Hello lovely, its almost here……..

It’s almost the ‘season to be jolly’, the shops are full of Christmas cheer, and the countdown begins…..You want this to be the BEST Christmas, in exactly the same way you want every Christmas to be the BEST…..

And you know that as well as buying gifts, extra food, putting the tree, and the decorations up, you need, you MUST get a handle on your drinking…..

Because you remember last year, and the year before drink fest and all the stress, strain, exhaustion and pain that came with it, as well as maybe remembering the one year you didn’t drink and the pride, happiness and joy that came with that.

You know that changing your drinking will change your life….you may not know how much, but you know, completely, that life will be better if you weren’t ‘controlled’ by alcohol, and so you start to create a plan that will at the very least allow you to limit your drinking….because stopping seems a step to far…..

So, what is your new drinking plan?  Specifically? 

What have you decided to do differently this time?

And it has to be different, as the same old plan, brings the same old results, feeling a failure as you hide our wine glass and down the mints to hide your breath…..It can’t just have been me…..

Here’s the 3 keys you MUST have to create a successful plan……and none of them are about alcohol….

  • What new AWARENESS’S do you have, not around alcohol – that doesn’t change – but about YOU?
  • What new INSIGHTS do you have that have given you a sigh of relief because of what you now know?
  • What new self-loving, effortless STRATEGIES to take you out of any stress of fear around alcohol, do you have ready for immediate use?

If you don’t have ALL of the above, with a structure and process that breathes with your life, darling, you don’t have a plan that will work.

If you don’t have ALL of the above, changing your drinking will be at best a ‘hit and miss’ exercise, with the emphasis firmly on the ‘miss’.

It is not enough to try harder, to try to be stronger, to use more willpower, to try to distract yourself in the hope that your drinking will change.  You may have some success, but sadly it will not, cannot last.

You can’t spend your life in vigilance around the ‘demon drink’, especially around the holiday seasons where so much more is expected of you (even if it’s just by you), when your self-care goes out the window, and self-neglect comes to stay……

The sad and simple truth is that you drink in a way you don’t like to offer yourself comfort, and the more exhausted, overwhelmed, under nourished you are, the greater your need for comfort… so following the dots…you are ultimately trying to be vigilant around not offering yourself comfort.

And so you drink more, not less……Another sad truth

However, I have a completely new process to changing your drinking, the unique Rapid Alcohol Recovery Method….it is how I am simply sober, in peace and ease after 28 years of alcohol struggle, and it is how my clients, the ones who have surrendered because they recognise that what they are doing to try to change their drinking has not /will not/CANNOT work…..and looked for something new, also have a peace and freedom around alcohol they didn’t believe was possible.

It is a 6 week process, and in less than 3 weeks, your drinking will change for life when you stop focussing on alcohol, and start to understand that the ONLY place your drinking struggle lies is in the BELIEF that it brings you comfort.

That BELIEF is why you feel fear, anxiety, missing out….NOT alcohol.

This Christmas could be your first in control of your drinking, or not drinking at all…..is there a greater gift you can give to yourself or your family?…..There hasn’t been to mine…

I have 3 spaces for December, and plenty of time for you to sign up and easily step back into who you truly are, wonderful, loving, kind, joyful…..YOU.

Contact me HERE to book a complimentary call

And always and forever, be very kind and gentle with YOU.

Sonia xx

PS. Here’s a client Testimonial from THIS WEEK

“One session in and I have had 2 glasses of wine that I choose to drink. 2 glasses lasted me all evening. I sipped them and I never sip wine! Other than that, no alcohol at all. I have no words. Thank you Sonia”

PPS. If you would like to understand more about my journey from 28 years of alcoholism, to peaceful freedom, take a look at my internationally acclaimed book, This Isn’t Me (click on the link HERE), reviewed by Ranvir Singh of Good Morning Britain as “Beautiful & devastating”, wrote it for my son, as an apology for his younger years, and as an attempt to explain the un-explainable.

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