How are you feeling about you today? And yesterday, and for the past few weeks or months?

Regardless of the circumstances of your LIFE, are you feeling calm within yourself?

Happy and Relaxed about the Choices you easily make in LIFE?

Safe in trusting yourself to stick with the choices you know will make your LIFE better?

Or, do you feel a quiet desperation building inside of you that knows you must make changes to your LIFE.  

  • Maybe you want to change the way you Drink, or Eat, or Spend….
  • Maybe you want better Relationships, a Healthier Lifestyle, to earn more Money
  • Or maybe you are sick of with feeling Stressed, Anxious or Overwhelmed.

Whatever your struggle is, you want to make changes and you want to make changes NOW, and often you know what to do, that you just need to make better Choices, but for some inexplicable reason you can’t.

Your rational mind tells you that you cannot carry on like this.

You wake in the night tangled in the stress and anxiety of your thinking about how to change.

 You make decisions in the early hours of the morning that today will be different.

  • Today you will not drown yourself in Food or Alcohol
  • Today you will stand up for yourself and say “No”
  • Today you will be better, take some time for you, delegate / ask for help, and that

TODAY is the day everything changes…..you have made your new, empowering, Choices and you are going to stick with them, ….except you don’t…..your day wears on, your ability to choose wanes and you go back to the same old, same old…….and so your cycle of exhaustion and despair goes on unbroken……

What on Earth is going on?  Or rather, your usual thought is, “What on Earth is wrong with me?”

Here’s the TRUTH about CHOICE…..powerful new CHOICES are not just decisions you make in your thoughts, in fact thoughts, (your rational mind), don’t allow you to change, unless they are aligned with the FEELING (the Belief) that you do have a CHOICE…..

 Let me explain….when I changed my drinking, seemingly miraculously after 28 years of painful struggle, and without any stress or struggle, I changed it through my CHOICE….a choice I had never felt I had before, and so a choice I was not able to make, or stick with before.

Of course I had known, intellectually what my drinking was doing to myself and my son.

I felt and saw the results of my drinking every day.

I used to go back to bed crying after he left for school, frightened that I wouldn’t be alive when he came back home, and certain that he had left in the morning with me a shell of the mother he deserved, anxious, stressed, impatient with my darling child, my gift from God, who I loved more than life itself.

And I didn’t’ feel I could change.

I didn’t feel I had it in me.  Why?


Because I had (innocently) bought hook, line and sinker into the powerful social conditioning (Beliefs) around alcohol that changing my drinking wasn’t possible.


That I would struggle for life, that it would always be an uphill battle, and in those unseen, unknown but deeply felt Beliefs, I had (again, innocently) abdicated all my choices and responsibilities to my own negative, limiting Beliefs……


Now, 7 years happy, peaceful in myself years later, through my own experience, my learning’s and my clients easy successes, I believe that to be true of everyone that struggles to change their drinking, the way they eat, spend…..all of which come under the change paralysing umbrella term of ‘addiction’.

So, how do you know you hold those Beliefs?

That’s easy.

Beliefs show up as FEELINGS, and when you go into conflict between what you rationally know to be true, your THOUGHTS,  and your Beliefs, your FEELINGS (anxious, fearful, deprived of not doing something), you are bumping up against the super power of YOU, your Unconscious Mind, which controls 98% of your behaviors (I kid you not).

And that is where your inner struggle truly lies.


Not with the ‘doing’, not with the behaviors of your Drinking/Eating, not speaking up, not having the Love, Health, Relationships or Money that you know you deserve, but with conflict between what you THINK to be true and what you FEEL is true…..do you recognise that?


I hope so, because that inner conflict is the point at which it is game over for you, and your cycles of the way you eat, drink, shop, the relationships you have, the money you can earn, the (lack) of lifestyle you currently have, the pain you live in continue, because you BELIEVE, (feel), you cannot change, that you cannot be different, that change will be hard and all the rest of the feelings you have when you want to make a CHOICE to act/live differently.

But when you THINK you have CHOICE and it is aligned with FEELING (Believing) you have CHOICE, then its game over again….and this time your battle is won!

You act differently easily, because there is no fear, no anxiety, no sense of deprivation.  Instead, your worldview opens up, there is curiosity, awareness, excitement and with each new step, taken from each new CHOICE, your LIFE changes.

