All LIFE change comes easily when we SHIFT out of our current perception of any LIFE problem, and the smallest of INNER SHIFTS can start any transformation, instantly, with excitement and trust in a process we cannot even see.

 INNER SHIFTS open up doors in your mind and heart, they let in new possibilities and opportunities for change, they allow you to become unstuck in the places you need ‘unsticking’ most, and they release Stress, Fear, Anxiety, and allow you to end any unhappy habit, with an ease you didn’t think possible.

 I love INNER SHIFTS, they have changed my LIFE, and will continue to do so as I accept and leand into what they are teaching me, and my goodness, I have needed them in recent years. here’s just one instance, where I have let in a SHIFT, and am working it!

 I’m moving again….I can’t believe it.. Oh God

In October of last year I finally sold my house, after 2 years of wanting / needing /dreaming of leaving, and the ups and downs of hope, then disappointment, then hope again…..

The upheaval and uncertainty has taken its toll – it couldn’t not, as humans we are always looking to feel safe, and uncertainty isn’t a safe feeling.

But it also could have been a great deal worse.  And I am so grateful thank God, the Angels, whoever, that my journey to Happiness, Health & deep HEALING has given me the SHIFTS of awareness, that allowed me to create the tools to draw myself in, to reframe LIFE situations, to know, protect and honour my needs in a way that kept me SAFE then, and will keep me in the Grace and Ease of LIFE I need, to move forward.

And now I am doing it all again.  My son has decided it we are too isolated and too far from his work in the Met Police, and has found a shared house, closer to his work, his gorgeous girl, and the things he enjoys in LIFE.  And I am so proud of him for recognising his needs and acting on them.

So, less than 6 months after the huge move out of my previous LIFE of 17 years, I am looking at my NEXT BEST STEP for ME.

This was a good stop gap, and a huge learning curve, and I don’t regret a moment of the experience (there wouldn’t be any point to regret anyway, so…..)

And now, with only myself to consider, I am going to take what hasn’t worked (that I didn’t know wouldn’t work for me), and use my learnings to make better informed decisions about where I want to live, what I need in my environment to make me happy, all of which were my previously unknown needs, and that are now very clear to me.

Can you see how I have reframed this experience?

And how that reframe gives me freedom, greater peace of mind, ecomfort and support to me going forward?

I am not allowing myself to wallow in the costly mistakes – again, there is no point, and instead I am leaning into the Gift of the experience, and use what I have learnt as another set of powerful growth INNER SHIFTS.

It is the INNER SHIFTS that I have ALLOWED to take place, that I have actively looked for, and embodied that have grown me as a woman, a mother and a LIFE Recovery Coach.  I have evolved in a way I didn’t expect, and I embrace my evolution completely.

So, back to the important part of my message, YOU….with the deepest gratitude for all I have learnt, in the years since I changed my out of control Drinking, my Binge Eating, feeling Not Good Enough, Exhausted, Anxious and Stressed, to the Freedom of Choice and Peace of Mind and Heart I enjoy even on the toughest of times,  I have created and am running a powerful 🔥 FREE, 5 Day INNER SHIFT Transformation Experience 🔥, in a private FB group.

This experience is very close to my heart and it is my passion to change lives as easily and quickly as possible.

Commencing Monday, 13th March, my 🔥FREE 5 Day INNER SHIFT Transformation Experience🔥 is an event that includes;

  • Daily LIVE video trainings
  • Simple tools that SHIFT you immediately, &
  • Supporting worksheets to help you embed what you discover,

And the 🔥FREE 5 Day INNER SHIFT Transformation Experience🔥 will, teach you

  • Discover what SHIFTS really are, and the POWER of them
  • The ONLY reason any LIFE Change seems hard
  • Why you stay trapped in your Pain, and live a LIFE less than you deserve
  • How to recognise and SHIFT any unhelpful, THOUGHTS & FEELING Patterns
  • How to Create more Happiness, Health & HEALING whenever you want

If you are ready to go through a LIFE changing experience, and learn simple tools and strategies that you can apply to ANY area of your LIFE, join us! 

Here’s the link to request entry to the 🔥FREE 5 Day INNER SHIFT Transformation Experience 🔥

I hope to see you there, and in the meantime,

Be very kind and gentle with YOU.

Sonia x

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