Health & Wellness Coaching

  • Would you like your staff to be more motivated, energized and less stressed?
  • Taken from overwhelm to their productive best?
  • Would you like your absenteeism rate to be lower? if the answers are yes,

Invest in a Corporate Health & Wellness Coach.

Employees are your greatest asset.  No matter how amazing your product or service is, without your staff pushing it out there, promoting and supporting your company from production all the way through to delivery, your product or service means very little.

There will always be another company who offers something similar, (unless you happen to be Elon Musk), and if that company has more energized and enthusiastic people on board, giving it their all, well, we buy from people, so that’s where our hard earned cash and loyalty will go.

Companies can spend a fortune on training their staff into top industry professionals, from your potential customers first point of contact, Reception / Call Centers, to their high flying sales people.  However, if employees don’t feel valued and supported in return, your investment can easily be wasted, and your company profits undermined, if they leave taking their skills with them to another company who does value them.

Why Hire A Corporate Health & Wellness Coach?

My role as a Corporate Health & Wellness Coach, is to support both staff and employers in maximizing  people potential, by advising on simple nutrition and lifestyle changes as well as stress management and mindfulness strategies in whatever form necessary.

I also offer training of Mental Health Awareness training, which includes how to identify staff who are struggling, and how best to support them from a Management perspective.

Whatever your companies needs, I am the resource.

My plans are bespoke and tailored to individual companies needs and usually entail me  spending  2 – 4 hours per week at each company.

That might mean a lunch time Weight Loss Club, 1-2-1  nutritional / health & wellness coaching support or, if your staff are on the road/remotely based, Skype sessions to guide them into making the best choices in the moment during a stressful day.

The bottom line is that staff who feel listened to and understood, are more productive, loyal and the work environment a happier more peaceful space.

As a Nutritionist, Master Practitioner of NLP  & Master Coach & Health Coach, I have a bulging toolkit to offer whatever support is required.

Recent Testimonials

Claire Ginelly – Airflow High Wycombe

As part of our staff Wellbeing package we agreed to have a nutritionist, wellness coach visit our offices to help mentor the staff. After reading Sonia’s blog and having met with her we decided to embark on an 8 Week Wellness Clinic.

This proved thoroughly successful, all the staff totally engaged and took on board Sonia’s plan and came away feeling motivated, with the added bonus of losing weight!

Dianne – Accountant, High Wycombe

I can honestly say that in the 8 weeks that I saw Sonia, I learned more from her than any book or article on nutrition and wellness than I have ever read (and I have read plenty).

For the first time in 23 years I feel truly liberated in having no idea of what I weigh but my clothes are staying loose, my energy levels are increased. Treat yourself and sign up.

Elizabeth Hughes – CaliSouthWest, Bedford

Sonia worked with our staff for 3 months offering in-house and Skype consultations. She is intuitive and energizing and has an inspiring outlook, acceptance & understanding of our staff’s widely varying needs. A great success for us.


Fee Structure Includes

Hourly fee of £150 – during which I can work with up to 3 employees per hour on a 1-2-1 basis  in your offices

A one hour Lunchtime Club, at your offices,  for up to 10 staff is £300 per person for 6 weeks.  Weight loss plans/handouts etc produced and provided by me.

Skype sessions of £100 per hour for remote staff

Other fees to be discussed in accordance with your needs.