  • YOU grow in confidence and strength
  • Your LIFE grows, it flourishes
  • You CAN have the Freedom you deserve, you can have the LOVE you deserve
  • You can have the MONEY you dream of
  • You can have everything you want, when you THINK and FEEL you have CHOICE.

It is that simple.  I promise you.

If you are ready to make the most exciting and profound changes to your LIFE, contact me (HERE), TODAY.

And always and forever, be kind and gentle with yourself

Sonia xx

A Simple, Spiritual Practice to take you from Pain to Peace Today

A Simple, Spiritual Practice to take you from Pain to Peace Today

Your LIFE and how you cope with it, can leave you feeling out of control, overwhelmed, stressed and filled with anxiety for today, tomorrow and your future.

And you are doing your best, every day, but LIFE isn’t getting easier, you are not finding peace and even worse, you feel isolated in how you ‘cope’;

Maybe you Drink too much, Eat too much, Spend too much as you look for comfort and relief from the thoughts that whirl around in your head, looking for answers in your problems that just aren’t there…..

And the more you search in your stress, overwhelm and fear, the less answers you find, and the more isolated you feel.

But the gentle loving Truth is, that you are never alone, and you can let go of your struggles easily, because you always have on your side the gentle loving super strong, always and forever wanting and knowing what the best for you is, presence of someone who loves you more than life itself,


YOU are the only person who can offer the depth of true comfort your heart is searching for.

YOU are the key to your peace and freedom.

I know this to be completely true because I have felt lonely all my life.

With friends and family who love me, I have felt isolated and alone, in a cold hard LIFE that wore me down.

Overwhelmed, struggling and living in profound sadness, because of who I felt I was, and my painful drinking, ashamed of my behaviour, sometimes of the stupid things I had said, and always by my failure to change my drinking, to become the mother my son deserved, and the woman I was born to be.

And that is now my past.

Now I am free and at peace in my one short, beyond precious LIFE, and I wants the same for you…and from the bottom of my heart I do…

So I am sharing here, just one of the simple LIFE Recovery Coaching spiritual practices I use, and get my client to use daily, on good days as well as sadder, because it always resets their world and mine, and it never fails ….🧡

Please lovely, take just  5 minutes to sit quietly

Wrap your arms around yourself, tight

Rub your arms, your back, wherever you can reach, rhythmically, let your body rock into the movement, and with the tenderness you give to your loves, and rarely, if ever to yourself and lean into the feeling of being held, of strength of LOVE that will flow through you, from you and back into comforting your hurt heart, your wounded soul.

Breathe deeply and say, in your head or out loud, with kindness,

I love you darling, I love you, I LOVE YOU 🧡

I know how hard you try 🧡

I know how well you mean 🧡

I know you’re a silly thing sometimes and I still, and always and forever will, love you 🧡

I forgive you 🧡

I feel complete compassion for how hard you try 🧡

I hear you 🧡

I see you 🧡

I LOVE you 🧡

Give yourself one last squeeze of SELF-LOVE, and go about your day.

When you do this every day. When you acknowledge the wonder of you (and you ARE wondrous), you will start to heal, you will accept who you are, you will be your strength, your stay, and EVERY aspect of LIFE will be softer, gentler, less frightening, and more manageable. I PROMISE you.

Be kind and gentle with yourself today and everyday.

Sonia xx

PS. If you are not living your best LIFE, if you know in your soul that you want and deserve more, but don’t know where to start, or what to do, please contact me.

Changing my drinking changed my LIFE, but it was only the start of a journey that has gifted me real LOVE, healthy Relationships, helped me set Boundaries that helped me grow into a woman I am so proud to say I love, and allowed me to create a way of LIVING, that I didn’t dream was possible.

All this is on offer to you too, and as your LIFE Recovery Coach, I know the shortest, easiest route x

TOP TIPS for a Stress Free EASTER

TOP TIPS for a Stress Free EASTER

Isn’t LIFE strange……at the times of the year that are supposed to bring you and your loves together, connected to celebrate the graces of LOVE, PEACE and JOY, far too often find you find yourself connected instead to Stress, Anxiety and Overwhelm…….

