.

If the above is your Dream Solution to your Problem Drinking, you can take a deep sigh of relief, because this webinar will change your view of alcohol forever,


“All in all my drinking has cost my family over £200,000 for me to feel more detached, not in control and less of a human being. In five sessions with Sonia, and interim support, I feel strong, confident and more at peace with myself than I can ever remember. Alcohol is back in it’s proper place of just being a liquid and not some kind of all consuming demon.

 I never believed after all these years that this could happen. My family and I thank you with all our hearts”

 Mrs KL


“For over 10 years I’ve struggled and tried various recovery methods including 3 stays in rehab. I’ve finally got the effortless freedom from alcohol that Sonia promises in just 6 weeks. I can’t remember feeling this happy. I’m me. Thank you Sonia … I’m truly grateful.”

Ms G.K 

Proud Sober Mama | Alchemist | Dog Enthusiast

Hi I’m Sonia

Hi, I’m Sonia, The Recovery Coach, who after 28 years of battling with Alcoholism, Daily Drinking, fighting Cravings, never finding Willpower, lost and alone, I suddenly found peaceful freedom from my alcohol pain, through a new set of simple awareness and strategies, that break the conventional ‘quit drinking’ model of change.  As a very proud sober woman, I am now the mother I longed to be for, my one-in-a-trillion-son, Christopher.  

I have a unique perspective and understanding of what ‘problem drinking’ is and how to release it, that is very different from the conventional, accepted beliefs around alcohol, and in particular that ‘changing your drinking is hard’ – it isn’t…..

I know what your Cravings are really telling you, why Willpower can never work, and exactly what does work and why!

I am a Master Practitioner of NLP, a Master Coach, and I use a powerful mix of science and spirituality to guide women to the effortless freedom I enjoy from my drinking pain, every day.

10 Questions to Free You from Your Alcohol Pain, Effortlessly

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