Breakthrough Mentoring

Are you searching for effective, supportive help with your drinking?

Has your drinking become a problem that feels too big for you?

Would you like to regain control of your drinking, or stop drinking altogether but are frightened of how you will cope without it?

What about your eating habits?

Are you in control of your food, or does it seem to control you?

Would you like to stop eating the foods that make you so unhappy, but seem to be the only comfort in the moment?

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Recovery Coaching Assessment Call

Ultimately, would you like the peace and balance in your life that we all deserve, free from the habits that harm not only you, but the ones you love most? That’s where I, as a Breakthrough Mentor can help.

Breakthrough’s happen when we understand ourselves and the why’s of our habits.  When we are no longer lost in our unhelpful, faulty thinking.

Isn’t it true that most of us know the damage we are doing to ourselves and our loved ones with our destructive behaviours, yet we still feel both hopeless and fearful of a new life landscape without our habit, how will we cope in tougher times, boredom or stress?

We spend hours searching for the one piece of knowledge that will make a difference, make us stop.  The diet, the alcohol-free book, the support group, and all the rest. The problem with knowledge is that comes from the outside and is someone else’s view.  For real change to happen, it has to come from within, through insight. With insight, everything is possible – after 27 years of alcoholism and now easy recovery, I know that more than most.

My role as the Breakthrough Mentor, is to give you both the knowledge I have learned about addictions from my own personal experience, plus what I have gained through extensive subsequent research, to guide you with empathy to your own insight, the only thing you need to make the changes you deserve in life.  My process is simple, empowering, easy to follow and works!

I have a bulging toolkit as an NLP, TimeLine Therapy & Hypnosis Practitioner as well as my nutrition expertise. Let me shake up your thinking (first step), to build you up, give you faith back in yourself and to smash your unhappy habits for good.

Let me help you find your way back to you.