And to cope maybe Drinking more than yourself you would….this time you would remember it all….instead of being snappy and irritable and desperate for the circus to end

Or Overeating in a way that leaves you feeling disgusted and ashamed

What actually happens is that you step out of your natural balance and rhythm, try to DO more, often spend more than you can afford, run around like a headless chicken, flapping and squawking to get things done, deciding to do too much, not asking for help, not taking a break, not nourishing yourself (I’m tired even thinking about writing these worlds)…..and in the process, completely neglecting YOU and YOUR needs and the result……

Stress, Anxiety, Overwhelm, too much alcohol, too much food and not enough YOU

So, as you go through your Easter, here are my Top Tips to help you stay IN balance (not control – control takes your energy, and means you are OUT of control), and to stay true to the wonderful human you are, loved and loving, peaceful and JOYFUL 🧡

Top Tips for a Stress Free EASTER

  • Make a list of what needs to be done, then ask yourself of each one, “Does the NEED to be done?”  Cross off any not ‘needs’.   Put the bloody washing away until after Easter….anything unrelated to what needs to be done over the next 3 days….forget it…..do this every day
  • DELEGATE….There is usually a job for every age group, every ability.  Involve others, ask kindly, accept the results….the only one who knew the ‘perfection’ you were looking for is YOU…..
  • Take regular TIMEOUTS – 10 – 15 minute, not negotiables times to stand outside, or in a room alone (sit on the loo if you have too), wrap your arms around yourself in a huge hug, slow your breathing and give thanks for the day, for your breath, for your heartbeat, for YOU
  • EAT….regularly and small.  Grap fruit, carrots, tomatoes….I often use raw veg and hummous to bridge the gap of meals…..
  • Drink water, herbal tea throughout the day……the first sign of hunger is dehydration, so drink your water….keep a small bottle within reach, always.
  • Say NO with a smile……when you are asked to do something, PAUSE, BREATHE, run it through your head when your breathing has calmed you, ask yourself, “What’s the next best step for ME?” and only then answer…..
  • If you have to spend time with someone who upsets you, prepare yourself in advance. I say to myself, “I don’t understand why he/she is like this, I don’t know whats going on, so I will act and talk with compassion” You WILL respond differently.
  • Go to bed when YOU need to….You don’t have to stay up late….You decide what’s best for YOU.

The more you put in place simple Self-Care, the easier your LIFE is….every day.

Anxiety, Stress, Exhaustion, Overwhelm, too much alcohol, too much food, ALL are results of you neglecting you. 

Only you can put these in place.  YOU are YOUR responsibility….no-one else’s….take that on board with the love and care it is delivered, and then ACT on it.

Your LIFE will get easier, you will end your struggles and you will have a peaceful, loving Easter.

Be kind and gentle with yourself

Sonia x

The SECRET to finally LETTING GO🧡

The SECRET to finally LETTING GO🧡

Is your LIFE a source of JOY to you? Do you feel the wonderful gifts of Happiness, Peace and LOVE flow through your days?

Or do you live in the shadows of your past PAINS?

Struggling to control your old wounds of Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt and Guilt?

Struggling to stop them bleed from your yesterday’s into your choices / decisions of TODAY?

Your painful past is the main reason you are not living the LIFE of peace and joy you deserve. The LIFE of love, compassion and forgiveness that are YOUR gifts to you.

You know your wounds haunt you, and it is these painful wounds that affect your self-esteem, your sense of self-worth, self-acceptance, self-love, the losses of which are huge.

And even though you might be unaware of the full impact of your past pains, you always feel the weight of them lurking within you, and you have probably spent years struggling to reason, understand and talk your way through these heavy emotional burdens so that you can find the LIFE you may not even quite believe you deserve.  You DO deserve that LIFE

You deserve the inner Peace, Balance, Trust and Joy that comes with the freedom to breathe and confidently make your best choices, without fear of bumping up against the rough cold hard edges of your painful past.

And you have tried to heal yourself.   You have given your time and attention. 

You have used spiritual practices, put in place the boundaries to protect your hurt heart, and yet you still have moments, sometimes days, when Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt and Guilt rush back into your life, knocking you to your emotional knees, breathless with pain.

I lived within my Past Pain for all most all my adult life. I had just accepted that was how LIFE was.

I was lonely, very lonely, unsure, unconfident, feeling undeserving, and at the same time, projecting an image of me, happy, outgoing, fun, that was emotionally skin deep, and that could be ripped apart at any time, with a careless word by someone else, or an unexpected memory coming to the surface.

It was a hard way to live, and I didn’t even know it. And know I do.

And I had tried to feel better, I really had.

I know that there are so many wonderful therapies and interventions available, and maybe you too have tried some, learnt to meditate, read the self-help books, do the yoga and still, there feels as there is a cold emptiness inside of you….parts of you that you flinch from, boulders of unexpressed emotions lodged in your very being.

And I also know now, exactly why, with all your best efforts you still struggle, and how to let go of your struggle, effortlessly.

The feelings your memories throw up at you are ultimately there to protect you…..to stop you trusting people who may hurt you (even though all they way to do is love you),  from taking brave steps to protect you from failure (even though the brave steps will take you to the life you long for, maybe a job, a house move) and so on. 

It’s a confusing inner mess that makes no sense, and yet it is the truth.

And it makes no sense, because of where your have stored these emotions.

You may have heard of your Unconscious Mind, and if you haven’t, here it is, very briefly. 

Your Unconscious Mind is the domain of your emotions, it has no language, so it doesn’t understand a damn word you say to it, it only represents your world symbolically to you through your feelings. 

And it is your Super Power.   Your Unconscious Mind controls 98% of your behavior, and its sole purpose is to, again, protect you from further hurt based on the feelings from your past. Does that make sense? Read it again.

Without any language your Unconscious Mind understands, you cannot ‘talk’ your way out of Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt and Guilt, but you can LET THEM GO, through a gentle process of TimeLine Therapy.

I had my first TimeLine Therapy session 4 years ago, and it blew my mind in its simplicity and immediate freedom, and I knew I had to train as a practitioner to the highest level, to become a Master at it.

No-one should live the way I did, and it is my passion to create change the easiest way possible, and for me and my clients, TimeLine Therapy is one of the most powerful instruments for true, long lasting, deep down, heart and soul healing, change.

So, how does it work?

TimeLine Therapy is a powerful and gentle NLP process that ‘speaks’ directly to your Unconscious Mind, allowing you to take the golden learnings you need to protect you in the future, and so allowing you to peacefully release the need to hold on to your wounding emotions of Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt & Guilt that keep you stuck in a sadder life.

This powerful process takes only 2 hours and it is a process of instant breakthrough that allows for a truly magical transformation.

I still know and use the absolute power and freedom of TimeLine Therapy because I have used it on myself to heal my relationship with my long dead mother, to free myself from fear about starting my own practice and to let go of relationships that no longer support my dream of me and my life.

For my clients that transformations have been just as powerful, some have found the courage to move home, to start their own businesses, to address family relationships, and all my clients, regardless of thier reason for investing in TimeLine Therapy, have found the sense of weightless peace and freedom a source of joy.

I am a Master of TimeLine Therapy and a Master NLP Coach, and I know the ‘symbolic language’ of the Unconscious Mind, and how to use it to enable effortless change. 

It is how I changed my drinking after 28 years of stress and struggle, and it is how I take my clients who struggle with food and alcohol on the same journey to freedom, as well as using it as a LIFE Coach, taking clients from Overwhelm to Inner Peace.

If you would like to experience the transformative process of letting go of all your old Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt & Guilt.  To escape a past that no longer serves you and if you are ready to step back into your full potential and find the LIFE you deserve, contact me TODAY to book your 2 hour TimeLine Therapy Session.

In JULY (session can be taken in August), there is a special discounted offer of £495 (normal price £600) for this incredible journey of release, relief and final freedom.

The sessions are conducted via Zoom so you are safe and in the privacy of your own home.

Contact me HERE to book, just put TIMELINE THERAPY in the message and I will do the rest.

And as always and forever,

Be very kind and gentle with yourself

Sonia x

PS. Here’s one relieved client’s testimonial

“I was so unhappy, I hated where I lived, I felt stuck and trapped and I couldn’t forgive my Dad for my childhood. I didn’t really believe this would work but I follow Sonia and decided I had to make some changes and bloody hell……I have moved house and feel a level of forgiveness for my Dad I didn’t think possible. If you are debating over this, don’t, just do it”

Anna L

Alcohol is NOT your Drinking Trap…….

Alcohol is NOT your Drinking Trap…….

  • How are you thinking about your drinking?
  • How are you feeling about your drinking?
  • How are you DRINKING?
  • Is your mind free of the tension and stress of your daily thoughts around whether to drink or not tonight?
  • Of trying to rationalise last nights drinking?
  • Of not sure what else you can do tonight to relax without a glass or two?

And how do you feel in this place of inner struggle, a struggle that no-one else can see, but which makes you feel like crying in your confusion and helplessness?

The more you struggle to control what you do, drink, the stronger the urge for a drink is….do you recognise that?

But it is not alcohol that causes that struggle.

Your drinking is what you do when you ‘give in’, your drinking is what you do to end the struggle, but it is NOT the cause of it….it is not alcohol that takes you to the wine aisle, when you promised yourself wouldn’t go there again.

It is NOT alcohol that you lose control over, it is the FEAR that overwhelms, that you lose control over and the FEAR that you drink to COMFORT (and if alcohol is not your ‘poison’ of non-comfort, you will recognise this in the way you eat, overspend, hoard, gamble….the painful actions you take)

So, in the context of your drinking, what is the FEAR really?

FEAR is the sign that you have the belief that alcohol brings you something (it all falls under the umbrella term of ‘comfort’), and that you will be denying yourself ‘comfort’ when you need it most.

You don’t feel ‘deprived’ or ‘missing out’ of doing anything that you believe makes you feel better, comforts you.   

It is FEAR, that is the foundation of your struggle to change your drinking.  Nothing more, nothing less, and then you add to it the other fearful beliefs you hold around alcohol such as;

  • The FEAR around the fact that you just don’t understand why you drink
  • The FEAR of how hard change will be, and for how long it takes for the change to settle
  • The FEAR of how you will cope, how you will fit in, how you will relax, how you will feel confident in situations, deal with certain people
  • The FEAR of the memories of your past failures which makes the thought of trying again so much harder
  • And a myriad of other FEARS that you might not be able to even identify.

Your drinking trap is FEAR, not alcohol

I can even tell you where your fear shows up in your body.  Sit for a moment and ask yourself,

“How do I feel about not drinking?” and notice the location and sensation in your body.

It is always a FEAR based feeling, (you might label it unease, anxiety, loss) and it always shows up first in your gut, which is your centre of self-esteem, your centre of self.

It is the same for everyone.

Yes, it might then grow into the heavy sadness in your heart, the black cloud of confusion in your head, but it always, always starts in your gut when you think about trying to change your drinking

Your FEAR is the blackout blind that blocks you, that cuts you off from freedom, that closes down opportunities to see, think, feel and drink differently.

Let go of the FEAR, and change, any change is easy. NEW yes, hard NO. JOYFUL yes, stressful NO.

To make the changes you long for, and deserve, you MUST stop looking at the answers in alcohol.

You MUST stop using avoidance tactics, counting units, setting limits on ALCOHOL.

Why? Because all these do is keep the FEAR under control, until something changes in your life, and you have no awareness of what is going on inside, with no strategies to re-balance, and so your old drinking thinking comes up, you don’t understand why, and you start to feel the FEAR of your successes slipping away and you return to your old drinking to comfort yourself.

Please, please read that again and let it settle. It is the TRUTH.

If the methods of change you have tried before haven’t worked consistently, give up those methods.

Finally accept what you know to be true, because you have the evidence, that they don’t work!

Open your mind away from them and ask yourself,

” If this hasn’t worked for me before, why do I keep trying it?”

The answer is, you don’t believe there is another way….DROP that now.

Until you do, you will keep pushing your exhausted spirit in a direction it doesn’t want to go, and as you know, just doesn’t work…..

Here are some more truths, which is you accept them, will change your life, effortlessly, without FEAR

  • Change is NOT hard
  • Change is NOT stressful
  • Change does not come with FEAR
  • Change comes through learning something NEW
  • Change comes from having strategies, practical and spiritual that you can lean into easily
  • Change brings EXCITEMENT for a new future
  • Changes delivers PEACE, FREEDOM and LIFE as it is meant to be lived.

My drinking didn’t change because I suddenly became stronger, it changed when I became WISER, when I looked in a different direction which allowed me to feel differently, to shift my FEAR and then to use simple strategies which have taken me back to me, to my center, to my heart to my trust, and it will be exactly the same for you.

My message is simple, accept that it is FEAR that keeps you trapped and in need of comfort, so it is FEAR that needs to be understood and let go of, not alcohol.

Walk into your FEARS….you won’t find a terrifying alcohol monster ready to drown you, to watch you sink into oblivion. In fact you won’t find anything to wound or harm you, in you. 

You will only find more of YOU, the loving, kind you who is frightened and desperately needing to be understood, to have your basic simple needs met, to be comforted, to be accepted, to be LOVED and cared for by YOU….and I promise you darling, when you do that, when you look within for the answers, they are always there and they are always easy to deliver.

I hope this helps you start to understand that alcohol is not what traps you, and starts you to have the compassionate, non-judgmental conversations with yourself that will ease your fears, because then, with some practical steps and spiritual practices you will find peace and freedom around alcohol, and in life, easily.

If you are ready to step out your FEARS, to simply LET THEM GO, if you have had enough of being exhausted over your struggle, if you have had enough of feeling overwhelmed by your drinking, ashamed of who you are when you drink, let’s talk.

Most of my clients drinking change from DAY ONE in WEEK ONE, and all who follow my unique 6 week Rapid Alcohol Recovery Method process, change by WEEK TWO, because from the very first session, they understand and release the FEAR

The hardest part, the bravest part of change, is to step out of what you think you ‘know’ about your drinking, to accept that there is another way and that you just don’t know how to access that other way, and to say, ‘Help me’….

When you do that, you commit to becoming you again, the woman who drinks socially, who doesn’t hide her drinking, who doesn’t lie about her drinking, who is present and connected to life who has taken a journey of Relief, Release, Peace and JOY

Be kind and gentle with yourself

Sonia x

PS. If you would like to understand more about my journey from 28 years of alcoholism, to peaceful freedom, take a look at my internationally acclaimed book, This Isn’t Me (click on the link HERE), reviewed by Ranvir Singh of Good Morning Britain as “Beautiful & devastating”,

Happy Valentines day from my 🧡 to yours.

Happy Valentines day from my 🧡 to yours.

Today is a day of expressing LOVE….one day, when it should be every day…..🧡

You may have a special someone else, you may not, and it doesn’t’ matter.

You are not alone, you have YOU 🧡

Regardless of how you are feeling about you, life, your drinking, any of your struggles, can I ask you to do one thing today, as someone who has lived for most of my adult life feeling isolated, overwhelmed and in struggle and sadness about who I was, and my painful drinking, who is now free and at peace, and wants the same for you…and from the bottom of my heart I do…that I do every day, on good days as well as sadder, because it always resets my world?….🧡

Take 5 minutes to sit quietly, wrap your arms around yourself, tight, rub your arms, your back, wherever you can reach, rhythmically, let your body rock into the movement, and with the tenderness you give to your loves, and rarely, if ever to yourself and lean into the feeling of being held, of strength of LOVE that will flow through you, from you and back into comforting your hurt heart, your wounded soul.

Breath deeply and say, in your head or out loud, with kindness,

I love you darling, I love you, I LOVE YOU 🧡

I know how hard you try 🧡

I know how well you mean 🧡

I know you’re a silly thing sometimes and I still, and always and forever will, love you 🧡

I forgive you 🧡

I feel complete compassion for how hard you try 🧡

I hear you 🧡

I see you 🧡

I LOVE you 🧡

Give yourself one last squeeze of SELF-LOVE, and go about your day.

When you do this every day. When you acknowledge the wonder of you (and you ARE wondrous), you will start to heal, you will accept who you are, you will be your strength, your stay, and EVERY aspect of LIFE will be softer, gentler, less frightening, and more manageable. I PROMISE you.

Be kind and gentle with yourself today and everyday.

Sonia xx

PS, As I have evolved on my journey, so has my Coaching, I am so proud of the profound change my clients who struggle with their drinking get through my unique Rapid Alcohol Recovery Method process.

To go from feeling out of control and fearful around what and how they drink to peace, freedom and easy choice, in less than 6 weeks seems a miracle to them, when the truth is, it is easy.

And now I have expanded my practice to include LIFE Recovery Coaching, guiding women who feel trapped in Overwhelm, Stress, and Frustration back to Inner PEACE through an exciting mix of Neuroscience, Practical Strategies & Spiritual Practices…..message me if you want to know more xx

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